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Your sexy and strong plastic Barbie Mistress

Pics & Vids of gorgeous plastic Barbie Doll and Bimbo Diva Silke. I am a Lifestyle Money Mistress and Po$h Doll Bimbo, who loves to train in gym all day... and visit my doctor to get more plastic surgery, cause I am addicted to it! I am not the typical type of bimbo, who just wants to do everything for men... I am the kind of real luxury Bimbo Goddesses, who loves to drain Your wallets and turn You totally into addiction to me - YOUR GODDESS! My Big Boobs, my hot Ass, hot sexy Hard Body, my female muscles and not to forget my big hot Bubble Lips will leave You speechless... and only beg for more!

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Diva Silke - Venus in Furs spanking the slave in the ice-cold Cellar!

** In this clip I am torturing and spanking another of my filthy 24/7 slaves in the dungeons of my girlfriend, who is also the head mistress of the Sadobeauties! I am being dressed like the Venus in Furs - wearing my hot Furs Coat and looking hotter than hell with my black Fishnet Stockings on, wearing classic High Heels and my special Fetish corset. He will suffer a lot today... and I am enjoying his Pain! I will show no mercy for this bastard as he is still owing me money! **


Diva Silke - Abusing my Human Toilet and farting in his face!

** This is a very nasty and dirty Clip for all You naughty slaves out there! I have trapped one of my 24/7 slaves in the dungeons... and he must lay with his head under the toilet... to serve as my human toilet today! *hihi* He will have to smell my ass and also inhale many of my Farts today... and I am farting straight into his mouth! Dirty and horny at the same time... that's the way I love it! *giggle* **


Diva Silke - Fucking my Slave into his dirty Ass with a big Strap-On!

** My 24/7 slave is already waiting on the stand in the dungeons with his Ass up... and he knows exactly what kind of punishment will await him there: I will fuck him with my big Strap-On very hard and rough today as he still has not paid me enough for my luxury! I am really aggressive and so this Clip has turned out to be not for the faint of heart! **


Diva Silke - Facesitting Full Version (Part 1 and Part 2 together)

** I am sitting on the face of my 24/7 slave, playing with my divine DD Tits and smoking a cigarette... while he has to serve as my human furinture chair and my human ashtray! This is the full Version of my 2 Clips "Facesitting Part 1" and "Facesitting Part 2" together in 1 big file at a special low Price, which will only be available here at Clipteez for a certain limited time ... so take Your chances now, my dirty Slave Fans! *giggle* **


Diva Silke - High Heels Fetish and crushing Your cock!

** I know that there are many foot fetishist among You, who would die to be able to lick my sexy feet! In this Clip I am teasing the shit out of You with my sexy classic Platform High Heels - and You will have to bow down in front of Your screen and worship me like the Po$h Goddess that I am! Of course I have it cobined perfectly together with my hot blue denim jeans gear... as I do know what You like *giggle* And it is not only about my Feet, but also about your fucking cock... who gets crushed in this clip too! I will crush Your balls and the tip of Your cock in this clip! **


Diva Silke - Boots Fetish and Slave Commands

** I am wearing my black Domina Thigh High Boots and my sexy black fishnet Lingerie in this sensational new Clip! At the begging I am giving You - the viewer some mean instructions to worship me and lick my boots clean in P.OV. Style! After this introcution... My 24/7 slave is being instructed and ordered to lick my Boots clean, while I am humiliating him in my unique Po$h Goddess style... and spitting into his mouth. It is an honour for him to receive the kiss of the Goddess with my divine saliva! My big Bubble Lips and my hot big Boobs will covert YOU THE VIEWER into my new slave... that's guaranteed! *giggle* **


DivaSilke - Ass Worshipping and Boots Licking Orders - Full Version

** This is the Full Version of my 2 Clips "Worship my High Class Ass" and "Boots Fetish" in one big File. Take advantage of this Special Offer and save some bucks by buying this Version - which will only be available here on Clipteez at this special reduced Price for a short period of time! I know You need every clip of me! *giggle* **


Worship my World Class Ass now!

** In this Clip I am wearing my black fishnet lingerie costume! You are going to see my hot, firm Ass... which I am training in my gym every day! You know I am a fitness hardbody model... so my bimbo lifestyle also includes teasing You with my hot Ass! You will never touch another ass again after You have watched this clip... cause MY ASS is WORLD CLASS and You will forget about Your fuckin' girlfriend or even wife after You have watched me and my divine Butt! *giggle* **


Diva Silke - Strap On Lessons for nasty Slave Dogs - Fucking my 247 Slave deep into his Asshole - Part 2

** And I am continuing my passion for Dildos and fucking my slaves with these big tools in this brandnew Clip! My other 24/7 slave is bound to my gyn chair and I am entering the Room! I am wearing my hot Denim Jeans Gear and a black Bra only... so that You can see my big DD-Boobs nearly climbing out of my hot bra :-) So what am I going to do with this Loser ... hanging in the ropes of my gyn chair ? Look what I got between my legs! Hahaha :-) I am now fucking the shit out of him with my Big Black Dildo of course, while he is crying like a Baby! You will see me very close-up in front of the cam in P.O.V. style, while I am not only fucking his ass, but also Your brain in my unique po$hy and snotty Bitch Style *giggle* **


Diva Silke - Strap On Lessons for nasty Slave Dogs - Fucking my 247 Slave deep into his Asshole - Part 1

** I am wearing my black Fishnet costume in this brand new Clip and got another "big thing" for You in store: my black Hammer Dildo! You are being ordered in this clip to become my sissy slave slut... and worship my dildo - lick it clean - and then deep throat it with your dirty slave mouth... so that You will have to gape for me! I will mindfuck and brainwash You so much in this clip that You will become my ass-slave today! After this P.O.V. introduction my 24/7 is being ordered to serve as my Asshole slave today... and he must lick my big black Dildo first... while I am also putting some godly spit on it! And then I am starting the real Action by fucking him very deep with my Dildo... and I am also getting an orgasm at the same time, cause I love to abuse him so much with my Superior Female Power! I simply cannot get enough of it! *giggle* **


Diva Silke Facesitting Lessons - Part 2

** I am wearing my tight Denim Jeans and my big black Bra in this sensational Femdom and Muscle Fetish Clip! My 24/7 slave is again being abused as my Human Furniture Chair for my bizarre pleasures ... and I am doing a sexy Fullweight Facesitting on his face while the camera is also being focused onto my big boobs, my divine big plastic Bubble Lips, my perfect muscles on my hard body and my long first class Po$h Goddess Fingernails! I am teasing You to hell while You are worshipping me... so stroke Your fuckin' Cocks for me Guys, cause I like only long and hard cocks! *giggle* **


Diva Silke Facesitting Lessons - Part 1

** I am wearing my black Domina Thigh High Boots in this sensational Clip! My 24/7 slave is being abused as my Human Furniture Chair for my bizarre pleasures ... and I am doing a sexy Fullweight Facesitting on his face while I am smoking a cigarette in very snotty way between my first class big Bubble Lips ! Teasing with my divine hard body and my big tits is included in this fine clip of course *giggle* **


Diva Silke - Snotty Sunglasses Bimbo Po$h Goddess

** 24 High Quality images of Your Goddess wearing her super-sexy Deluxe DG-Sunglasses and teasing the Shit out of You! I want You to sit back, relax and grab Your Cock... while You are looking at me and my gorgeous big Bimbo Boobs! This is a command and not an offer, understand ?! As always this fine Sets comes in 1600 Pixels Ultra High Quality... so what the Hell are You waiting for ? Download it now! *giggle* **

All Guns blazing - Bombshell Diva on a lethal Mission!

** 40 High Quality Pictures of me posing with weapons in my sexy black Lingerie and wearing my Thigh High Leather Boots hereby! You will have to get down on Your knees and beg me to show You my High Quality Deluxe Boobs... and worship me like the blonde German Po$h Goddess that I am! Of course all Pics in Super High Resolution at 1600 Pixels for Your maximum viewing and worshipping pleasure! Go get it now, slave! **

The Perfects Boobs - Blue Curacao Set 2 (Topless!)

** 44 High Quality Pictures to let Your cock drool...! In this second Part of the Blue Curacao Set I am starting a dominant Teasing with my big Bubble Lips... and then slowly start taking of my Black Top! You will have to spoil me RoTTen again in this great Set! Come taste the Diva! *giggle* **

Teasing You in my black Fishnet See-Through Lingerie! Spoil me rotten!!

** 27 High Quality Pictures in 1600 Pixels Ultra-High Resolution! I am wearing my black see-through fishnet Lingerie in this set... and I am teasing You with my hot boobs, my tongue, my fine ling fingernails, my plastic bubble lips... and my whole hard body! You will have no chance than to give in with Your nasty cock... and spoil me rotten with Your wallet open! Do it now!! **

Your Bimbo Po$h Goddess teasing You with her 75DD Boobs (Black Lingerie!)

** 39 HIgh Quality Images in 1600 Pixels Ultra High Resolution for You to download and to fire up Your cock ! Me just wearing my sexy deluxe underwear... and teasing You to the limit... Edge Play and Financial Domination - the only way I like it! **

Sexy Secret Agent - My Name is Bond... Silke Bond!

** 21 ultra hot High Quality Images in 1600 Pixels High Resolution - Me being the most sexy secret agent You have ever seen... even James Bond would get a permanent Hard On, when he would see me in this sexy dress... threatening him with my guns and my hot bombshell body! What are You waiting for ? Download now - this is not a begging slave - it's a COMMAND! **

Deluxe Po$h Money Bitch - I will drain Your wallets!

** 15 High Quality Pictures in 1600 Pixels Ultra High Resolution - Me controlling You and Your wallets with my hot Body... wearing sexy black Satine Gloves, shiny Strass lace neck and teasing You so much with my hot body that You now want to spend all Your money on Your new Financial Goddess! I will drain Your wallets now... and brainwash You more and more.. with each set You will no longer look at other bitches! Big Boobs Teasing and going Topless in this Set for You dirty slaves! **

Bombshell loaded with heavy Weapons

** 17 High Quality Pictures of me in 1600 Pixels Super High Resolution - My body is a temple and I am cosmetic piece of Art ... You know that slave... so bow down to Your Goddess and worship me, while I am taking total control of You with my deadly wepons... with big tits I will already knock You out, but I also like to tease You with my guns **

Deluxe Fetish Orgazm

** 21 High Quality Pictures in 1600 pixel High Resolution of me teasing Your cock again... this time I am masturbating in front of the cam and getting horny by thinking of You sitting in front of the screen and getting high on me ... worshipping me and cumming for me :-) **

Big Boobs and Hard Body Teasing - Blue Curacao Set

**12 High Quality Pictures of me teasing Your cock... and You get instant erection for me!**

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