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Illustrated expansion & bimbofication stories

We have finished work on a the other project that absorbed 80% of our time. In new year, full of enthusiasm, we return to work at Dollproject! This time on full time.

We have a lot of new ideas and couple unfinished stories to finish. By the end of January, we plan to release the first of them. We have been working on it in our spare time.

Welcome to Dollproject Clipshop. We create illustrated stories about bimbofiaction and breast, booty, lip expansion.

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Blowjob Barbie


Alyssa is a girl with a very high libido. It has always been that way. She didn`t manage to graduate from college, because her insatiable desire left her reputation in shambles and her grades in ruins. She was forced to leave the university with nothing to show for it but her ability to act like a cheap whore.

Fortunatelly, she manged to find a rich husband, who didn`t satisfy her sexual appetite, but made her life comfortable and safe.

Everything changed after the divorce. That was a few years ago and since then Alyssa had enjoyed the sweet life, spending money on whatever drew her attention at the time, partying with rich friends and carousing with any number of man who drew her fancy. One thing she hadn’t expected, however, was that none of the virile young studs she had taken to bed were able to satisfy her either.

She had tried to find the right partner, sometimes even trying two at once, but no one had been able to truly scratch that itch. She had gone through dozens of men, big, small, tall, thin, short, fat, white, black, bald and everything in between but nothing seemed to trip her trigger.

Then, she met James. He had shown her a brand new world, a world centered around pleasing as many men as she could. A world where she had finally found what made her tick, where she could finally scratch the itch that had plagued her for her entire life. Alyssa thought that James was acting strange, saying that he would give her a break, until she found out what his idea of a break was. He took her straight to a private clinic where a nurse was waiting for the two of them. Alyssa sat on an examining bed while James explained to her what he wanted to happen. “After that hiccup at the beginning you’ve really become quite the cock-slut. I want to turn you into a walking advertisement for blowjobs but this won’t work unless you want it too.” He grabbed her lower lip and tugged at it gently. “I’m going to have the doctor inflate these until they’re the only thing anyone sees when they look at you. I’m going to loan you out to everyone I can find and you’re going to swallow gallons of cum. Your mouth is going to become the center of your world and you won’t care about anything else but shoving cock down your throat. I think you want this, I think there’s nothing else you want more than to be my cum-dump.”

The story contains: Blow job, lip expansion, domination, breast expansion, bondage, ass expansion,gang bangs, tattoes and piercing, facial enhancements, waist reduction

Demo: http://dollproject.net/shop/blowjob-barbie/36-blowjob-barbie.html

Contains: BlowJob lip expansion Breast Expansion Gang bang ass expansion

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