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What is this CLIPTEEZ and what am I doing here?

Hi - this is Victoria, and you're in my blog inside ClipTeez. If you click the tab and go to my "Studio" you can see videos and photos of...me! And you probably got here by googling on something to do with breasts.

This site, ClipTeez, lets a big-busted, tiny-waisted very cute and very fit girl - like me for instance - control my videos and photos and sell them to you. ONce you buy them, you own them. It's not a subscription site. You can then download that video or gallery of photos forever onto whatever device you like. You can't share it with others, though, and everything is secretly marked, so I can track down anyone who shares illegally and tries to ruin my livelihood that way.

I never modeled before ClipTeez - not at all. There are some photos of me in The convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual - and I'm all over TV in the UK and Germany, thanks to Barcroft Media. ClipTeez is nice because there's open communication with the guys who buy videos and photos.

The way it works, you can go to my Studio and preview a video, and check out a gallery. If you want to buy something, and you WILL, trust me, then you have to open an account and fund it. The account lets you buy videos from any of the girls on clipteez -- but of course you'll buy Everything of mine first. You fund it by using PayPal or a credit card to buy ClipTeez vouchers. These are liike credits in your account.

What some fellows do - and it's the most for your money, really - is to try one video, like my Carwash II . Then, realizing they just can't live without seeing my 26K, 1650cc boobs on all their devices, they spend 50 or 55 credits and buy EVERYTHING. then I never hear from them again, except for messages like "Oh my god" "Victoria where are you living" "Victoria I am leaving my wife and kids for you" and nice compliments.

Just to let you know, I kid around a lot in my videos and just make up scenarios and characters. My body will blow your mind, that's almost for sure. I work out a lot, so if you like fit girls, you are int he right place. I'm 107 pounds, or 115 with my implants, and measure 41-23-34. I love dressing up, and always try on new outfits that can't contain my gigantic breasts on my tiny little body. Nothing hard core, that's not me. I have a normal life - at the PTA they'd have a tough time if I were into the kinky stuff. But you can send me suggestions.

and occasionally, I sell my bras that appear in the videos. But they are NOT cheap - you try finding a 26K bra that looks nice and has the right support.

So now you know about me, and you know how to sign up for clipteez. It's safe, - nobody is going to steal your credit card, and we're just nice people here. Please, please don't pirate anything from here - it would really be unfair and hurt me financially. Adn then I'd have to tell your wife we hooked up! Just kidding - nobody steals stuff here. But don't push me. I'm kidding. No I'm not.

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