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Retiring - Very Last Chance to Buy Her Videos

I'm retiring after 3 years - mainly because I turned 50 last year. So you have a limited window to buy my videos before they are permanently unavailable.

How often do you see a huge-busted girl who is actually beautiful? Victoria was drop-dead gorgeous to begin with, super-fit yet feminine and funny. A real woman with 2020cc fake breasts. 107 lb.s 5-3". 41"-23"-34" Bra: *26-M

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Forgot My Top! 1650cc K-cup Nearly all Nudes


Mostly upper-body nude shots of me at 1650cc and G-cup size. A couple of 1200cc shots, showing you when I was 'little'.
As for the nudity, "I won't look like this forever, so why not?" Please respect the copyright, though, of all we women on ClipTeez. We work hard and long to look like this, and deserve the income it brings. And my special message as always: read my Convince Her Manual and help your special woman realize that she could easily become your living fantasy doll. She wants to..she just doesn't know it yet.

Contains: 1650cc breast implants Victoria K-cup topless

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