3100ccs and counting!

Since you last seen me i have been rebuilding myself to an extremer version of me. I had face surgery, lip lift, expander tits that are now filled to 2880cc and counting. Plus lots of laser, botox and filler along with transforming my skinny stick body to a sculpted fitness bombshell. I'm happy to be back and share my progress this far while I continue on my transformation journey.

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Blondie's Halloween Harvest 2018 - 18 credits

The two videos I released for Halloween, bundled together for an attractive price!


Sweater Dress StripTeez

0:07:39.95, (12 credits)

Huge BOOb-o-Lantern - with Expanders

0:04:32.97, (8 credits)


Instead of paying 20 credits, you'll only pay 18 credits!

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