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WHY AM I UNIQUE AND WORTH WATCHING!?! Because I represent the combination of muscle combined with femininity! Because I live true from my heart, which seems to be extreme living=excitement! Because I LOVE SEX!!!! Because I have done everything from competitive bodybuilding at the professional level and still live & love it, to porn at the hardcore level ;), to everything in between, which means I don't subscribe to a predefined person labeled by society! This RhondaLee /RLQ brand has given me success, and now as a MATURE adult entertainer, my body is my business, and I'm going to keep going. Although I do solo as opposed to interactive porn now, I still intend to make you steamy and dreamy in the RLQZone! Lots of videos and photos to download! Please give me any feedback or ideas for your fantasy by contacting me here! Where? Here in the 'Afterhours'! Workin-out in the day, and play-in the night is what I do! xo Body, Mind & Soul; Peace, Love & Happiness, RhondaLee xo

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Sexy Selfie POV

I tried to record a sexy video with my phone while playing with my boobies, I hope you guys like! Let me know what you think!


RhondaLee at the Beach

Check out my video where I'm out in public on the beach in my blue bikini.


Electric Play - In the Afterhours

RhondaLee doing Electroerotic Neonwand play! A toy that gives a little gentle energy shock. Being open minded i will try almost everything. But alas, I still like it soft and sensual! ;) xo


In the afterhours - New Boobies

Welcome to my new boobies! ;) xo


Towel Service

In this video you can enjoy watching me take a sensual shower and have some bedroom fun!


My new outfit - In the Afterhours

Hey guys, one of my awesome supporters sent me this amazing set of bra and panties, and it makes me feel so sexy! And you all know what happens when I feel sexy, right? Of course you do! Lots of sensual goodness that I'll share with you!


Practicing for Public Nudity in the After Hours

Hey guys, I was just thinking of wearing this skirt outside while shopping with nothing underneath it. Bending over in public where everyone could see me. I think I need to have some practice with that first though, but I'm sure you still want to watch while I do that!


Poolgirl RhondaLee in the After Hours

Hi everyone, I just took a nice and relaxing swim but that got me all turned on! Want to see what happens next?


Clitoral Instruction by RhondaLee in the After Hours

In this video, which is shot by the amazing Aziani, I show and tell you all about the mysteries about the clitoris.


In the After Hours - At the Beach

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to take a walk on the beach. It's still really warm in LA, extremely warm for december! So I just had to blow off some steam afterwards. Do you want to join me?


In the after hours - Class Action

My new life upgrade! Boobs and a classier, sexier, more mature RhondaLee! See me in action!


In the after hours - My Bratz Dolls

In this video, I talk about my love for Bratz dolls, why I started collecting them and how they influenced my life. Who knew, right?! This is a way to get to know the real me, and there's a little bonus in the end of the video.


In the afterhours - My Revamp begins!

Here are some highlights leading up to and after my latest breast augumentation in February 2017. This is part 1 of the video because this is also part 1 of the surgeries I have planned. Part 2 is coming up with my overfil in May 2017! I will be videoing again so you can see my exiting changes in the near future! Right now, my breasts are a bit smaller, 600 cc's. I went from over the muscle to under the muscle, had a lift, implant exchange and capsulotomy. My Clipteez sales go towards making this all happen, so please be so kind as to support me by purchasing a clip or photoset here, and then enjoy yourself! But I'm going to 1300 cc's in May! So don't you worry because the goal reached will be... RHONDALEE REVAMPED...BIGGER BOOBS & BICEPS! Bless you , thanks! xo


Valentine Pump UP!

So this is the last adult entertainment video shot with my old boobs! And the second year I've done a Valentines video for you! On a whim 'cause I was feeling hot, I put on a tiny red negligee with sexy red high heels to match! But the desire to oil up and pump up to show off for you, took over! And one last display for the girls (my boobies) for YOU! Steamy hot & sweaty I got for you, then of course naked! Teehee! xo ;) Music by: The Weekend - I can't feel my face


Afterhours... Showprep - Spraytan

So Question... Would you rather be my oil boy or my paint boy? The infamous answer and request: RhondaLee, can I be your oil boy? But after watching this video, what us bodybuilders go thru for the color (imitation or spray tan), needed for stage, you answer may change teehee. This video is demonstrating what we have to do to enhance our skin tone for a competition. My photographer/friend and I had fun painting. This enhances the cuts and make you appear way better and defined on stage. In this video I was just prepping for a photoshoot. In the photos I WAS preparing for a show! And Blondie...u may know of her from Clipteez,;), snapped photos of my bodybuilder friend as she painted me for my past competition! See the stages, and Enjoy! xo


From CatTeeZ to ClitTeeZ

RhondaLee comes back to the human world after prowling around the last couple of nights, living her super heroine side! And just like many of the superheroes, sometimes the transition isn't of the best timing. Ending up in a small abandoned cottage to make her transition back to the human side, watch as she fulfills those feline desires! Super close ups everywhere... be careful, she might devour you! ;) xo


Smoking Hot! Part 2

A continuation from Part one of Smokin' Hot. Watch RhondaLee take delight in more smoking as she got such great responses from the first video. Enjoy this fun compilation of more smoking and posing, as it fuels her sex drive. She gets excited and just wants to share the experience and her body with you.


Smoking Hot!

In this Afterhours video, RhondaLee is smoking hot...while shes's really smoking a big cigar! Check out this next video full of tanned, tight and toned body working, teasing, and playing all wrapped into one! There will be a part 2 coming soon!


Afterhours - RhondaLee gets -Lucky-!

RhondaLee Afterhours September 19th 2016: RhondaLee gets "Lucky", or.... Lucky gets Rhonda! So let me clarify. Dom is not my main genre of sexual interest! I'm just a very sexual being with an open mind! And well, I ended up in this submissive predicament! Lucky had just started with me recently as an on set assistant. I apparently was tricked because next thing I knew, I really was tied up and had no control! All that, and at the end of the bondage, he stole my panties! Jeez, all he had to do was ask~! Xo


Afterhours- Aug 2016- At the Office

Something was uneasy in me this particular day. Couldn't focus on work. I tried. My mind kept wandering to thoughts that I probably shouldt have been thinking! But they were overwhelming. I just wanted to be my free spirit self. So by the end of the day, in the hopes all office staff had cleared out, I let loose and off came the work suit! Want to help me out to revamp my body? http://getcosmetic.com/fund/rhondalee-revamp/ Credits: MUSIC: Unwritten Return BY: Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License


After Hours May 2016

Hey everyone, I'm working out really hard in the gym for you, and then finally when I get home, I need to blow off some steam. Want to join me? This time, you can get up really close and personal, see some stuff you've never seen this big up close!


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's day everyone! It's been a while since I made a new video. That's because I've been training very hard actively competing as an Professional Bodybuilder/Physique competitor. Since I just completed a show, I have this window of opportunity until I start preparing for the next one, to finally make new, sexy videos because I want to focus on you and I enjoy doing this so much! It's been a while since I've made a video, so if you have any ideas, please let me know and maybe I'll make your dream come true! I'm determined to keep making more videos on a regular basis now, and I have some more amazing ideas coming up soon. One of the ideas is this video! I made a very sexy video, but also, as a voice over, I tell you about what I've been doing in a very sensual way. It's kindof like a super sexy blog that's interesting to listen to, but also very pleasant to look at! I hope you enjoy it, and please, let me know what you think of it!


Getting in Shape

In this video, I'm telling you about my progress. I'm going to compete in IFBBpro, and I started my training a couple of weeks ago. I'm 19 weeks away from the show, so it's time to get my body ready and in shape. I've been training hard and growing bigger and bigger. In this video I measure myself and you can see my progress each time I make a new video. . This video contains a lot of flexing, and showing all of my muscles. Dressed in my bikini, but also completely nude, so you can really see how my muscles move under my skin.


PodCast: Muscle and Sex Momentum Interview

11 minute mp3 radio podcast story of Rhondalee created from the interview done with (www.modelmayhem.com/polaroidolator) following their shoot together. The podcast tells about RhondaLee's life, how she grew up, her sex life, all the things that made her the person she is today.


At the fireplace

Hey guys, sorry it took so long for me to make another video, but I took the extra time and effort to get a good FullHD camera and someone to hold the camera while filming. I got into my sexy leopard outfit and sensually moving and crawling around to show you my muscular body. In this video I go topless and my thong doesn't leave much to the imagination. *** Note that I'm off-season here and I will start my heavy training next month, to get into competition shape. Follow me as I get more and more fit, but for now, enjoy the video!



Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to do a sexy sensual striptease. Where you can see all of my muscular self in all it's glory. Also, this video is still recorded with my webcam in 480p, I'm currently saving up for a good fullHD webcam, but sadly I cannot offer this yet. But here's the cool thing, I made an agreement with the guys from clipteez that once I have the camera, I will replace this video with a newly shot full HD version of this video. Once that's done the price of the video will be 10 credits, but if you ***buy it now, you will automatically get the 1080p version while only paying 6 credits***.


Posing with Oil

Hey guys, in this video I'm going to rub some oil on me and pose fully naked! I hope you really enjoy it! Also, this video is still recorded with my webcam in 480p, I'm currently saving up for a good fullHD webcam, but sadly I cannot offer this yet. But here's the cool thing, I made an agreement with the guys from clipteez that once I have the camera, I will replace this video with a newly shot full HD version of this video. Once that's done the price of the video will be 11 credits, but if you ***buy it now, you will automatically get the 1080p version while only paying 7 credits***.


RLQ Black Dress

This video was recorded straigh after I've competed my last show performance. So you can enjoy muscular beauty with amazing curves and a sensual energy coming from within me.


RhondaLee webcam pose

Hi guys, sorry for my long absence, but I'm back! There's a lot new stuff coming, but I wanted to start with testing my webcam and pose for you guys. I'm still tweaking to get the best settings, but you can surely get a good impression of myself. Also... I'm currently training for competition again, so from now on, you can only see me grow bigger, and stronger.



It's friday night, girls night out! I'm all dressed up and ready to go, I just need to wait for my girls to pick me up. What can I do to pass the time until they're here? Come on and find out!



Hey guys, I'm back! And I'm happy to let everyone know that this is the start of something amazing, so you can expect a lot more soon! A friend of mine recorded this video after he tied me up. Watch as I try to get free from my bonds. I'm telling you, it was really tight!


RLQ Gold Bikini


Rhonda in a Black Bikini


Gym Workout 2


Gym Workout 4


Gym Workout 3


Gym Workout 1


Strip Tease Red








Sexy Bench Workout


Gym Workout

working out


A walk on the wild side



Dedicated to all my fans who asked me to be a superhero. ... in admiration of Wonder Woman!


April 14th 2019 (1:59)

Electric Play....In the Afterhours! December 25th 2018 (10:30)

PHOTO SET wit RhondaLee doing Electroerotic Neonwand play! A toy that gives a little gentle energy shock. Being open minded i will try almost everything. But alas, I still like it soft and sensual! ;) xo

Pure Raunch! September 17th 2018 (13:40)

My legs spread wide part for you to see my pussy aroused with swollen clit! ;) xo

NEW BOOBIES! In The Afterhours! September 17th 2018 (13:40)

Yes I have upgraded! As much as my body would allow. 1,150 cc's now. Saline, over muscle again. This was as much as my 5 ft 1, tight muscle body could take for now. This result now, was the plan 1.5 years ago, but compilations delayed the final outcome until now. But I am so grateful for being able to feel confident again, and oh what I can do with these boobies! ;) Great to be back to boobie home. Purchase my videos so I can keep improving!

Sexy RhondaLee Feet...In The Afterhours! July 26th 2018 (2:51)

RhondaLee's sexy feet for all you foot lovers! xo

Towel Service...In the Afterhours! July 26th 2018 (2:08)

From the great outdoors, into the bedroom, then the shower, back to the bedroom! xo

Sparkling body! In the afterhours!

PAINTING on ME ..In the afterhours! ' (6 credits) I get painted and glittered like a human canvas/portrait, covered in glitter! Here is the end result! This falls in line with my new art that I do. You can also purchase art works from me! If I could be forever covered in sparkling glitter, diamonds, and gems I would be! Photos and body art by Serge Jara and assisted makeup by Aldo! xo

My new outfit

RhondaLee by the Pool-In the Afterhours!

In the afterhours, This photo set in Hot December has RhondaLee playing by the pool! xo

Black Lycra Dress

Shot by Aziani

Beach! with RhondaLee in the After Hours!

Manhatten Beach in a red bikini and floppy white hat!

Wolford stocking fetish...In The Afterhours!' - Oct16th 2017 (9:24)

Photos of me in stockings if you like built sexy legs in them! xo

Pumped in Pink Garters...In the After hours! October 12th 2017 (18:39)

Continuing the Class in the after hours with sexy pink lingerie and thigh highs! xo

Class Act & More! - October 1st 2017 (11:50)

More Classy is revealed!

Class Action! - September 24th 2017 (22:49)

My new life upgrade! Boobs and a classier, sexier, more mature RhondaLee!

In the Afterhours-April 16th 2017 Pumped in Pink!

Muscle, femininity and sensuality once again! Very sexy artistic! Here's some pink for Easter! xo

In the After hours on April 4th 2017 RhondaLee Muscle Concierge

After todays tough workout and a very giving trainer, I thought in tonight's after hours id give back by providing a Muscle concierge service! So Hi there my handsome's! May I be of sexy service to you!? Mmmmm! teehee! ;) xo

In the Afterhours! March 17th 2017 (6:15)

Sooooo Fucking Fit! xo

In the Afterhours-March 15th 2017 (22:39)

Exercising with a big ball! ;)

Part 2-Hot Cat on A Tin Roof! Afterhours-Dec2nd 2016 (8:18)

So after finding some wonderful energy to keep up my Super heroine powers, my Cat woman Alter ego was able to hold up the SUPERMOON! That is the real moon in the photos! Caught it just in time! ;) Again please do enjoy! Oh Meeooowwww! xo Special thanks to great photographer for our collaboration in this project SCOTT DIAL!

RhondaLee's Alter Ego Cat Woman! PART 1-Nov 29th 2016 (6:47)

If it were up to me, I probably would spend half my time being a sexy feline Superheroine saving the day and good souls with my super powers! In my downtime, I would still of course have to use alley cat antics survive. And being sexy, well that's just part of my cat humanness. So that is what these fantasy photos will display! This is one of my all time fav shoots. SCRATCH SCRATCH, MEOW, PUURRR! Teehee. Thanks to great photographer Scott Dial! Enjoy! xo

September 19th 2016 Afterhours BONDAGE photo set

Matching photos to bondage video of lucky and RhondaLee


Watch the slingshot come off and the naked come on with RhondaLee hoping somebody is watching while she plays in the backyard!

Furry White hat!

Naked in an ICE DANCE CLUB!~All RhondaLee had to keep her warm was her hat! ;)

Sexy Red Muscle Vixen gets Naked!

March 31st 2014

Sexy Red Muscle Vixen!

Aziani Red Vinyl Shoot!

Whirlpool posing!


Rhonda Lee Black Bikini

Slingshot sessions in the sun!

Foot Fetish!

For all you Foot and muscle fetish lovers!

Beautiful Sunset

RhondaLee under a beautiful Mexican sunset!

Silk Dress

Wonder Woman

Pre Show Venice Beach Photo shoots!

Artistic Sexy

Rhonda in White Sheets

Red Striptease

White Leather

USA Flag


Sexy Smoking

Musical Rhonda

Frank Sinatra tribute!

Sailor Outfit

Black Two-Piece

Hot and Heavy

Army Attire

Musical Rhonda

Pink Top on the Beach

Just lounging on the beach

Desert Photoshoot - Yellow Top & Boots

Desert Photoshoot - Red Dress

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