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The Ultimate PornStar Doll

The woman of many creations, changes and faces. Elite Pro, watch me play with toys, men and woman in my jaw dropping clips. personal selfie photoset and past lived recorded webcam show. Follow me thru my porno journey on ur screen :)

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Miami Fuck

Just hanging out in my new spot in Miami. There's so many people on the beach having fun. I just have to make my own party inside!


Bad Robots


I will take care of you baby!


Lipstick Latex with Angelina Valentine


Good things cum in 3s


riding in black stockings


Gold chair


Being a couch Potato with Kayla Kleevage


Amy and Nicole Aniston get friendly


Latex date with Ariane Saint-Amour


Rubbing one out

doing some masterbation until a friend shows up


Amy and Louise Jenson first date


Amy Knee high knockers

one of my best sellers deep hard fucking amy at her pornstar best. A must see


Amy and Ariane Saint-Amour get ready for a night out


A couch made for two with Jessica Jaymes


Nice day for a ride with Summer Brielle




Panty fetish




At home blow job




gold bikini dance

one of my best sellers solo dance


Stripping for you

Wacthing me do a little dance and solo masterbation



when wonder woman and superman got caught up


The Stripper Experience with Amy

One of my best sellers enjoy being in the pleasure of Amy's companie


when Ariane Saint-Amour and Amy Anderssen first met

Me and my girlfriend having fun before we hit the clubs


Easter Bunny


Amy and Carlo play Basketball

In this video, i'm playing some basketball by myself until Carlo comes in, ready to take a shower. But I know better, I'm gonna make him sweat just a little bit more!


Basketball Threesome

Lolly Ink, Chris and me were playing a game of basketball, but with that much hotness in one room, you can't really stay focussed on the game, can you? So we decided to have a lot of fun together!


Amy and Lolly Ink play Basketball

In this video, me and Lolly Ink play a game of Basketball, but you know that girls just want to have fun, so we're not just playing with one ball... We're playing with our four huge ball shaped tits and have the best time ever!


Great Halloween Mike Myers


Amy and Puma

I'm tied to a cross in this video, and then the gorgeous Puma comes in with her huge strapon. What happens next is up to our imagination!


Left at the Altar

This is a very artistic video, very high budget and very emotional. A depiction of me, heartbroken, left at the altar. Drowned in sadness.


Amy and Lisa Ann

Hi everyone, In this video, I'm gonna have a lot of fun with the gorgeous and super fun Lisa Ann. We've had so much fun recording this, and I'm sure you will as well!


My public workout

Hi guys! I've decided to show you how I sometimes do my work out in public. I just go to the playground where I can work on some weights to keep myself fit, so I wanted to show you how I do this outdoors and in broad daylight. After that, I do need some well deserved proteins and I go home where Carlo is waiting for me... and oh my, he really does have some proteins for me!


Sybian Ride

Hi guys, I got myself this marvellous wonder of sexual pleasure. Want to see me test out how it works, and what effect it has on me? Can you already guess?


Stranger in my yard

There's a stranger in my yard! Who could it be?! Is it you? It could really be you, he seems to be obsessed by my huge fake tits and wants to play with them. Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to play with one of my fans. Go on, play with them, I know you want to!


Bad Robots

In this video, we're both being robots that need to be turned on to turn eachother on.... and you too! Ever imagined what it would be like to have a true sex robot in your home? Check it out as my circuits are getting overloaded on pure sexual stimulants.


I need dollars

This video is kindof special to me. I really like the way I look in this video, and how I move. Too bad this video has been recorded in very low video quality, because we made a mistake on the camera, but I do love the way I look and how I play with myself. **Warning: Low resolution source material**


Xmas with my girls

Hi everyone, in this video, my friends Jessica Jaymes and Nikki Benz came over to celebrate christmas together. We had such a good time together, and so much fun! This became the threesome everyone dreams about!


Amy Solo

In this video, I wear a really nice latex tube top and latex boots, and I get to play with myself! I had such a great time!


Bad Boy Next Door

Hi guys, in this video, While I was playing with myself, my big bad neighbor came over. But that's not stopping me from having some fun!


Getting ready for the AVN awards with Joslyn James

Joslyn James and I were both getting ready to go to the AVN awards, but we made a sexy video out of it while she was with me. The video is actually 2 videos in one. In the first half, we're playing together, posing in front of the camera, enjoying our sexy bodies. After this shot, we had to get ready but I couldn't find any clothes, so I asked Joslyn to help, but that never happened as we got to enjoy ourselves once more and we got really sexy and very naked!


Girl-Girl-Boy with Sarah Jay interacial

In this video, I'm meeting up with Sarah Jay. I get to play with her ass a bit, and then we go upstairs together to find another oh-so-pleasant chocolate surprise! Get ready for an amazing 20 minute video of me and Sarah, riding that black cock!


CamShow 2

This is my second show that I did back in 2013 on webcam for my fans. I have recorded it, and you can all see what I did. This is a very long video and I do a lot in it! But ofcourse it's webcam quality, therefore the price has been compensated. So if you want lots of dildo, fake titty and wiggly ass fun, make sure to check out this video


Camshow 1

This is my first show that I did back in 2013 on webcam for my fans. I have recorded it, and you can all see what I did. This is a very long video and I do a lot in it! But ofcourse it's webcam quality, therefore the price has been compensated. So if you want lots of dildo, fake titty and wiggly ass fun, make sure to check out this video


Amy meets Bella French Part 1

In this video, I meet up with Bella French and have some really great time with her amazing body. Can you imagine her body next to mine? I'm sure you'd want to be in the middle of that, don't you?


Amy meets Bella French Part 2

In this video, I meet up with Bella French and have some really great time with her amazing body. Can you imagine her body next to mine? I'm sure you'd want to be in the middle of that, don't you?


The hot tub

Hey guys, I just needed to relax, so I went to the spa into the hot tub, just to relax and enjoy myself. But you guys know I won't go anywhere without my dildos.



Hey guys, today, got myself into my custom made latex outfit! Yes, I had it custom made, you don't think they make bras that big right off the shelf right?


Little Amy

Hi guys, have you ever wondered how I looked when I was still a little girl? That's right, I'm putting my pigtails back in and I will be your little Amy... in a big girl's body!


Wonderwoman on the balcony

Hi guys! I think it's time I told you about my secret identity. You all know me as Amy Anderssen, pornstar by day, but when I'm there's lives to say, I sneak out and become wonder woman! I invited a camera team over to my balcony so I can show my outfit. I just hope my neighbours didn't see me. Shhh... it's our little secret!


Morning workout on the balcony

Hey guys, it's a sunny morning and I still need to do my workout. And today, because the weather is so nice, I will do that outside on the balcony, where everyone can see me! But if they do... they get quite a show!


Webcam fun

As some of you know, I do my own webcam shows, but today, I invited the camera team to film when I do a webcam show, so you can see me through professional cameras and multiple angles, as if I'm right there with you in the chatroom.


The naughty housekeeper

A fan of mine has a fantasy to be his maid and that he could watch me clean through his security camera. So... why not actually do it? See me as the sexy maid, cleaning the appartment, as if you're spying on me.



In this video, I'm trying out some light bondage. They tied me up, and it was up to me to get out of it. I try, but then I remind myself: I have big fake tits, I much rather play with myself!


Amy is the Easter Bunny

Today, I'm the easter bunny! Woohoo! And that's not all, today, I'm going to give a blowjob to one of my fans! Can you imagine getting one from me?


Amy in a Corset

In this video, I'm first doing my make-up and then show you my all new gorgeous corset. It really brings out my round tight ass don't you think? Makes me horny just looking at myself. It won't be long until I need my dildo, and that's not enough! I need my vibrator to really work on my clit! It's all swollen!


Pink Bikini

Hey guys, I just got a new laced pink bikini, tell me what you think, do you like it?



Today, I'm being an art project! Let a true artist paint me, doesn't it look hot?


Little Amy is Bored

I have nothing to do, but I'm still so horny! Good thing my little teddybear is keeping me company. And... ofcourse my pink dildo too!


Wet T-Shirt in a Jaccuzzi

Ever wondered how huge fake tits look in a wet T-shirt? Let me tell you: far better than anyone else's! Or could that be because of me? Come and see me get all wet, and enjoy!


Amy in a white top

Come check out my gorgeous white top. See how tight my thong fits my perfectly round ass. I'm also giving an awesome blowjob to my dildo and push it into my sweet little pussy.


Purple top

In this video, I wear my sweet purple little top, but as you can see, my huge fake tits need some breathing space! So I pulled it up, got my purple vibrator and started playing with myself.


Miami Shoot


some high end photography

some high end photography of new photoshoots comin to amyanderssen.com heres a sneak peek

me and kayla kleevage

some random selfie pics

the selfie queen.

the selfie queen. random everyday selfies of my personal life :)))

Amy meets Bella French

This pictureset was shot when I visited Bella French and we had a really good time together! This pictureset is optimised for 4K (2160p) Ultra HD screens, and ofcourse compatible with all other screens.

Naughty Blonde set

This set is where I had my hair blonde, back in January 2015, do you guys like it? This is a double set from my website sold together, this includes the sets "Blue Tease" and "Naughty Black Dress".

Brown Wig

In this pictureset, I'm wearing a brown wig to see how the color looks on the rest of my body. Tell me guys.... what do you think?

Glass Table

On this set, I'm sitting on top of a beautifully illuminated glass table

Polka Dot Bikini

A tiny pictureset of me wearking my pink polka dot bikini


This is the full pictureset of my adventures as Wonder Woman, many parts of the set were shot after the video, so you get some really nice pictures of me that you can't see in the video. . This pictureset is shot and sized to fit even on 4K (2160p) screens, so it will look extremely crisp, even on UltraHD screens.

White Tape

In this pictureset, I'm wearing white tape as a top. See, it's not that hard to make a custom bra! . This pictureset is shot and sized to fit even on 4K (2160p) screens, so it will look extremely crisp, even on UltraHD screens.

At the waterfall

This is a gorgeous gallery of me at a waterfall. It looks very much like a fairytale or a dream. Tell me... am I the girl of your dreams? . This pictureset is shot and sized to fit even on 4K (2160p) screens, so it will look extremely crisp, even on UltraHD screens.

The Naughty Housekeeper

Amy is the Easter Bunny

Amy in a Corset

A tight corset won't stop Amy from shoving her dildo up her juicy pussy and thick ass.

Pink Bikini

Amy's big tits are busting out of her custom-sized pink bikini.


Amy gets her body painted.

Little Amy is Bored

Such a a boring afternoon! All Amy has is her teddy bear and a dildo. What should she do?

Wet T-Shirt in a Jaccuzzi

The sexiest clip by Amy Anderssen yet! The heat was too much for her so she had to cool her pussy and boobs off in this beautiful jacuzzi.

Amy in a White Top

Amy is bored and needs something long and hard in her mouth. Her lips just won't leave her dildo alone.

Selfie Stream

This is a collection of selfies that I took on my phone. They're sometimes silly, sometimes sexy. Keep in mind, I'm no photographer myself, they won't look like my pro-shoots, but still, these are my pictures, and I took them myself! Taken around 2013 and 2014, I will be adding more to this collection later too. Don't worry, if you already bought the collection, they will automatically be added to your account.

Purple Top

Juicy fake tit queen Amy is masturbating in a stretchy purple top.

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