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Naked & Naughty

I'm Candy Charms. A UK based glamour model and big time tease with 32L boobs. I'm so excited to be a part of the clipteez network, to become a real TeeZ-Girl, I hope you like it too, and I can't wait to show you guys what I have in store for you!

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Bella and Candy - 17 credits

Bella French came to visit me in my hotel room, where we had a lot of fun together. We shot a video and a pictureset. And I bundled them together for you for a discounted price!


Bella And Candy

00:10:18.77, (15 credits)


Bella and Candy

4 credits

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November update - 40 credits

All of the videos released in November here on clipteez (Created so the people who did a buyout before don't have to pay the full price again)


My First G-G with Michelle Thorne

00:29:24.29, (20 credits)

Pretty Please Horse

00:03:45.55, (6 credits)

Police Cell

00:06:15.60, (7 credits)

Kitchen Maid

00:06:19.10, (7 credits)

Nurse Candy

00:05:52.89, (6 credits)

Candy and Lynda - Schoolgirls

00:09:06.87, (15 credits)

Smokin Hot

00:11:31.67, (12 credits)


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