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2020cc Convince Her Co-Author

Co-author and cover girl of The Convince Her to GET BIGGER BREASTS Manual

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My Road to 2100cc MegaBreasts

V shows her journey from big breasts to gigantic, with stops at 1200cc, 1500cc, 1650, and 1850 before topping out at 2100. Think of this as a 14-minute sexy new video, PLUS about 6 minutes of awesome bonus footage that you might have seen in earlier videos - so 20 minutes of very sexy scenes. See how she brings fantasy fun into everyday life. If only you could be her lucky neighbor and your wife was not too jealous!


Victorias Last 2020cc Video

The name says it. There will not be another of the amazing Victoria with such gigantic breasts. For a very limited time, you can grab her very last ever megaboob video. She will be closing down her shop and moving on to smaller things, so now is your moment to buy and download this 14-minute, sexy, sexy video.


Home Repair BEAUTY with Giant 2020cc Boobs

Victoria comes to your home and works TOPLESS 16 Minutes long. She paints, dances topless and cleans your pool. Amazing bouncing firm gigantic tits as she shows off her enormous 2020cc, 28KK boobs in one of her sexiest videos ever. You might also like another video of me - filmed back when I had 1650cc breasts - smaller, but still pretty huge. So, if you like me at 2020cc, you can still try the video below too. clipteez.com/video.php?id=605


Naughty Beauty w 30JJJ - cup Mega Boobs

Watch the PREVIEW. Victoria never looked so beautiful - and her body was never so fit, her breasts never this huge. Tight mesh see through top, and then topless. An unhurried, long video. But it all builds to the final minute, when she takes her camera guy to heaven. A truly sexy mega-breast video. Victoria is an inspiration to trophy wives all over the world.


Victoria and her Huge Boobs in Europe

Another long sexy video, over 16 minutes, of your amazing V in France and Spain. Quite sexy bed scenes emphasizing her tiny waist and enormous breasts, with teasers beforehand, let it build. This is Victoria undulating on the bed in a specially delicious way.


Elegant Sexy Tops 2020cc Boobs

15+ minutes of tantalizing, revealing tops and dresses painted onto her outrageous body. A few topless clips, but mostly VERY provocative tight tops with an elegant touch. Imagine you are getting ready to go on a date with Victoria, and she asks YOU what to wear, posing in one huge boob-revealing top after another.


SLUTTY Tight Tops and 2020cc Breasts

Take your TIME - over 17 minutes of your favorite super-busty girl trying to fit into, and showing off, her slutty tight tops. A FEW topless clips, but mostly Victoria filling and overflowing form-fit tops, things you can't wear to Walmart . She explains what it's like to have her impossible measurements and handle clothes without starting a riot, and how other women react when she shows up. You asked for this type of video, and here it is! You will love these other videos of Victoria: https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7959 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7426 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7904 and her Jessica Rabbit 28K-cup killer video: https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=827


Swollen New 2020cc Megabreasts Burst My Swimsuit

Video of Victoria just 1 week after blowing up her huge boobs to 2020cc, dancing in her tight fit striped dress, showing off her new projection in a tiny black bathing suit, and checking to see if the surgeon OVER inflated her. And her outrageous leopard sling bikini, too. Long, over 15 minutes! * There is about a 1-minute overlap of video in the black bathing suit that you may see in her first post-op video, so pretend its 14 minutes and that is a BONUS! *


Hot CaveGirl w Enormous 2,020cc Breasts

Just 2 weeks after going bigger, and w breasts still swollen from surgery, Pebbles takes off everything except her little bandaid covers and mini-skirt and shows how HOT and VOLUPTUOUS a stone-age girl can be. You have never seen Victoria with curves like these! A long, unhurried video with amazing Pebbles showing off her strength. And Her incredible, beautiful boobs.


2020cc New Boobs Workout and Banana Blowjob

After just 5 days with her NEW 2,020cc Mega Boobs, Victoria tries a light workout. Tight tops, NO top, draped over a ball, stretching on the wall. And a long, mind-blowing blow job for one very lucky banana. A long, beautiful video. * Hey! For just 25, you can get 6 of my newer videos with my 2020cc 28-M bigger boobs. Look for it in Bundles. **


Victoria Unveils Her BIGGER 2020cc Breasts

Hello 2020cc and a 26-M bra size. The first video of Victoria post-surgery. It starts with her tantalizing body at her former, perky little 26K cup in the mesh bra. About 2/3 of the way through, KABOOM! - you get the first quick looks at her HUGER boobs in the same mesh bra, a stunning bikini, a leopard sling bikini, and the infamous Zebra-stripe dress. just a mouth-watering preview of what is to come plenty to enjoy.


Takeout Girl w Giant Breasts XX

Almost x-rated, that is. Victoria gets a new job as Takeout Delivery Girl at a Chinese restaurant and explodes a dress that never knew 26-K size breasts existed. This takeout bitch gets into your house, into your pants, and locks your wife in the bathroom. A funny romp with a mega-boob girl who will do anything for a king-sized tip. No pun intended.


Huge-Breasted Workout

Over 15+ minutes: Fitness SuperGirl Victoria starts her workout at home, then goes to the gym in an outrageous top (barely) to show off, then is banished for showing too much, and finishes topless in her pool. This LONG video builds up, so take your time. Maybe it will inspire you to join a gym. Her gym!


My Super Sexy Boobs Slathered in Cream

Your favorite girl returns with her amazing hot black outfit outside, then doing her squats for those legs, strips down for creaming up her huge boobs, and finally a shower that proves cleanliness is next to... orgasm-liness.


Topless Bubble Bath-Oiling my Huge Breasts, Updated

! Do you like to see me oiling my huge boobs? Trying to squeeze into a tiny pink dress? Naked in an outdoor bubble bath? Trying on different outfits/ OK then! This one's for you! if you bought the earlier Bubble Bath Oiling My Huge Breasts , then you should have received this from me as a gift already. If I missed you, just send me a message to remind me with the date you bought it, if you can recall!


Tiny Bikinis HUGE Breasts Mexico !

My vacation with you in Mexico! Shocking the guests at the hotel pool - OMG!!! Look at HER! to a penthouse loft, to holding a coffee cup between her K-cups, a beautiful sequence in see-thru top on the rooftop of Playa del Carmen, a quick Spanish lesson on meeting beautiful Latin women, and tiny tops that just can't begin to fit.


Huge-Busted SWAT Officer

After 18-year-old Victoria auditions, her mom, SWAT Officer Highlander, stops in to show off her figure and dance abilities. Mr. ClipTeez has no trouble convincing her to try on the same outfits as her young daughter. 12 minutes of delicious fun, and then a surprise ending. As at any casting call, there will be exposed breasts, but THESE will be huge. Note: This is the Sequel to Victoria at 18 Years, Already Huge. There is about a 30-second overlap of video from that 1st in the series. View the preview clip!


18-Year-Old Victoria at Your Door, Already Huge

Victoria after school, begging her neighbor to help with her algebra - showing off her amazing figure and auditioning for ClipTeez. And can she dance! And then, a surprise appearance by another person with equally astounding breasts. Trust Victoria when she says, "This could be my best video ever! Sexy and funny -- imagine me at age 18, could you resist?" 12 Minutes. ShamonJ says, "The Hottest Yet!" and Unerico says, "Must buy, Believe Me!"


2 Huge and Sexy 4 My Shirt

I just cannot fit into any tops. What is a huge-breasted girl to do? This 10-minute video shows my struggle with tight-fitting shirts, until I give up and go topless. Some new trampoline play, some intimacy, and then you spend time with 18-year-old Victoria. Or so she claims.


Biggest-Breasted Carwash Ever!

Carwash II, with never-seen footage. Victoria uses her huge boobs to wash the driver's window, About 8-1/2 minutes of sexy fun and trying on gigantic bras that are just too small for her!! Your ultimate fitness & big-boobed beauty puts her mischievous sense of humor to work, stirring up the neighborhood again. You might also love these: https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=8084 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7959 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7426


Driving and Measuring Big Breasts

Victoria can't drive without her breasts getting attention. Even if she films herself! Then she struggles with Victoria's Secret bras to try on and pop off. Finally she measures AROUND her breasts, and finds it is nearly as big as her waist. About 9 minutes,


JessicaRabbit-with 26K Gigantic Breasts

8 -1/2 minutes of Victoria, first stripping down outside (her favorite, right?) in the garden to shock the neighbors, then trying on a bikini and dancing, and finally making jessica Rabbit look flat and plain! Something about 1650cc breasts in a B-cup top that just...wow. Extremely seductive. You might also like these videos of Victoria with even huger 2020cc breasts: https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=8084 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7959 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7426 https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=7904 and her french maid outfit at 1650cc https://clipteez.com/video.php?id=652



If your wife or GF had big breasts, would it be too obvious? Would she look too provocative for her job situation? Victoria tries to reassure women by coaxing her enormous breasts into everyday clothes, noting she is 2x or 4x the size most wives would go to. Then things heat up when she shows how SEDUCTIVE it is to slide those tops off when you have 26-K boobs, and like to dance and pose. See Victoria for the first time in her see-through mesh dress, and her pink corset -- and how she MIS-USES her POWER over men! A long video, several topless sections.


Car Wash w HUGE Breasts Vixen Victoria

The **sexiest car wash*--and the biggest-boobed car washing, and the most professional ever. Bring your wife or girlfriend. Victoria presses her enormous breasts up against your windshield. The preview does not do this justice. If you remember Cool Hand Luke, you will forget him immediately.


JJ-cups in Office Outfit to Sexy Bed Scenes

It starts with me trying to show that even with giant breasts, one can dress professionally for the office - like for a job interview. would YOU hire ME, if I looked like this? But finally I just bust out because I have to breathe! And like SO many job interviews, it ends up in bed. I try to be good, but just end up being bad. The other job applicants have NO chance. Tell me if you like....please?


Bra Try-Ons Huge Boobs

Stupendous how Victoria's breasts overflow the biggest bra you can buy at Victoria's Secret. You will not forget these views as she tries on one after another, struggling to squeeze her 26K cup boobs into an impossibly small 30-DDD bikini...or whatever, she just looks F**** fantastic. About 10 minutes, part topless, all super-cute.


Squishing 26JJ Breasts into Bikinis b4 TV Shoot ! Happy VALENTINEs

10 MInutes of..Bikinis...Changing, Squeezing into them, topless in between, in her bedroom before the TV shoot with Barcroft Media, Victoria's incredibly sexy dancing, some in slo-mo, there is a lot to like in this video. "Hi fellows, I would like your comments after you see this - thank you! I hope you love this one!"


Victoria Near-Topless in Tax Audit Part 1

The feared IRS visits Victoria out of the blue to challenge her breast implant and too-tiny-bra deductions. Watch her- alone, vulnerable, topless, brave - as she takes on the IRS and beats them at their own game! this is a delicious warmup to Part II; this one is standing, Part 2 is in bed. For just 10 credits, get both in a Bundle!


French Maid, Giant Tits y Twist Espanol

Tight dresses and tops that cannot contain my JJ cup breasts which just pop out as I try them on- you like French maid, monsieur? "Insanely sexy, wow!" says Lowrider, and he's right. No nudity, a bit of camera wobble -- hey, YOU try being my cameraman and try to stay steady -- so I priced it at 4 even though it's so long. I think you will like the black dress, the striped top, the maid outfit - and I explain how FRIENDLY people are wherever I go. The part in Spanish - come on, Spanish is sexy right? La parte en espanol para mis fanaticos Hispano/Latino - espero poder recibir tus comentarios y sugerencias sobres mis videos. Sigame en Twitter! victoriabigger. Que tengas senos grandotes en tu vida en 20-15!


Catsuit-Double Up on 1650cc Breasts

"Victoria, this is your BEST yet! So hot!" Amazing catsuit. Halloween /Dia de los Muertos totally revealing non-costume. Shocking audio. I meet my identical twin sister - OK, in the mirror. My snapping-turtle bathing suit from when I was a tiny little DD-cup. Start with THIS video if you don't know me. Plenty of topless, happy Holidays and let's aim for 2000cc together. That'd be..maybe..28JJ-cup? Or 26KKK.


Victoria Hurt by Exploding Bikini-readyFor2000cc

first, I pout because my breasts are so big. Wherever I go, people freak out. then i have fun trying on my old bikinis from when I was a tiny little 600cc D-cup. And I think, Hey, I SHOULD go bigger. Then - it happens - my bikini blows up. I swear: not planned! Plenty of revealing video - i know what you want now.


1650cc-Victoria Tries on Gorgeous Tops

Watch me show off my flea market finds, and the very few things at Victoria's Secret (my own store! ) that actually fit my oversize breasts -- actually nothing at VS is big enough. Mostly it's me in tight tops - or out of them. As to my plans for 1900cc or 1950cc or bigger, and if you BUY this you are helping me to pay for it. Don't you want that?



My recent trip to LA - it's mostly a cute, sexy story about how nervous I get going home to see Mom when my breasts are bigger every time - BUT there are two TOPLESS parts which, even though I'm just a G cup now (Mom didn't see me when I was GG and 1850cc) should knock your socks off. You have to ignore my house being in renovation, with a hot tub parked next to my bed! I hope you are all happy with the topless section. My boobs actually look huge there, even at 1650cc -- you know, they ARE huge. And the story about the trip, it's a little bonus. No,my Mom does NOT appear in the video! **Finally, muchachos, I need your comments! Even criticism. I'm a "big" girl. **


26 J-Cup Victoria Funny and Sexy Pre-Surgery

Nobody else could make going into surgery as goofy as 26 J-cup, 1650cc Victoria. Not satisfied with her 41-24-34 figure, she insisted on getting a tummy tuck. Yes, this video throws off sparks and you will see beautiful things. More than that, it's the start of Victoria's self perfection campaign. The same kind of quest she hopes the lady in your life will embark on. Not just being fit,but ultimately desirable and willing to shape herself into the fantasy you truly want. OK, not so serious. This is a fun video by a girl who can't help being insanely sexy.. Enough said. and BTW -- the blue bikini - is actually surgical panties.


1850cc Post-Op Stunner -, Mostly Nude

9 days after going from 1200cc to 1850cc - kaBOOMM!!! - shock and awe! Who cares if this was shot in the bathroom? Or that you'll see bandage and stitches? When your wife or girlfriend comes home with breasts this big - READ the Convince Her Manual!! - you'll have whacky conversations like this. Parts are nude - so be warned...once you see this, your wife's breasts will be too small, until you upgrade her. A chest that could make an entire nightclub or gym go silent. This has been Victoria's most popular video EVER>


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