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Loving Body Modifications

Hey everyone! I'm Harlyyn! I'm just a very normal girl next door, but I just have a huge passion for body modifications! I have huge 2300cc boobs, ass implants and many tattoos. And I'm not done yet, I want my boobs to be even bigger and even more tattoos, so follow me on my journey as I make my body better and better!

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My Breast Expansion
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As you guys know, I do want to get my boobs made even bigger, so I decided to make a video where I tell you guys how big I want them, and what I want to do with them once I have them. I hope you like it too!

Contains: fake tits expansion surgery

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cardiacwiz:08:25, 23 August 2016
niklas321:Harlyyn, more chatter needed. Please, tell us just how much you want your boobs to feel "totally pumped up and inflated." Let us know just how totally out of proportion you plan on making your tits. Just how ridiculously big you want them to look in relation to the rest of your body. Tell us how you plan to, " fill them to almost bursting." Like two over inflated beach balls just projecting off your waaaay too small and skinny frame. How you want to transform yourself into a living, breathing human Fuck Toy - the ultimate, "tits on a stick." And how you plan on getting even skinnier just to make your boobs look even bigger, faker, and even MORE out of proportion! Oh, and profile shots. Harlyyn, give us a side view of just how fake, round, bulging, and plastic 3800cc's of silicone will make your tits look. This would make for an awesome follow up vid.03:39, 4 July 2016

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