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Illustrated expansion & bimbofication stories

Welcome to Dollproject Clipshop. We create illustrated stories about bimbofiaction and breast, booty, lip expansion.

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Jewel the Slave - Part 2


Continuation of Jewel's story. The girl is modified and dominated by Amber and Clain. She decides to resist which makes her mistress furious. Amber decides to modify Jewel to an extreme levels. Dominatrix makes sure her slave will not be able to resist any more. The story contains: brease and butt expansion, bdsm, domination, modified genitalia, enhanced sensitivity, sex addiction. Demo: http://dollproject.net/shop/domination/46-jewel-the-slave-part-2.html

Pages: 72, Pictures: 39, Characters: 48k

Contains: Breast Expansion ass expansion bdsm sex addiction enhanced sensitivity

Set properties

Total Pictures75
Average Resolution1897x1068
Average Megapixels2.0

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