2250cc Big Bust Fantasy

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End of last year, we made a trailer for the release of my fictional story "Dolly Fox & The Blooming Lotus part 1". The story and graphics were created by DollProject who is also on Clipteez: http://clipteez.com/DollProject

As a bonus there were also pictures included that are only sold with the story. Also take note that this is an exclusive item that is never included in a bundle or buyout.

You can only buy the story here: http://clipteez.com/pictureset.php?id=309&referer=141

Later this year we will be releasing part 2 with another set of exclusive pics.

Now, this video here, is all the material that was shot to make the trailer. I got some requests to release the footage. There's no full nudity in this video, only some boob close-ups and teasing.

It also has a bonus part after the end credits, where I was just goofing around with a famous movie quote. And don't worry, I don't call you bad names, but the bad people in my fictional story.

If you like this kind of video, and want me to make a full length video in the same style or you would like to see a sexy video with that outfit ... Let me know and I will make it for you. Enjoy!

Contains: 2000cc fake tits big boobs

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robertjh:you look amazing in this video !!love the pink !02:13, 30 April 2016

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