Lexausaurus rawr dinosaur next door

Hey there, I'm Lexa and i'm here to satisfy you with some cute and nice videos of me and my roommate ! hope you enjoy.

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Everything for cheapo! - 10 credits

everything i made during 2015 and 1 video of this year !


abdl fun!

00:05:39.84, (4 credits)

My little slut alice

00:02:36.27, (3 credits)

Me cumming for you !

00:04:00.75, (3 credits)

i am back with a new toy !

00:05:57.00, (4 credits)


00:01:03.99, (1 credits)

Aliceand#39;s butt get fucked hard !

00:06:47.03, (5 credits)

masturbation fun

00:13:38.76, (2 credits)


AB/DL fun !

2 credits

Lexa's little candy

2 credits

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