2250cc Big Bust Fantasy

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Firmness Test 5 feat Deauxma
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You like big fake boobs? Then you will love this video, because I have a double treat for you ...

Deauxma has 1600cc saline implants, and I have 2000cc saline implants. Also we both started from different natural boobs before surgery. Deauxma only had an A-cup, while I already has a natural C-cup. In this video you will see the difference between them.

We had a lot of fun making this video. Actually we had a lot of fun shooting all of our videos, there seemed to be some kind of natural chemistry. I'm sure you can notice that in the videos.

Before we started to shoot, we agreed on some things we should do in the video, but later on, we just started to improvise what we could show you more.

Enjoy your double treat of big fake boobies!

Oh yeah, there's also a bonus scene, where we jump up and down, but filmed in 120fps slow motion. You can see our huge fake boobs jump up and down 4 times slower than regular video. For all you implant lovers, the perfect video to see every detail of the movement.

Contains: 2000cc big boobs fake tits Deauxma

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