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26M Cup 2,020 cc HUGE BOOBS Fit & Beautiful !

Amazingly Beautiful - Oh, and she has HUGE- breasts and a tiny, petite, fit body. A big busted girl who was drop-dead gorgeous to begin with, not to mention super-fit yet feminine and funny as hell -- when was the last time you found THAT combination? She's a real woman with huge fake breasts. 107 lb.s 5-3". 41"-23"-34" Bra: *26-M who never modeled before ClipTeez.

Victoria just makes it sexy, and fun, and irresistible. She says,

"THANK you for buying the videos, photos, and I suggest you start with my newest "Victoria Unveils 2020cc Breasts" and then maybe a video like HUGE-Breasted Workout or 18-year-old Victoria at Your Door, Already Huge - or Jessica Rabbit, and then if you like it, buy ALL my videos credits! It will save you a LOT ! And keep us busy together for quite a while. "


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French Maid, Giant Tits y Twist Espanol
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Tight dresses and tops that cannot contain my JJ cup breasts which just pop out as I try them on- you like French maid, monsieur? "Insanely sexy, wow!" says Lowrider, and he's right.

No nudity, and there's a bit of camera wobble -- hey, YOU try being my cameraman and try to stay steady -- so I priced it at 6 even though it's so long.

I think you'll like the black dress, the striped top, the maid outfit - and I explain how FRIENDLY people are wherever I go. The part in Spanish - come on, isn't Spanish sexy? La parte en espanol para mis fanaticos Hispano/Latino - espero poder recibir tus comentarios y sugerencias sobres mis videos. Sigame en Twitter! victoriabigger. Que tengas senos grandotes en tu vida en 20-15!

Contains: Victoria 1650cc breast implants

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victoria:Now that's a quote I'm gonna quote@! Happy new year, thank you. 07:09, 2 January 2015
Lowrider101:WOW amazing video Victoria!!! What an awesome xmas present, thank you very much! Excellent outfits in this video! I especially liked the french maid one, that small bra looked insanely sexy on you DAMN!!! Would love to see that one again ;) I definitely think you have plenty of room to go bigger.....MUCH bigger! Keep up the great work you are so incredible I love your videos, please keep them coming! Love ya :) XOXOXOXOXO00:09, 27 December 2014
boogly:I love your energy. The outfits in this video are my favorites so far. You fill everything out perfectly! I can't wait to see a perfect pair of 2000+cc balloons in these tops, especially the white one. Thanks for the Christmas present!09:54, 26 December 2014

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