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Sexy Bimbo with a plastic surgery fetish.

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My Custom Videos

You can request a personal custom video from me, you can use one of these templates below and make me an offer!

Custom videos work as follows:
  • You can create a request for free, meaning you select a template, write your desires in the notes, and if necessary change the price/duration depending on your preference.
  • Alexxx will then receive this request and either accept it or make a counter proposal.
  • If both of you agree, you will be prompted to pay the agreed price.
  • Once paid, Alexxx will get the time you both agreed on to create that video.
  • If the time expires and you have not received your video, you can choose to cancel it and you will get your credits returned.
  • If Alexxx submits her video, you will be shown a preview and video information generated by our systems. At this point, you can still decline this video and get your credits back.
  • If you accept it, the video will be added to your 'My videos' collection under My Account and you can retrieve the video like you would for any other video.

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