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Illustrated expansion & bimbofication stories

We have finished work on a the other project that absorbed 80% of our time. In new year, full of enthusiasm, we return to work at Dollproject! This time on full time.

We have a lot of new ideas and couple unfinished stories to finish. By the end of January, we plan to release the first of them. We have been working on it in our spare time.

Welcome to Dollproject Clipshop. We create illustrated stories about bimbofiaction and breast, booty, lip expansion.

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Undercover Doll - Part 1


Samantha works as journalist for a gossip magazine. She dreams about writing a real, serious article. She stumbles upon an interesting story about a strip club run by mafia. To get inside she starts to work there. First as a waitress, then as a stripper, but to meet the important people she has to go even further: modify her body and work as a high-class prositute. Things complicate and get out of control.

Story contains: bimbofication, booty and breast expansion, domination, gang bangs, holes stretching, orgasm addiction and more.

You can find demo here: http://dollproject.net/shop/domination/25-undercover-doll-part-1.html

Contains: Breast Expansion booty expansion domination Gang bang big tits

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