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Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Hi Everyone - One of you asked about Dr. Revis and brought up the topic of post-operative care. Well, this is very important. I know - you are surprised I can write pretty well. I am co-author of the Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual, after all. And I have another author in house to help, also.

So, what do you think is important when you select a cosmetic surgeon? is it (a) how many ladies at the gym have bragged that their boob job was in 5 figures and that's because their guy is a MASTER?

Well, everyone likes to think their doctor is a master. The truth is, most plastic surgeons are very good at their specialty. They have to be.

I have seen cosmetic surgeons who are very reasonable and do great work. And super-expensive ones who are also pretty darn good. I can tell you from experience it isn't about the price.

So - is it whether they use a hospital? if you are going to be that one in 100,000 who "crashes" during the operation, then being right in a hospital could help. But, what's the biggest risk in cosmetic surgery?

You get one guess: and the answer is....infection. Personally, I think hospitals are where you find germs from really sick people. I would rate the absence of germs from sick people as very, very critical. For that reason, I am fine with having a procedure done in the surgeon's private operating facility.

I figure that few sick people have been there. Hence, fewer germs.

Is malpractice insurance the biggest factor? Not in Florida - I don't think any surgeon has malpractice insurance here. If they did, they risk getting sued. Without it, they're much safer. And they can protect their assets in this state, so a lot of them don't care too much if they are sued.

Now, to me the most important factors - aside from the surgeon being competent - are the anesthesiologist and your surgeon's post-op care and the infection rate. The anesthiosologist is the doctor who poisons you and then keeps you from dying.

Ask about them. After having surgery at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center, we read they had used an anesthesiologist who had been in trouble in a way that would scare ME away.

The infection rate is, I think, hard to find out. Trust me on that one. good to know, hard to learn.

Post-operative care following cosmetic surgery is radically different from one doctor to the next. Some are very hands-off, "We don't want to hear from you until your two-week checkup." Others are quick to respond to text messages and photos of any incipient complication. Look up "septic shock" and you'll realize that responsiveness could save your life.

here's where I make a shoutout for my 4x surgeon, Dr Robert Hunsaker. After I went up to 1,850 cc and had fluid buildup, he put in a drain, and unfortunately that was the gateway for an infection to creep in. He put in so much effort to save my infected implant, and was able to - but it took a lot. he could have easily give up and said, let's remove it for 6 months. Ouch- horrors.

Complications are much less common in the little sizes like 400cc, 600cc - you know, below DDD size. In bigger sizes, I think they happen more often. Read the reviews of patients how had complications, and see what THEY say about doctors. Obviously they lean to the negtive, but you will see which surgeons stand out as having done their best AFTER the operation.

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1850cc's? damn, I wish I could've seen that! do u plan on possibly going back up, again, with this new knowledge?02:50, 29 May 2016robotron363@yahoo.com

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