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3500cc Low Hanging Implants And Fat Ass

I'm Claudia Marie! I'm known for my huge tits worldwide. I'm also available for private time in Las Vegas for you high rollers out there.

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Claudia Marie And Kayla Kleevage Drilled By Black Cock

Kayla Kleevage and Claudia Marie are whoring around in tiny bikinis in Las Vegas. They come upon a hotel room that is open with no one inside. So the two big titty vixens assume that whomever had the hotel room had already checked out, and they decided to get naked and have lesbian sex. Meanwhile, the young BBC who was occupying the room had gone down the hall to get some ice. Upon returning he finds these two white huge tit bimbos in his bed. The girls plead with him to not call hotel security, but that was never an option. This young black bull knew exactly what he wanted and he takes it from the two blonde, fake tit whores.


Fake Tit Plumper Claudia Marie Drilled With Black Cock

Claudia Marie auditions a young black bull for the site. This young stud has a long and strong cock full of BBC sperm. He eagerly manhandles Claudia Marie's 30 pounds each monster saggers and enjoys watching her twerk her fat round cellulite ass. Then he plunges deep into her white whore pussy and explodes a massive cumshot all over her billowing huge round ass cheeks. Another black cock is drained by the saggy long fake tits and huge white booty of Claudia Marie!


Claudia Marie And Mr. Marie Cheat w. Kayla Kleevage

Kayla Kleevage is secretly seeing both Claudia Marie AND Mr. Marie. But neither of the Marie's knows the other one is hooking up with Kayla! Watch as this big tit homewrecker and heartbreaker has sex with Claudia Marie and then a few minutes later with Mr. Marie!


Huge Fake Low Hangers And Fat Ass Whore Fucked

Claudia Marie slips on some tiny booty shorts on her giant fat butt. And a cut-off top that her saggy fake udders hang out the bottom of. And she takes off jogging through the city. Unfortunately the blonde bimbo forgot to take water with her. So she stops at an apartment building and asks a guy if he has a glass of water. In a matter of minutes this stud has Claudia Marie's huge cow tits in his hands and his monster cock in her whore mouth. After enjoying her soft body he cums all over her huge round ass and then sends the whore on her way.


Ass Fatter Surgery Then Rough Fucking

A few years back Claudia Marie had a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure where the fat is sucked from parts of your body and put back in the ass to make it huge. Being a total blonde bimbo whore, CM decided she wanted it even FATTER! With MORE cellulite! So she had another procedure done to make it giant. And when she told Mr. Marie that she did it because "the black guys like it"...he went into a rage! Stretching her 3,500cc saline implant udders to the limit, fucking her doggystyle behind that massive Kardashian sized ass, and then putting the cumshot all over those stretch marked, cellulite covered fat ass cheeks. But Mr. Marie wasn't done yet. He was so angry, and yet so horny by the fat ass whore...he fucked her again! This time in the missionary position putting all of his weight on her new implants and effectively flattening them as he shoved them above her ears! And then he came again all over her stretch marked belly before screaming in her face that she is a fucking whore!


Claudia Marie Strips Then Cumshot

While surfing the internet, Claudia Marie finds a stripper pole for sale. Turns out the guy selling it just broke up with his girlfriend. So he brings it over and sets it up for Claudia Marie. CM quickly changes into a tiny bikini and asks him to show her how to properly use the stripper pole. He responds by getting those giant sagging udders in his hands and working them over hard. The he plows the big tit whore's shaved pussy while he continues to wrench down on those saggy hangers. Finally he blasts a seemingly un-ending supply of cum all over her big floppy boobs! This is probably the most amazing cumshot we have ever seen!


Fake Tits Claudia Marie And Karen Fisher

Claudia Marie travels to Portland, Oregon to attend the very first big porn show in the city. She runs into Sexy Karen Fisher at the show, and the two fat ass fake tit whores head back to the hotel room to get naked and eat pussy!


Claudia Marie Breeding With Black Guy

Claudia Marie decides to go on a hiking trip in Las Vegas to get back to nature. After wandering around the city looking for a hiking trail, she stumbles into a black man's hotel room and asks for directions. And as in all porn movies...she is getting fucked hard! Her huge mounds of overblown, silicone filled, saggy udders flop and swing as her soft white rolls of whore flesh jiggle with each hard thrust of the black cock! This bitch is soft, floppy, and ready to breed! You KNOW it feels good to sink balls deep into Claudia Marie


Huge Tit Claudia Marie Drilled Anal In Phoenix

Huge titty Claudia Marie decides to leave the confines of the small backwoods town of Las Vegas and travel south to the big city of Phoenix. And what does she get? She gets her big saggers squeezed and sucked. Then she has her huge fat round ass popped open like a can of soda with a hard cock going balls deep anal on the fake tit whore!


Fat Cow Claudia Marie Teats Mangled

Mr. Marie finds out that Claudia Marie shot a movie called The Suckling Of The Teats with Rebecca Love and Joclyn Stone. Infuriated by her doing that, he decides to punish her. So he destroys her giant fake tits, fucks her rough, and shoots on her fat ass. But then he notices that she had a hidden camera filming the whole thing! So Mr. Marie turns that camera off and fucks her again. But what he didn't know was: the second fucking was caught on a security cam!


Joclyn Stone And Rebecca Love Suckle Claudia Marie Big Cow Tits

No dialogue, no script, no story-line. Just Rebecca Love and Jocyln Stone hungrily milking and feeding on Claudia Marie's big floppy udders like the soft body milk cow whore she is.


Fake Titty Escort Breeding

Claudia Marie is hired for the evening by a rich high roller in Vegas. She twerks her fat cellulite covered ass for him and then straddles him on the couch while he enjoys her huge 3,500cc saline implant filled tits. CM then drops down and sucks his big hard cock. As the client is about to penetrate her shaved whore pussy doggystyle, the fat ass whore hands him a condom and tells him to put it on. But he tosses it to the side instead! He then pumps that sweet pink pussy hard bareback while he plays with those giant fake whorebags. He cums deep inside with a big creampie and then tosses Claudia Marie out of his room after impregnating her!


Huge Tit Claudia Marie Creampie From Dozens Of Men

Claudia Marie has had her shaved whore pussy filled with men's sperm from all over the world for years and years


Claudia Marie Twerking And Breeding With Mexican Stud

Fake tits Claudia Marie twerks her fat cellulite covered ass for a tall Mexican boy. Then she breeds with him by taking his sperm deep inside her whore pussy while her booty shakes and her giant fake saggers swing and sway.


Minka Fucked By Claudia Marie And Mr. Marie

Minka and Claudia Marie have hot fake tit lesbian sex. Then Mr. Marie puts the camera down and joins in the fun with his silicone injected cock and balls. Minka gets her nipples and pussy stretched in a threesome full of saline tits, silly string tits, and silicone cock and balls.


3500cc Saline Implants VS Fat Silicone Injected Cock And Balls

Claudia Marie and Mr. Marie are supposed to have a contest between her 3,500cc saline implant tits and his silicone injected cock and balls. But instead of a contest, Mr. Marie unleashes all his fury and punishes the big titty fat ass whore with his fat overblown cock.


Claudia Marie Makes Kayla Kleevage Her Bitch

Claudia Marie and Kayla Kleevage. A legendary duo. These 2 fake tit whores have serviced thousands of hard cocks. And today they are going to combine their fat ass, and titanic tits into an undulating mass of quivering lesbianized whore flesh!


Claudia Marie And Kayla Kleevage Whores For Free

While enjoying a nice early evening together in fabulous Las Vegas, Claudia Marie and the legendary Kayla Kleevage reminisce about all the men the have serviced together.The the big tit whores realize that neither of them have EVER had sex for free! So an earth shattering decision is made, and the two giant fake tits sluts decide to have lesbian sex with each other and not charge anything for it! Big fat ass, tight shaved pussy, and giant plastic udders collide as the world of big tit porn is shaken to it's very foundations!


Fake Titty Whore In Mexico

Claudia Marie is hired by a customer to join him on vacation down in Mexico at a beautiful beachside resort. After flying down first class, the fake tit whore enjoys the ocean and then goes out dancing at Cabo Wabo. Finally she hooks up with her sugar daddy. He tears her tight asshole open, pounds her shaved pussy and gives her a mouthful of cum! And her giant fake udders are bouncing and flopping the whole time in Mexico!


3500cc Implants Claudia Marie Drilled Anal By BBC

Claudia Marie does her first private dance since having her 3500cc saline implants. She's such a whore that she didn't even wait for the damn stitches in her tits to heal! And soon things get hot between her and the young black stud she is dancing for. And when he notices that she has a butt plug in her fat ass, he knows exactly what he has to do. He pulls that butt plug and gets her pretty pink ring wrapped tight around his thick and long black horse cock and goes in that fat ass balls deep. After wearing that asshole out he plunges into that whore pussy and ends this "dance" with a cumshot to those brand new fake titties


Fake Titty Whore Gets Surprise Rough Fuck

Claudia Marie decides to make a video that explores all the carnal delights awaiting her clients who come to Vegas to see her. She explains how her former 2000cc silicone implants just weren't big enough. She shows us her new 3,500cc, 8 pounds each saline filled implants. She twerks her fat cellulite ass at the camera and gives us a great view of her bejeweled butt-plug hanging out of her pink puckered asshole. And she enlightens us that she wears it all the time to make sure her hot anal hole is always ready for hard cock. But suddenly, right in the middle of the video, Mr. Marie goes rogue! Being completely unprofessional...he get so aroused by CM's soft thick body, fat ass, and monster udders that he can't help himself anymore. He puts the camera down and rough fucks the giant fake titty whore before depositing a cum shot on her gigantic whore bag titties!


Giant Fake Tits Love It In The Giant Ass

Mr. Marie approaches Claudia Marie for anal sex and is strongly rebuked! CM tells Mr. Marie that in modern times you don't disrespect a woman by asking for anal sex and she sends him away. Once she is sure Mr. Marie is gone, she calls a hard naked stud out of the closet! Young David Lee works her 3,500cc saline implants, eats that shaved pussy, and then gets balls deep in her tight pink asshole. Claudia Marie is fucked deep and hard anal and then takes the cumshot right in her whore mouth!


Remember Back When Claudia Marie Had Her Fake Tits Cut Off

This is the most SHOCKING scene of Claudia Marie ever shot! A few years ago Claudia Marie had made a deal with The Doctor to fuck him for free on a regular basis to pay for the giant fake tits he gave her. But once she had the tits in...she decided to NOT hold up her end of the deal. So the doctor repossessed the implants! And all that was left were empty, flat, totally ruined, saggy, floppy, pancake udders that hung down to her stomach! And then the doctor fucked her deep anal on top of everything else! You have GOT to see these saggy low hanging pieces of empty skin!!!


Claudia Marie Takes Three Cumshots From Chinese Cock

Evan Lee meets fake tits blonde Claudia Marie at a hotel bar. He pretends to be a Chinese exchange student who doesn't speak English, and charms the silicone slut into going back to his room with him. Once there he pound the whore and delivers THREE big cumshots! One to her massive fake udders, one to her ass, and one in her mouth. Then he reveals that he is really just a guy from California and tosses the fat ass bitch out of his room!


Fake Tit Whores Claudia Marie And Kayla Kleevage Fucked

Legendary Kayla Kleevage returns to party with Claudia Marie, and the 2 giant fake tit whores set their sites on pornstar Christians big throbbing cock. Silicone is flying as these 2 bra busters have their udders milked, ass slapped, and shaved milf pussy destroyed!


Danny Blaq Tricks Claudia Marie Into Fucking, Taking Creampie

Danny Blaq tells Claudia Marie that her husband has been having sex with hookers all over the world. CM is so distraught and angry that she decided to take revenge by having Danny impregnate her with a black baby! After he has his way with her giant tits, fat ass, and shaved pussy, he cums deep inside of her and gets her pregnant. And THEN he reveals that he was lying about her husband the whole time!


Black Stud Fills Claudia Marie Ass With Cock Then Creampies Her

Being a member of ClaudiaMarie.Com is great! Not only do you get thousands of pics, videos, weekly free webcam chat with CM, personal correspondence with her...but you also get the opportunity to FUCK THIS WHORE! That is correct! Members of ClaudiaMarie.Com have the ability to shoot a scene with her for the website. That means that you do not have to pay to bust that fat ass wide open and smash those gigantic fake tits! Members can do it for FREE! And this member of the website takes full advantage of his opportunity. He shoves his big black cock down her throat, slaps her fake jugs, fucks her HARD in her big round fat ass, and finishes it by getting her pregnant with a creampie in her whore pussy!


Fake Titty Whore Interracial Double Penetration

Claudia Marie decides to go to an all-black dance club. But the last time she did that, she ended up partying too hard and double penetrated by a couple of young black thugs. This time the fake tit whore vows not to let that happen. 20 shots of Southern Comfort later...and she once again has her asshole and pussy stuffed full of young black cock after 2 thugs drive her to a hotel and take what they want!


Fake Titty Claudia Marie Asshole Ripped Open By Huge Cock

While shopping for a new dress, Claudia Marie has her big fake tits sucked in the dressing room by a salesman at the store. He takes her to his room and makes her shake her fat ass for him. Then he tears that asshole out by the fucking roots with his big cock. He gapes that hole wide open in rough anal and then delivers a cumshot to those big fake titties!


Claudia Marie Anal From Black Cock

While performing on webcam for a roomful of men...one of the guys tells Claudia Marie that he is in town at a nearby hotel room. He asks if she can cum to him and perform a private show. When CM tells him the price is $1,000 per hour...he orders TWO hours! He tells her to show up at his hotel wearing the same tiny slingshot bikini that she is wearing on webcam. Once she arrives at his room, CM quickly has her fake silicone udders worked over and is choking on big black cock shoved down her throat while her new rock hard fake boobs are squeezed. After drilling her pussy, his big black cock works into the whores tight asshole before shooting a giant cumshot right into her waiting mouth.


Claudia Marie Fake Titty Interracial Anal

18 year old black street thug with a giant cock pounds Claudia Marie. And those fake tits get worked hard and roughly tit fucked. Then she takes that big black cock right up her fat ass in vicious interracial anal. It all gets topped off when the young black stud plows her shaved pussy and delivers a huge interracial creampie cumshot deep inside her and gets her pregnant!


Claudia Marie and Kayla Kleevage Threesome With Young Stud

Youngboy David Lee is thrilled to meet pornstars Claudia Marie and Kayla Kleevage. He is so excited that he gets all tensed up and nervous. So the two saggy udders whores do what they are built to do...release that tension. First David samples the giant fake low hangers of each bitch. Then he has each of them suck his young hard cock. After that he jacks both their fat asses up and mounts them doggystyle. The finish cums as he explodes with a massive cumshot all over Claudia Marie fat cellulite ass!


Fake Titty Claudia Marie Breeding With 18 Year Old Stud

Claudia Marie has new gym outfit to wear and heads out to get her workout. She brings home an 18 year old stud from the gym who offers to stretch her out. And he sure does! We have incredible close up footage of him stretching out her giant silicone udders and then methodically squeezing them dry as he pops the implants and roughly works the silicone out of them. Once he has those teats squeezed dry, he then mounts up behind that huge cellulite butt, telling Claudia Marie that she is nothing but a fat ass whore. Then the boy cums deep inside her fertile shaved pussy while her empty, saggy tit sacks bounce and flop. After he was done the bitch was left with a lot less silicone and lot MORE saggy, stretchmark covered flaps of skin!


Monster Tits Claudia Marie Fucked By Black Stud and Mr. Marie

Mr. Marie sits down with Claudia Marie to watch the latest scene she shot. This one was with an 18 year old teenage black stud. Great footage of his eager, strong young hands just absolutely crushing the soft vulnerable implants and stretching out the skin of her saggy teats as the silicone is pushed out of the broken implants and her teats go flat. Then the young black tit crusher mounts the saggy tit whore and cums inside of her. After watching the video, Claudia Marie gets horny and has Mr. Marie jack her fat cellulite covered ass in the air and fuck her hard doggystyle then shoot cum from his monster sized silicone injected bull balls all over her big fake saggers.


Fake Tit Claudia Marie Fucked By 18 Year Old Basketball Player

The big tit bimbo decides to go to a high school basketball game dressed in a tiny string bikini. With her fat ass, giant tits, and soft body oozing out everywhere she comes back to the hotel with the Captain of the basketball team. The teenage black athlete palms those big soft white tits like two flesh basketballs and slaps that fat ass until it's red. His eager young cock slips right inside her shaved whore pussy like it was born to do so. After unloading a huge gush of teen black sperm all over the stretchmarks of her belly, he informs the saggy tit whore that he intends on fucking her all night long.


Tattooed Black Bull Breeds Claudia Marie

We start off with Claudia Marie dancing and stripping like a whore. Then the white cow crawls on the bed shaking her fat ass and dragging her long low hanging udders underneath her to arouse the black bull like a bitch in heat. The bull enters and shoves his long black cock in her pretty whore mouth. All the while squeezing and stretching those floppy soft udders. Then the bull prepares the cow by eating that whore pussy and making the bitch cum. Once that pussy is good and ready, the black bull mounts the white hucow. He fucks her hard and rough while he works to pop her silicone implants. Her soft cow body responds to his huge hard cock perfectly. Its almost like her pussy draws that black cock up inside of it. After wearing that whore out good, the black bull unleashes a massive amount of sperm into her fertile pussy. This is why the black bull can get a white bitch pregnant, while white guys just dont have enough cum. The scene ends as the black spermatozoa race up into that whore womb to fertilize the eggs and now she is pregnant with her fake tits stretched and flattened beyond repair...AGAIN.


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