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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

. Kisses, Blondie


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Golden Dream
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I find myself in a vacant beach house. The sun is shining bright, illuminating my plastic face and body but not strong enough to make me melt :)

I'm ur dream doll dressed in a metallic gold pretzel suit with gold boots... Watch my perfectly round bolted-on tits up close and in slow motion... just like a dream. Tell me, am I in your dreams too?

Contains: fake tits implants fake lips sunlight slow motion

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ggllo:Blondie I love you. You are so hot thank you so much to be you! Cause you are my dreamgirl. Every woman should be like you! I love to see you in bikini. Bikini the smaller the better! Your perfect body perfect face ! Post more videos! 10:26, 29 May 2016
fredzor:Perfect, Blondie. Thank you so much. Are you still doing customs? Not sure what the best way to contact you is.00:09, 3 February 2016
1fergie:Thank you Blondie. Once again you have my cock rock hard and ready to blow. You are so much fun to watch. I just want to cum over and over on your beautiful, buxom fake plastic tits. I am totally addicted to your perfectly round, overfilled, delicious boobs. But, like you, I want more. More tits. More lips and definitely more videos with sexy little tops. I love watching your breasts stretch the fuck out of the outfits you wear. Please keep pumping up fuller for us Blondie, it looks amazing on your small frame. You are truly fantastic! #gohuge Love ya. Fergie22:27, 2 February 2016
goinbats:OMG, OMG, OMG, Blondie, wow, all of your videos are amazing, but this one totally blew my mind. Thank you.20:04, 2 February 2016

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