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your GND with fake boobs

Watch me as I try and get my boobs as **round** and **obvious** that i can. I'm a delivery girl in my daily life. Would you like me to deliver your order? :)

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2018 Black Friday Mishmash

just a bunch of sexy short clips I had laying around that I wanted to share here!


Purple Nightgown (And Black Lingerie) (2017)

another generous gift from my #1 fan, a purple nightgown that's so loose and flowy it can hardly stay on my body, then a black lingerie set underneath. i bare as much as i can for you guys ^_^


Red Babydoll (1000cc) (2017)

i always love fan outfit gifts! this super cute red babydoll night outfit really suits my boobs and body well. i woke up feeling super sexy that morning and decided to shoot a cute video for you guys. hope you all like!


Making Of Neko Keyhole Bikini Photo Set (2017)

see me 100% au naturel between shots, it's like a bloopers and making of video all at once. i still feel shy a bit about it, because i didn't feel at my best when i took this vid, i was feeling a bit bloated and imperfect, but a loyal fan suggested me i should release it nonetheless, so here it is! quality is around 720p. i hope you like it!


Short Lotioning in Bed (1000cc)

since i'm struggling with releasing new content, here's a little something i had kept on in my back pocket! it's a little lotioning session done by my gf on my boobs and upper body! haven't released anything like this so far! hope you enjoy! oh and sorry for the quality it was filmed in the dark, but it's still very watchable!


Washing and Lotioning my 1000cc!

this new video is a nice upgrade on my first lotion video, complete with bubbly goodness in the shower first and then a girlfriend spending time lotioning them slowly and properly! if you love tight fake boobs on a tight skinny body, mine are your thing! they've healed and gotten softer and rounder and slightly bigger, but they're still quite bolted on it seems!!!


Sleeping Beauty

watch me as i very slowly wake up and feel like rolling myself half-naked in my sheets! (hint: i am showing more than my first video this time around! no censor in the video!)


Lotioning up my early post fill-up 1000cc boobs

Just a short video, my first ever, while moisturizing my new bigger boobs. After having been repaired and deflated, I was eager to have them filled up!


Fan Outfit #3 (The Sling Top) (1000cc) (2019)

Just a few good shots of that sexy sling top my number one fan bought me (including the pink skirt actually), I had to try it out immediately and document the process ^_^

Slow Mornings (Still 1000cc) (2019)

I've compiled a bunch of selfies I took this year when I was feeling a bit frisky and sexy in the morning. I usually love how my skin and my boobs feel in the warm morning sunlight, so that's why I'm often inspired to take selfies! Hope you all like them, and I also hope it helps a bit amidst this dry spell I have with posting content.

Geek on a Leash (1000cc) (2017)

This one is for the boobs lover, and leash, and cute dress? Hope you guys like! It's been a while, but I thought I'd finally upload this one :)

Metallic Blue Bikini Try-Out (2017)

a fan bought me the closest thing to latex i could ever wear :) love how this blue metallic bikini fits on me! love the shininess of it as well! i forgot to remove it while taking the pictures though, but i thought of putting a nip slip and a couple ass shots in there for sure!

Hoodie Too Short, Boobs Out ^_^ (2017)

i think for once the title is totally self-explanatory! ^_^

Personal Selfies #1 (2017)

this set consists of many pictures i took this year, randomly, because i'm an exhibitionist in my daily life, lol, lots of boobs and bit of everything in there. hope you guys like! if you do, i might release more of this kind of content!!!

Fan Oufits Try-Out #2 (2017)

just a bunch of non-naked selfies while trying out two fan-gifted outfits. they're so sexy :)

Neko Keyhole Bikini Set ^_^ (2017)

recently bit the bullet and bought the cute kitty keyhole panties set! it's really sexy and fun, but unfortunately it's way too small and tight for my 1000cc boobs, but i still had to make a photoshoot with it!!! i show almost every inch of my body to you in all those pictures, and at least about a third of them have my boobs uncovered! i have to tell you guys, i feel so amateur doing these kinda shoots, but i hope you like it!

Fan Outfits Try-Out! (1000cc) (2017)

this picture pack is a direct open window view straight into my living space, taken the day i tried out a couple outfits gifted by an instagram fan! there's no blatant nakedness, but the outfits are so sexy, and the bikini, really, is just a couple patches of fabric: i felt SO NAKED! granted, there are some nip slips here and there!

Bikini Try-Out! (1000cc Always)

fuzzy hair, sloppy makeup, lousy attempt at pouty lips, but i'll be damned if you don't think my girl next door's boobs don't look good in these, even if covered! :)

Geeky Boobs Peek! (1000cc)

just a slew of pictures i took while i was messing around with computers :P it's tame, but i pull up my top a lot in those!

Back in Time (2013) (960cc early post-op)

i had quite the journey to get those boobs, and included in that journey are complications and multiple surgeries! these shots are from between my 2nd and 3rd surgery, and even if i ended up with complications, i feel like my boobs looked good nonetheless at that point in time, and many of you guys told me the same, so here they are!

A small photo shoot + Some selfies! (1000cc)

i wanted to emulate a specific pose i had in mind, so that was the resulting pictures. silly ones included ^_^

Upcoming sexy waking up video photoshoot (1000cc)

these photos were taken right after shooting my upcoming video. different poses. see my boobs stand proud in different positions! contrary to my previous picture sets, i'm showing quite a bit of skin here :)

New boobs in a coobie and panties! (1000cc)

bought this new cute bra and i thought it was so pretty I had to whip out a matching bottom and take pictures in good light! hope you like! i sure like how i fill that bra out to its limit now, and cleavage is obvious! (oh and please don't be shocked by my missing eyebrows, i had to shave them for medical reasons! how do i look without them anyways?)

My first pretty selfies (500cc)

those pictures are just an experiment in my living room, natural light, a pretty bra and panties, back when i was still trying to appreciate my 500cc implants. no nudity.

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