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Firmness Test feat Minka
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This is probably my most unique firmness test video ever. Minka has string implants, one of the few girls who still has them. They are no longer legal and most girls who had them, got them removed. From the few that still have them, some have problems with them and have problems to find a doctor who wants to help them. Minka is one of the lucky few who doesn't have problems with them and also has a nice pair of boobs. She says herself that they should be equal in size to regular saline implants of around 4000cc, but with string implants it's difficult to estimate that for sure. As you know, mine are 2000cc overfilled saline implants. In this video you can be the judge of how big Minka her boobs are, but I think that double the size of mine is very close. It's the first time Minka has ever done a video like this.

There's a slow motion bonus after the credits. Sadly, because of wrong camera settings in combination with different electrical frequency in the USA, the light is flickering. But I still wanted to include this for your pleasure. As it is a bonus, it's no calculated in the price for this video and added for free.

Enjoy! XXX

Contains: big boobs fake tits minka

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