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Hi everyone, welcome to my official clipstore! This is where you'll find all the videos I made myself. Also, from the videos I sell, I will get my lips filled up again, so it's for a very good cause!

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Latex Goddesses - Slow Motion

Just two goddesses walking... in SLOOOWWWW MOOOOTIIIOOONN


Latex Goddesses

Just two goddesses walking


Feeding Fetish

Look how many cheeseburger Dolly Fox and I can eat! Feeding fetish/food lover friendly!


Wicked Weasel : Fashion-show

From the best Australian bikini brand.. here's a small fashion-show I did with 5 very hot looking bikinis!


Sexy Bodysuit Fashion-Show

Featuring one bikini fanatics and 2 wicked weasel hot bodysuits!


Steamy Shower

Hottest video of all with Dolly Fox.. and I'm not just talking about the water temperature!


Fun Food Attack

Part of the food porn experiment I did with Dolly Fox.. We're so messy!


Sexy Retro Gaming

I feel like someone sneaked a video of Dolly Fox and I when we were doings a pause from our shooting day! Oh Well, home you like to see girls gaming! P.S. I love my mini snes, perfect for travelling!


Giantesses In Latex

Oh, there you are. We almost didn't see you. Look at us two giantesses. All dressed up in sexy latex dresses, towering high above you. Be careful that we don't crush you!


Milky Latex Bath

Dolly Fox and I are having some very delicous time in this video enjoying a warm milk bath.. Feeling like some Egyptian Goddesses right now


Balloons Popping: Needle

Yes you can finally make fun of me being scared of popping balloons and unable to close them.. seriously.. I don't know why I can't do it anymore! Hope you like some big nice and round balloons!


Cake Crushing

That was a brand new experience for me! I never sat on a cake before and I so happily got to do it with my amazing wife Dolly Fox. Look at us having a lot of fun in this video!


Latex Dresses

In this video the beautiful Dolly Fox and I are trying to squeeze our amazing curves into some really tight latex! Excited yet?


Latex Kitty

Shooting a very impulsive video with my new latex hood! Who likes titties.. OOPs I mean kitties here? Lot of boobie play n wiggles in that video!


Rocket Lover

Latex, big fresh pumper lips,huge boobs and a delicious Popsicle, this video contain everything a man could ask for, no?


Goth Lipstick

With a little more than 1cc freshly added to my lips! The more I try lipsticks, the less clothes I wear!


POV - Lying Next to Me





No make up. Fresh out the shower with my recently done lip fillers sexy lotion video! First of his kind!


Hello mama

Another remasterized video fro my website, I swear i'll produce a new one for clipteez very soon ;)


Latex Housewife

Old video from my website, little bit remastered!




Getting Ready to Shoot

old video from my website, remasterized a little, hope you enjoy it!


French maid dress up!


Photoshoot Behind The Scene

Old video from my website content! Decided to start sharing them on here as well!


True Strip-Tease

My first post-op official video, can you believe,it's already been a month! Now be entertain by my sexy dance!


Corset Demonstration

In this video, I demonstrate to you how to properly put a corset on, and how to wear it comfortably for a longer time. Making my waist thinner and thinner.


Lingerie Fashion-show

Come with a corset and a sexy spandex bodysuit! You'll see me with 3 different bra talking about them and my upcoming surgery and body contour goals. As always, bouncing and squeezing my boobs is included!


Spandex Queen

Bouncing,playing, enjoying playing with that big ball! Okay I might do some reference to my boobs here! This video is cute and fun and sexy so people, show your love for me!


Latex Shower

Gotta clean yourself once in a while!


Green Latex

More of a cam show kind of video featuring my beautiful neon green latex and a sexy corset! Hot stuff!


Boobie Flex and Bounce Video!

I think the title say it all!!


From casual to a cute Bunny!

Lots of boobie play and titty bouncing in that video! I also talk a bit!!!


Latex and Fur

Got bored in my hotel room so I decided to make a little video just for fun! I just bought the top and the fur coat!!


Shopping in full latex

My very first public / voyeur / exhibitionistic video! In this video, I'll put on a full latex outfit, and go shopping in a supermarket. This is a supermarket of a very busy, touristy holiday park, so you can imagine the amount of stares I'll get. I just hope they won't throw me out. This was something very new to me, to do something so public, do you guys like it? If so, I can make more ;)



Wonder what's under the pink dress?Look at the video to find out!


sneaky vaunt try out

You heard about the perfect bra-no bra thing? I got one for myself, (biggest size possible aka DD) and I decided to make a video while I was trying it for the first time! Lot of talk, silliness and big boobs in that video!


Getting dressed into heavy rubber part 3

I created a bundle for this video so you can now get the 3 part video for the price of 2!!


Getting dressed into heavy rubber part 2

It's time to put on layer n2! I created a bundle for this video so you can now get the 3 part video for the price of 2!!


Getting dressed into heavy rubber part 1

Yes this video contain a men! I do get a little excited while making it!Not my fault if getting dressed in latex is sooooo arousing! I created a bundle for this video so you can now get the 3 part video for the price of 2!!


Window Girl

A nice little strip-tease video


Silicone Lips Jaw trainer

Another of my weird ass videos... Combining something as sexy as those big silicone lips and eating! Hot stuff toward the end of the video, but will you be curious enough to purchase this video at first?


Mario Bikini


Heavy Rubber: Photoshoot

A true behind the scene video where you can see some very controlling photographer! I can't just be me, I have to go along what he want! Let's just say I was catching people attention that day ;)


Getting Ready to shoot: Heavy Rubber

enjoy the preparation I had to make for my multi-layer latex photoshoot with the amazing Sebastian Cauchos... How proper you like me to be? Beware: this video may contain squeaky noise! ;)


Daddys girl

I love my lollipop! Ready to be turn on by this new video of me?


Lost Woods


Pika Pika Banana

More of my funny random concept!Why not eating a banana while wearing my pokeball bikini outside? Enjoy my silly video!


Short - Riding a Giant Unicorn

Just me in the Netherlands finding a giant unicorn at a sex show!


Boobie Science!

Very serious experiment with water displacement test! Let's see how many liter my breast really are!


After Getting Messy: Clean Up

The title say it all! After using all this paint it's time to try to make it disappear.. could be harder than what it look! Lot of messy fun in this video!


Getting Messy


Morning Stretching

When you're a model, it's really important do stretch to try to keep/increase the little flexibility you have! Unfortunately I'm neither a ballerina or a contortionist ;) This video is pretty interesting you you want to see my breast in lot of different angle and of course this suit can't contain them for long!


Latex Pumpkin

Just chilling on the couch rubbing my amazing latex outfit and body ;) Made for intermediary latex lover but don't worry I have some heavy rubber videos coming up as well! I'm sue you'll like this soft boobie play video!


Kitty Play

My first video done while I was in the Netherlands, would you like to have me as a pet? *meow* Don't forget to watch the video till the end!There's a surprise for you!


Change-ing With Peneloppe

I went lingerie shopping lately and I bought 3 new outfit that I'm trying with the help of my new roomie, Peneloppe ;) Change is definately one of my favorite brand! I have two 32J bra and one 30K ;)


Clipteez Wet T-Shirt

I like to shower with clothes on so I can stay wet longer! But more seriously, since the clipteez shirt is white I thought it would be perfect to make a fun shower video! You'll also see my shower routine ;) Have fun!


New Ink part 2

In this video i'm adding two mew character, doing touch up on my old sidekick and!!! Finally starting the background ;) All that in another 5h session!


Boobie Play

I begin this video with one of my lovely Change lingerie outfit to then later on, remove the bra and do some good old boobie play! It's almost a firmness test video and also... there's a pane...


New Ink part 1

From my serie of everyday life video, here come the tattoo session! In this video you can see the progression of my arm tattoo during the 5h I got it tattoed that day! Yes it really take some time to get beautiful ink!


Fur Fashion Show

Ever since I was little and more socially accepted, I always liked fur coat, they're so soft and lady like in my imagination. There's something really glam about fur coat. In this video I'm wearing 3 of them and only one is actually mine! I need more fur for myself!


Big Pineapples


Ballet Boots

This is more a foot video BUT I'm only wearing high waist underwear! That means a lot of boobies! In this video you can see me trying three of ballet boots pair of shoes, they're probably the most extreme heels in the world and also in my wardrobe! I just love the way they look!


Lingerie Fitting n Pink Corset

In this video I'm wearing my brand new hot pink latex corset with three different lingerie look. The first one is a 30Jbra+panties from Curvy Kate The two other were bougt in a local shop in Montreal and are 32J bras from Change of Scandinavia!


Lego Builder- Level: Noob

Another weird video from me! In this one you can see me build something out of legos while wearing my awful but cool Garfield bodysuit. Topless and boobie play is also part of it!


Incredible Proportions

In this video, I'm really showing off my incredible proportions by wearing a corset. Making my midsection look even smaller, which makes my boobs and hips look soooo much bigger! Wouldn't you like that?


My favorite 3 fetish materials

In this video, I'm wearing my 3 favorite fetish materials: Latex, Leather and Fur. Oooh, I love how all of them feel on my skin! And yes, you can see it in my face as I touch it. I'm sure you can see that while I play with it.


Bikini Shower Time

What's better than a regular shower? One with a insanly sexy bikini from Wicked Weasel! Wanna see how good I am to wash these windows? *wink wink*


Skimpy Body Suit Try-Outs

For this very long video (the lenght of it actually surprised me) I've decided to look into my infinite wardrobe for the sexiest bodysuit I have! I couldn't find some of them (probably eaten by my cat) but still ended up with a very nice selection. Beward, you might see some bouncing boobies in that video!


The Zipper Latex Bodysuit

In this video I'm wearing one of my latest latex piece, aka a bodysuit made by Black Sheep latex. I'm also trying my brand new handycam so since I'm doing this as a selfie video, you can see me experimenting angles! 360 view of the boobs and close up of the pussy are part of the things you can see in that video!


Sexy Droid

In this video, I'm wearing one of my very sexy Dayne Henderson hood, the name of the video come from the hood designation. Once again this is a video all about my dangerous topless curves in latex with a lot of boobie play. You know... Resistance is futile ;)


Orange Wrap Around

Wanna see me trying all the infinite possibilites of this orange swimsuit with very long band, this video is for you! It's almost like doing breast bondage. Another all about boobs video, my best feature. Time to play!



Since my lips are a bit more settled I decided to make a special lips (with still a little bit of boobs) video! In this video The only thing I'm wearing is lipstick! Will you tell me what's your favorite shade?


Lucky Popsicle

I got my lips touch up (about 2.5cc more, not sure if we can call it touch up) done on Thursday but I made the video on Sunday, so they're not so swell but they're still really huge! In this video you can see me doing boobie play while wearing a red lace top and a sexy black tight corset while also eating(sucking) a popsicle! Yummy!


Hair: Transformation

This is a video I decided to make to show how long(even if cropped) it takes time just to do a tiny change in your hair as a girl! Are you ready for this crazy adventure?


Whitening my Teeth

Hey everyone! I'm at the dentist today to have my teeth whitened. I asked my dentist if it's okay to film this, and he was fine with it, so I took my phone and filmed how it all works. . Don't worry, he's not drilling or anything, just making my teeth shine beautifully. For some, this may not be up your alley, that's fine, but for those who are interested about how it works... Come on and check it out!


Boobie Flexing

In this video, I'm flexing my boobies with my chest muscles, and also my shaking and flexing my booty. And in between, I'm popping bubbles with bubble gum


Yellow Bunny

What do you do with a big yellow balloon bunny? Easy, you find your yellow pvc thigh high boots and some of your yellowish latex and do a really fun, yet sexy video!


Texture Experiment

Hi everyone! In this video, I'm going to experiment to give some texture to my latex outfit. So I start with putting on stockings on my legs, then add my super tight latex pants, and then put fishnet stockings on top of those. It's all soooo tight!



I'm always open to suggestion and somebody asked me if I could do a video where I try panties so here it is! After the bras, the bikini it's now panties turn to be on video! Which one do you prefer?


Bella French and I - Sexy Secretaries

This is a behind the scene video featuring one of my photoset with Bella French, I highly recommend you to take the bundle to get the matching pictureset for cheaper! If you want to see my two other video and phtoshoot with Bella French join my website!


Nylons and Boobs

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a movie of myself playing with my Nylons and my boobs! Squeezing, jumping, wiggling, flexing... Just Fun! And yes, for those who were paying attention, I had my lips done yesterday and they're still a bit swollen, but I'm sure you guys love it too!


Getting my lips and cheeks done again

Hey guys, I *just* got back from the doctor, and I had my lips and cheeks done. Fortunately, the doctor allowed me to film it with my phone. It's not the best quality, but yay, I got to film it, so get ready for some swollen lips and cheeks.


Link: Transformation

I thought: Since I like to do cosplay, why don't I do a fun video where I slowly transform myself into a character? That's what I did with a lot of pleasure! Now give me some rupees!


Bikini Try-out part 2

I hope you didn't thought I would stop after only two bikinis... this is the longest (and perhaps best) part of this really long video! Don't foget to tell me which one was your favorite... I might shoot it sooner than the others ;)


Bikini Try-out part 1

Lately the postman gently delivered me a bunch of tiny bikinis, they were lying on my computer desk and I wondered: What will I do with them now? I know I'm going to use them for some sexy photoshoot,but I don't have the inspiration for it yet, so why not doing a video while I try them? ;)


Latex Bubble Bath: Behind the Scenes

This video was recorded before I made the Latex Bubble Bath video. In here, you see me struggle to get into my latex clothes. It's very tight, but I love it that way. You can easily hear the creaking of the latex. I hope you guys don't laugh as I try to squeeze into it! *** This video is part of the **"Latex Bubble Bath Bundle"**, you can buy it separately, or together with the Latex Bubble Bath video at a discounted price.


Latex Bubble Bath

In this video, I take a bath while wearing a very nice latex outfit. Enjoy as you see the bubbles drip down from my latex outfit. And enjoy while I remove my top to unleash my huge fake titties. *** This video is part of the **"Latex Bubble Bath Bundle"**. You can buy this video separately, or buy it together with the Behind the Scenes video at a discounted price. Just click *Bundles* in the tabs above to see my Bundles.


Bra Fitting

For this video I decided to try some of my old bras who were suitable for my 1040cc breast and some for my actual size. You're going to see, you're lucky of not having to shop for that!


Junk Food and Braces

Hello, this is the last video you're gonna get of me with my braces since I take them of next week. At the same time you can see my eating habits and how fancy I am!


Penguin Transformation

Hi guys, this is my first ***longer*** video. In this video, I show you how a girl like me gets ready to go on a business meeting. This means doing my makeup, my hair and squeezing into my fancy office clothes. My god, I look like a penguin in that suit! And yes, you'll get to see me naked as I change into those clothes and even play with my huge boobs before I 'try' to conceal them into that office suit. I hope you guys like it. So tell me, wouldn't you want me to work in your office, while I'm dressed like this? This video is exceptionally longer, hence the different price tag, and it's fullHD, recorded with my new camera. P.S. It's not my best make-up ever, I would do touch up in real life to make it more perfect, but I wasn't seeing much with my webcam!


Girl in the Flower Dress

Hi everyone, yesterday I just had my lips filled so they look plump and lush but they were a little bruised, so first, I will apply my awesome gloss lipstick. But after that, you're going to get a very nice strip show. Lots of boobies and sexyness! If you know who I mean with my title... wouldn't you wish she was me? Ps. Someone kept calling me while I was recording this video, so the sound was muted from time to time, in case you were wondering.


Be Plastified

Thanks you guys, from the videos you purchased from me, I was able to get the first syringes of Restylane for my lips and Voluma for the cheeks. We added almost 3cc of filler into my lips and my cheeks. This video is actually a set of 3 small videos that I made on my phone. First I drive to the clinic and tell you what I'm going to do. The second video is at the clinic when I'm waiting for the numbing cream to take effect. It makes the injection a little more painless.The third video is when I'm driving home, straight after I got the fillers added to my face. Of course, there's more coming, because I will use all the money I get from these videos to become more and more plastic. So guys, do you like it?


Housewife in the making

Hey guys! In this video, you can see me make yummie brownies. It's a real cooking video. Ofcourse, when I'm almost done I play with my own goods for a bit, but I'm serious when I'm cooking. In this video, you can see how my every day life is with my huge awesome boobs.


Oily is not Dirty

In this video, I'm going to show you that being covered in oil is not dirty! You can see that when my whole body starts to shine and feel so smooth! The only dirty thing here would be your mind... Or maybe mine as well?


Perfect Smile - Cleaning

Hi guys, this is maybe an odd video, but done by popular request! Because in this video, I will tell you in detail how I clean my braces. But don't worry, you'll also get to see my boobies. Especially when I lean over the camera to grab something!


Blue Latex Undies

In this video, I will show you how perfectly my blue latex underwear looks so tightly on my skin. See if my boobies still bounce in this tight little blue top! And when I take it off, you can just see how my boobs embrace their freedom!


Bimbo at the beach!

Link Cosplay

Cold Bath

It was a very hot day.. no A/C so I can tell you.. that cold water was refreshing!




Love wife

The Pianist

Garden Geisha


Green Latex Bikini

Rubic Cube

Teal Goddess

Baba Cool

Warm Leatherette

Women n Kitchen

Velvety Boots in Bed

Lace Overload

Holy Bath

Lavender n Grey

Maya Borderland 2

Kurumu Kurono

Space Girl

Cyber Green

Mesh and Latex

Lace Remake

Easter Egg

Plastic N Rubber


Purple Stripes

Latex Vintage Secretary

Vintage Glam

Latex Nurse

Red and Gold

Lady Deadpool

Asian Inspired Fancy Dress

Wet Lace

Purple Chinese Dress

Grin Gag

Claudia and I shower

Claudia and I military

Claudia and I sexy panther

Claudia and I couch set

Kitty Socks


Almost a Phoenix

Best Rubberdoll

Extreme bodysuit

Street Goddess

Black Boots Art

Owl Street Art

Marquis #1

Beach Dummy

Lilac n Blue

Scorching Sun

Bella French and I Hot Shower

Bella French and I sexy dresses

Home Shower

Super Nova

Latex Yoga

Neon and Black

Snake Charmer

Cheetah Bra

Sin City

Purple Rubberdoll

Blooper vol4

Exclusive Nudes

Special, only available here on Clipteez!A set you don't want to miss!

Purple Secretary

Silver Star

Purple and Honey

Velvet Curtains

Black Boots

White n Purple Heavy Rubber


Rasberry Latex

Blooper vol.3

Compilation from all the set released on my website during the year 2016!Enjoy having a big laugh!

Rock On

Zebra Hot Pants

Mad Moxxi

Femme Fatale

Two Face

Bond Girl

Tiny Sauna

Indoor Pool

Chalet Couch

Lodge Bath

Da Cheetah

Business Woman



Alice madness

Blending In

Fallen Leaves

W Shower

W Naughty Bedtime

W couch

Montreal Skyline

Peach Shower

Latex Kimono


Thigh High Heeless Boots

Pink Latex Dress

Purple n Pink latex

Cutie Pie

Leopard Stockings

Bloopers Vol.2

Finally the Volume 2 is there! Merry Christmas!


Sex Stockings

Rock On

Latex Kitten

Black and Pink Socks

Black bikini and Pink top

Translucent Pink Latex

Lips Fillers

In this special folder, I'm showing my lips at day 1 and 2 after my lips filler. I hope you'll enjoy this special big lips selfies folder!

Braces Selfies

I decided to re-look at all my cellphone selfies and ended up collecting all the selfies I had with braces. I still miss them, and you?

Orange and White

Orange Lollipop

Red Latex Dress


Latex and Fake Fur

Ruflle Translucent Dress

Freya Lingerie

Black mesh n Silver

Big Boobs, Small Crop Top

Gaz Mask and Destruction

Black n Gold(Latex)

Shadow Temptation

French Butler

Black and Gold

Translucent Purple Lingerie

Classy Aqua Dress

Fashionly Punk

Bella French and I

From our sexy secretaries photoshoot! Get the behind the scene video as well! To see more set and videos of Bella and I, join my website!

Amateur Shower

In the Shadow

Amateur Halloween

Bed & Brickwall

The Stepladder

Green Gloves

Lace Kimono

Braces Compilation

a little compilation of me a while ago, when I had my braces on. It's a mix of selfies and pro-pictures. I'm not even sure they're on my website so braces lover.. enjoy!

Lavender Bra part 2

The most erotic part of the set ;)

Lavender Bra part 1

One of my first bra, I think it was a really unique color!

Black lace Bodystocking

My very first set after I got my 1500cc! I was on fire that day!

White n Blue

This is my last and also favorite se with my 1040cc. The dress is just too sexy with the latex and fishnet mix.

Translucent Latex Bikini

A real latex bikini photoset finally! even better, it's translucent! I like how it hide and show everything at the same time ;)

Cowgirl in a Shower

I know I technically don't have a cowgirl look on this set but it's just the vibe it give me.

I love Green

I guess if this shoot was outdoor I could clall him: Poison Ivy, but it's not the case ;) Do you like my 1040cc?

Can I be your valentine?

Hey guys, look at this gorgeous new valentine's day dress that I got! I'm sure you'd want me to wear that as your valentine, don't you?

Black and Blue

I'm going out tonight and this is what I'm wearing. What do you guys think? Would you take me on a date when I wear this tight latex outfit, with my fishnet stockings?

Latex Gloves and Socks

A really small photoset I made in black and white, it's an almost full nude photoshoot with some foot fetish theme!

Without Nudity

Compilation of 3 latex photoset without nudity but sometimes with some super hero look.

Light Blue Latex

A fun shoot where I enjoy to destry my lovely metallic blue latex dress!

Bedroom Time

My really first latex and lace photoset, I did the pictures in a huge bed while getting rid of my long and sexy lace dress.

Bloopers Vol.1

This set is a collection of all the pictures that were never released because I was just fooling around on the set, making funny faces or gestures. A girl's gotta have fun too! So here you'll find all my goofy weird pictures!

Getting rid of Braces

Since doing a video of the whole appointment would have been complicated and very long, I made a resume in selfies.

Orange Hair and Black Corset

In this pictureset, I wear a very tight latex outfit and a corset on top of that, just to show you my perfect hourglass figure. Tell me guys, you're really enjoying this, aren't you?

My Latex Monokini

Who said monokini's aren't sexy? I'm here to prove you guys otherwise! I had a very sexy monokini custom made. So now tell me guys... is this sexy or what?

Boots and Latex

This is my older pictureset wearing high platform boots and a latex skirt

My leather outfit that conceals nothing

Hey guys, what do you think of this outfit. It's made so it conceals absolutely nothing! Would you want to take me out wearing this?

Black leather restraints

Ever wanted to see me in black leather and restraints? I'm sure you do! You can get to enjoy everything of it. I had a blackleather bra custom made for me and my big boobies, it's a quite unique sight!

My First Set (Purple Latex)

Guys, this is my very first latex photoset. I've made it long ago when my boobies were still smaller. Some of you may have seen parts of it, but this is the full set! So tell me guys, did you like them before, or like them better now?

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