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Naked & Naughty

I'm Candy Charms. A UK based glamour model and big time tease with 32L boobs. I'm so excited to be a part of the clipteez network, to become a real TeeZ-Girl, I hope you like it too, and I can't wait to show you guys what I have in store for you!

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Bella And Candy

Bella French visited me in my hotel room to shoot this video together. We had so much fun. She's gorgeous and she loved my big fake round boobs too. And I think it shows. Each time I watch the video, it turns me on again! I hope you will like it too!


My First G-G with Michelle Thorne

Hey Guys, this is my very first girl-girl scene ever. I'm so happy Michelle's been here with me as we've had so much fun doing it. This is a long half-hour video, with lots of sexiness in it. Like french kissing, pussy licking, fingering, dildos, vibrators and strapons And for you boob-fans, you all know I have massive huge boobs, but Michelle has some awesome tits too, with really huge pointy nipples that I just love to suck on! She's awesome!


Pretty Please Horse

I this video, I'm really gonna ride this rockin' horse for you. Want to see me ride it, with my huge fake tits and my big bum... Yes, I know you would love to see me ride this horse!


Police Cell

I finally cought you, you naughty boy! And now, into your cell! It's time for me to punish you for your behaviour. You've been a bad, bad boy!


Kitchen Maid

Hi, I'm Candy and I'm your kitchen maid. I know why you hired me. You can't stop staring at me, can you? Your cock gets hard when you see me working, doesn't it. Well let me hold it for you then, I know you want me to.


Nurse Candy

Hi there, I'm Candy and I'm your nurse for today. So tell me, how can I help you? What's wrong? You have long erections, really? I guess these fake tits don't help your problem, do they? But I'm sure there's a few things I can do to help. Why don't you come and find out?


Candy and Lynda - Schoolgirls

Hey everyone, me and Lynda Lynn are in class together, but we were too busy with other things than school, so we did not pay attention like... at all! So, Lynda and me decided to sneak in at our teacher's office and get our grades but when we go through his office... guess what we find there!


Smokin Hot

Hi boys, I just got out of a video recording session and I really needed to take a smoke. Want to join me as I take a smoke?


Some -me- time

Hey guys, I just found some time to play with myself, my huge boobs, my huge bum... it's just too much fun not to play with them, so I wanted to invite you to join me here, so you can play with yourself while I play with myself. Just imagine this big red dildo is yours. And I would let you put oil all over my body. Look at how shiny it becomes!



In this video, I'm applying lipstick and lotion to my big lips and huge tits. I bet you never seen such tits in front of you, have you? I'm sure you want to!


I was very naughty today

Hi boys, This is the first video I made for my own website, CandyCharms.xxx and we recorded it on the second floor, where I usually go to relax and well... I've been naughty!


American Yoga Pants

Hi boys, In this video, I'm showing off my huge boobs and huge bum in some really tight yoga pants in the American colors. How is it that you Americans say it? Bigger is better!


Lotioning myself

Hi boys, in this short video, I'm rubbing lotion all over my extremely huge boobs, so they become so smooth and shiny! I'm sure you all love it! Note that this is a fairly short video since recording stopped earlier than I thought. That's why the price is lowered, but don't worry, you'll get to enjoy my huge shiny boobs very well!


Playing in the Bathtub

Hi boys! In this video, I'm taking a bath while wearing my bikini, but don't worry, I'll take it off, just for you!


Bella and Candy

This pictureset was shot when Bella French came to visit me and we had some fun in our hotel room.

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