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Make me bigger, Daddy!

Hi, I'm Jessy, only 20 and the youngest girl to have boobs my size, but I'm not done yet, imagine how big you can make me next year! I want to be so much bigger! Join me and enjoy my journey into becoming your plastic bimbo.

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Jessy Bunny -You are my walking ATM

I AM YOUR GODESS AND I USE YOU LIKE ATM! Welcome to a complete different side of me! The side where I tell you to worthship me, humilitate you and your wife!  You are going to obey your BIMBO GODESS and she uses you like her PERSONAL ATM! I am taking all the money you saved for your family and wife and spend if all on myself to enhance my bimbo body even more! Are you exited? Unlock this video now and dont dare it to dissappiont your godess


Jessy Bunny - In der Schule waren dir meine Titten zu klein

Du erinnerst dich noch an mich? Stimmt frueher hast du mich gemieden weil ich dir "zu kleine " Titten hatte. Was sagst du nun ?



 talk even more detailed about my plans to take away all of your and your wifes money and spend it on my plastic bimbo body and tell you all about my next plastic plans! 


Jessy Bunny x ItsDollyMix - Tit Kissing

Watch and enjoy this dreamlike Sequence two heavy modified Bimbodolls, putting on bright red Lipstick to kiss each others massive globes of boobs



I accidentely Bimbofied my Boyfriend /new bimbofication Sextape My Boyfriend is such a handsome Guy, and I always knew that he has a super huge craving for bimbos. I never could afford these extreme plastic surgeries but i couldn't not describe my luck when this woman (who looked like a witch from a disney movie) knocked on my door and offered me a pink potion that would turn me into a fake BIMBO, with massive plastic Tits, huge pouty Lips, a fat Pussy and an even fatter, giant Ass. I took it, and it interminably changed my body, I looked at myself in the mirror and there was my new me. I knew that my Boyfriend would be back from work soon. He arrived at home, my wetness was already crazy high, I could wait for his reaction on my new body. But then asked about the Pink drink on the eating table. I screamed dont drink it, but this was already too late, he drank the rest of the whole body. and i couldn't believe my eyes when he entered my Room - or when SHE entered my room. There was an extremely hot plastic Bimbo in the clothes of my Boyfriend. a total plastic face, massive Lips did take the place where his beard was before. and massive fake tits expanded from his chest and a big bubble butt filled his pants. first, he/she didn't realize that he now looks totally different, but as soon as i showed her her new reflection in the mirror, she absolutely loved it. I loved it too - all these hot modifications turned me on even more. But there was a question we both needed for a question: Did she still have her Dick. And I was so relieved when the answer was YES. We started instantly making out with our new bodies. kissing with massive fake lips feels so much better. Her lips nearly covered my whole face. I needed her lips on my now giant nipples. I loved how he played with them - and I also needed to play with her boobs. This made my pussy go crazy, I needed her to go down there, I needed her to lick my wet fat Pussy.She licked me so good and in return, I sucked her beautiful dick. But the hottest thing was when i started to fuck her. I fucked her like crazy. But it got even hotter when she started fucking me in my greed Pussy.... we both turned into sexcrazed bimbos and we both love it ...


INsane Hairy Bimbo Pussy Pumping and Squirting

I let my Pubic Hair grow for this INSANE VIDEO I really wanted to make an experiment for you: How huge can i pump my Pussy when she is ultra hairy. Like looking like the most animalistic Pussy Possible? and i have to say, it got huge and Messy. I got so into it, that i speak the whole video german, because it is just to hot and fat...


Girl grows into Giantess and Destroys City

I was so thirsty from the work in the Lab, that i grabbed the cola can without thinking about it. But after i took the first sip, I started to feel weird. it seemed that the world is getting smaller - OR THAT I GROW BIGGER As it turns out, this wasn't a Cola that i drank, it was a GROW-LA. The Lab got smaller and smaller to me, until I broke free of it, I grew as big as a skyscraper. It got so hot for me, so many people stared at me. I try to move, but every time i move, my giant tis (3000000000cc big) hit and destroy so many buildings


Jessy Bunny - Fuck Your Bimbo Girlfriend

MY BRA BURSTS DURNING OUR SEX BEFORE VISITING YOUR PARENTS We really had to hurry because we wanted to visit your parents But me dressing up mad you very horny ( I think it was because of m very tiny Bra who burstedI though, i just help you wanking your dick but it semeed that you had already other plans in mindYou always liked playing with my huge Bimbo Ass. So I started riding you cowgirl with a perfect view on my huge Bimbo Ass, but even after that, we havent finished... 


Jessy Bunny - Boring to Bimbo: a Bimbofication Sextape

Watch my hottest BIMBOFICATION STORY! In this sextape you are going to see my transformation from a shy office worker to the sexy bombshell that got even bigger boobs and now needs to make her boss happy to not loose her job. This Video Includes real Breast Expansion, ultrahot Bimbo Sex, hot Bimbofication Story and a lot of fun in my new Bimbo body


Jessy Bunny - Dom Titty Sucking

Oh, honey, you don't even know how much I want you to suck on my nipples, especially now that I have these gigantic fake tits that are just begging to be worshipped. Come closer and let me show you what real pleasure feels like as you wrap your lips around my hard nipples and suck them until I scream with ecstasy. Trust me, this is going to be the hottest video you've ever seen.



y Boobs are soo full of Saline and Milk ... so i have to regulary pump all the fresh milk out of my tits. do you want to taste it? omg its sooo tasty and it turns me soo much on being a huge titted hucow


Jessy Bunny - Bimbo Humiliates your EX

You better believe it when I say I can humiliate your girlfriend's small D-Cup tits like no other. She thinks those are big, but I'll show her what real size looks like. Get ready for an intense 2-video bundle that will leave you speechless. Watch as I shove my massive 2000cc and 3000cc fake tits right into her stupid little face while she begs for mercy. And that's not all. You'll get a front-row seat to a no-holds-barred bitch fight between us, where I'll completely dominate her while my huge breasts bounce around. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see me in all my busty glory.


Jessy Bunny - Stepmom takes your Virginity

I always knew that you area Virgin. So your hot Bimbo Stepmom does what she can do Best: Fuck with her enhanced Body. I milk your Cock while wearing a hot Silk Outfit. Titty fuck my hot Milf Body, Bound me while leaning on my Back and finish with a huge load in my Bimbo Pussy


Jessy Bunny x Vienna - Bimbo Breeds Bimbos

I love getting pounded by a Bimbo Girl with a Dick. I wanna get breed by hear. I love how she plays with my Ass with her ultra long nails, licks my Pussy and how she choks me while shes poundig my wet pumped up Pussy and presses her hot Seed into me


My Huge Lip injection

there is nothing, that is as hot as watching me getting pumped up with more plastic...


Jessy Bunny - Bimbo Milf Fucks Stepson on Vacation

Family Vacations can be so exhausting and I think it's also hard for you *hihi* if you have me as your hot, busty Stepmom. After a long trip with the whole family I was so relieved that I finally had a few minutes alone. And of course I wanted to play with myself and my favorite, huge Dildo. But, omg after a while you surprised me in the room. I laid bare naked in front of you. I already knew that you love staring at my gigantic Tits and my hugely modified body. After the shock settled down, you asked if you could touch my massive tits. You NEVER had bigger ones in your head and they feel like a dream. Of course I could see that something gets hard from touching my Boobs and you couldn't react fast enough then you already had my big Bimbo Stepmom lips covering your cock. Your cock felt so good in my Mouth but this made my Pussy even more wet, so I really needed your Dick somewhere else. Omg you fucked me so good doggystyle. You grapped my String and pounded me really hard and i think you really felt like heaven when i was riding you cowgirl with my massive tits bouncing infront of you and you really could feel how massive they are, you could take this any longer, so you grapped me and tunred me over to fuck me missionary. Grabbing my Legs and pound, pound pound me in my dripping wet Pussy. And as a huge final you pumped such a big load into my big Pussy ...


Jessy Bunny -Help me Showering

It's Shower Time Sometimes, I get asked how I use the shower with these Massive tits and Booty. It's quite tricky because, as you know, I can't see my Feet  because of my Tits. So cleaning everything under my Boobs can turn out quite hard  So I'm really Thankful for all the help I can get. Can you help me?


Jessy Bunny - Biggest Tits vs Biggest Dick

You know what is hotter than titfucking with gigantic Tits? Titfuck the Biggest Dick with my Gigantic Boobs and have a ultra huge load shoot in my Face.My Tits finally found her equal  see how my tits move up and down on this behemoth dripping from oil and see the perfect slutty use of them 


Jessy Bunny - Day in my Slutty Bimbo Life

YOU WISHED FOR MORE PERSONAL, DAILY VIDEOS? These are things I do that day. First I wake up and shower my Hot Bimbo Body. I really like soaping my Boobs and Ass. It gets really hard, because of the massive size that my boobs have, but I really like it. After I dressed myself, I shot hot clips with cum on my Lips, they are so swollen and I really like it, having the cum dripping on my Lips. After that, I get so turned on that I can't resist, and have to masturabate and soak my panties in my Pussy Juice. I also add hot slow mo Videos at the end of my boobs, because seeing how they move is just too hot



It's your Birthday and your Bimbo Dominatrix has a Special Gift for you… First you see me as you know me. He is a cute giggly bimbo girl. but as I see more and more that you can't resist my boobs I get more power over you and my mind changes to a hot bimbo dominatrix and I push you to suck on my Boobies, press your tits between them , play with them . MY BOOBS ARE EVERYTHING FOR YOU!!!


Jessy Bunny - Magic Breast Expansion and Bimbofication Sextape

21 Min Long Magic Bimbofication Sextape I always dreamed of a Perfect Plastic Body, but I sadly was born with a small chest, but then I saw this ad who claims that there is a "Magic" Trick to help my boobs expand to enormous sizes. I'm normally a skeptical Person, but this ad seemed legit, so I clicked it. After the Magic was done, not just my Boobs got Bigger. My Ass also got way more massive, my Lips swelled to real dick sucking proportions and even the room changed to a Pink Bimbo Room. But the carziest thing was, Even my Mind seemed to have changed, I was just able to thick about jummy ckocks, playing with my Tiddies, getting fucked. So I let Magically Appear a Dick for Sucking. But a Dildo cant satisfy my Bimbo needs. So after i finished sucking the Dildo, I let a real Man appear for fucking my hot steamy Bimbo Pussy, I need he load inside me ...



MY BOOBS ARE BIGGER THE THE BIGGEST MELONS IN STORE I have been Grocery Shopping and I could resist, to buy the Biggest Melons they had in store, thought i might could use them, to show you how Big and Massive i want my Tits in the near (or far) future. Back Home I had to find out, that my Boobs are already way Bigger I haven't realized what Massive Breast I already have Holding these Massive Melons next to my Tits, really show how gigantic my Tits are compared to, normally considered, Huge spherical Objects, but now I want my Boobs even Bigger, maybe  i Should buy some Yoga Balls…



SQUIRTING and 5 Orgasms MY whole Body was shaking after i fillmed this Video for you. and I squirted so hard. I show the Squirting in many High Quality Slow-Mo Shots. So i think, this Video is perfect if you love Squirting as much as i do


My full Bimbofication

It all started with my 18th B-Day.. My whole Real Life Bimbofication Story, with extreme hot Clips from the Clinic, Private Clips of me and more ...


Titfuck the Biggest Dick

Hey there, welcome to the ultimate video of tit-fucking where we take it up a notch and bring you a real duell of giants! Watch me as I experience something I've never felt before - fucking a huge dick with my tits! This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you'll get to see me take on a massive, over 15-inch long dick and give it a ride like never before. Get ready to be amazed as I showcase my impressive skills and make this wild ride an unforgettable one. So, come on in and witness the ultimate showdown of tit-fucking, where only the biggest and the best can survive. Don't miss out on this incredible experience, hit that play button and join me in this unforgettable ride!


Motorboating huge Tits

You never MOTORBOATED Bigger Tits


Jessy Bunny - Playing with Huge Lips andamp; Huge Tits in tight Tops

YOU LOVE HUGE LIPS and HUGE TITS In TIGHT TOPS? Then this Video is made for YOU :P See how i drool ad play with my gigantic Lips in changing Outfits. These top can barely hold my massive Boobs.


Jessy Bunny - Proud Sugar Babe

HOW DID I GET SOOO MUCH MONEY TO AFFORD ALL MY PLASTIC SURGERIES? the answer is quite simple, i am a Sugar Babe, so many men like paying for me and my beautiful ody and want them to get even more enhanced. So I use my power to get all the money I need to enhance my Body even more. Pump it more and more full of Plastic...


Jessy Bunny - Geile JOI mit Riesen Silikon Titten

Eine Richtig geile Wichsanleitung auf Deutsch. Ich will, dass du wixxt und an meinen perfekten Plastic Barbie Körper denkst. Besonders will ich, das du auf meine geilen aufgepumpten Bimbolippen wichst.


Daily Struggles with Gigantic Tits

OMG, I struggle sooo hard with doing Daily Things with my enormous Tits . Its so hard doing the most normal things Like i cant even cook normally *hihi* but i have to sayy, i love them so much


Kissing the Cockhead

Oh, honey, you have no idea how much I love kissing dicks. Feeling the warm skin against my plumped up lips is simply irresistible. And when I wrap my huge, luscious lips around the top of that delicious penis, I can't help but moan in ecstasy. It's a truly unforgettable experience that I crave over and over again. So come and watch me in action, as I show you how a real pro worships and devours that big, juicy cock. You won't be able to resist my seductive lips and the way I tease and tantalize you until you can't take it anymore. Come and join me for the ride of your life, baby.


Huge Tit Close Up

Hey there! Are you ready for a wild ride? This video is going to take you up close and personal with some truly massive tits. Get ready to see them bounce, jiggle, and swing in all their glory. We're talking close-up shots that will make you feel like you're right there in the room with me. And let's not forget about my huge areolas – they're sure to leave you mesmerized. You'll see just how massive they are and how they move with every little shift in my body. This isn't your average boob video – it's an experience. So sit back, relax, and let me show you what I've got. Get ready to be blown away by the sheer size and beauty of my gigantic fake boobs.


Labaccident Turns Professor into BIMBO

Your Professor turns from fat, disgusting Woman into a hot ANAL Craving Bimbo Slut with huge Fake Tits. This Video includes my first Anal Scene


Jessy Bunny - Cover the Glass with my massive Lips

My Massive injected Lips leave a huge Imprint on Glass when I press them against it. They nearly cover my whole face when I press them against the Glass. The print they leave behind is really massive. Are my Lips really that Big? For me they already seem really small, but maybe it's because I'm used to having gigantic Tits, Massive Ass, huge injecte Pussy Lips and massive inflated Lips:P. I think I could cover a whole half, maybe more, of your face with them. I love having gigantic Lips



I am sitting on the couch watching TV , and I can feel my YOUR eyes staring at my huge fake tits . I know he is getting turned on , but I am feeling a bit playful today . I decided it would be fun to tease you a bit, so I moved closer and put your face between my breasts . You seem to like it, so I start pressing my boobs against his face , letting him feel their full weight. You moan and groan, and I'm enjoying the power I have over you. Eventually, I let you go and we continued watching TV as if nothing happened. It's our little secret , and I know it's something we'll both enjoy doing again . LENGTH: 11min


Jessy Bunny - Stop Jerking, FUCK ME INSTEAD

I see you jerking on me. I want you too fuck me instead and CUM ON MY FACE I finally can get fucked in soo many different Positions since my ass is healed. and omg it is like soo hot, doing cowgirl, getting fucked doggystyle and soo much more in this ultra hot 20min new ultra hot Sextape with my newest enhancements


Jessy Bunny - Panty Show

The delicate fabric, soft to the touch, wrapped tightly around the intimate curves of a woman's body. The scent of a woman's musk, embedded in the fabric, as if it were a unique fragrance just for you. The thrill of knowing that these panties have been worn by a woman, and perhaps even soiled, creates an electric sensation that is hard to resist. The possibilities are endless, my friend. You could wear them, smell them, or even taste them. It's up to you to decide how to indulge in this tantalizing experience.


Jessy Bunny - Hot Oily Hyper Boobs

Its getting so hot Outside  time to get a little tan on these massive Tits  I sit in front of you and you can see how I Oil my gigantic fake Tits it turns you on so much, seeing how I oil them up. how they shine in the sun. See how they drop when I finish oiling them. my gigantic nipples are going to become as big as your head 


3000cc Bimbo JOI

Welcome to my JOI video! In this tantalizing experience, you'll get to see my massive 3000cc boobs in all their glory. Watch as I seductively suck on a huge dildo, imagining it's your throbbing member that I'm pleasuring. But that's not all, because I'm also going to give you an up close and personal tittyfuck like you've never seen before. My massive breasts will engulf your screen as you watch them glide up and down, making you wish you could feel their softness against your own skin. To enhance the experience even further, I'll be using a generous amount of oil to make my breasts glisten and shine, as I slide them up and down the dildo with an expert touch. So, what are you waiting for? Join me in this JOI video, and let me take you on a wild ride of pleasure and ecstasy, all while you imagine what it would be like to have your throbbing member between my massive, oil-covered breasts.


Jessy Bunny x ItsDollyMix - Boobs on Head

Ever wondered how heavy 3000cc would feel if they fall on your head? see how heavy, they smach on poor Dollys head. these massive behemoths


Jessy Bunny - Underboob Wiggl

Boobs vs Gravity i never saw my tits like this giggle see how they bounce See how they wiggle plus see how their weight moves them in slow mo


First Sextape with my new ASS

First Sextape with my NEW ASS After 4 Weeks of recovery I finally have been allowed to fuck again! I have been sooo horny all the time, so I invited a friend to show him my new ASS and seduce him to fuck me doggy and ride his cock This Video includes: Doggy with my extrem Huge ASS Sexy ANAL FINGERFUCK of my enormous BUTT Extreme hot Creampie Huge Oiling of my ASS Exclusive here for you


Look at my Huge Fake Boobs

LET ME SHOW YOU MY ENHANCEMENTS I show you my perfectly enhanced body with numerous beauty procedures as I sensually oil it up. My curves will make you drool, and my massive breasts will make you lose your mind. I talk about how my body is so hot and how my boobs are so huge that they can barely be contained. You won't be able to resist watching me as I flaunt every inch of my desirable figure. Get ready to be mesmerized by my beauty and be ready to submit to my every desire.


Jessy Bunny - mASSive FUN with my New Booty

 FIRST VIDEO WITH MY MASSIVE BBL OMG! You won't believe your eyes when you see my brand new and incredible ASS! I've filmed an ULTRA LONG and steamy video just for you, where I'll also be giving an unforgettable BLOWJOB! Don't miss out on this hot action, check out my video now! 


Jessy Bunny - Breed me Daddy

Someone DMd me asking for a breeding kink custom, and now I'm outing myself lol. Breeding kink isnt just something I do for content, it's a real, actual kink I roleplay irl and cum to in my personal time. So in this vid I tell you how i want you to cum in my fertile bimbo pussy, wanna get my pussy filled by you and also rub a lot of fake cum into me


Custom: SMASH 3000cc on the TABLE

See how the Glass of Water Shakes when I smash my 12 Pounds of Boobs on the Table. See it even more clear in Slow Motion.


You Play with my Gigantic Tits

OIL THEM, WIGGLE THEM, SLAP THEM and LET THEM BOUNCE!!! Play with my Gigantic Tits POV Style.


Your Bimbo Trophy Wife Sextape

I'm your Bimbo Wife, all surgeries, i did for you. and now you want to fuck fuck and use all my enhacements. You fuck my Bimbo Lips while i fuck my enhanced Pussy with a Huge Dildo and cum in my Mouth, Titfuck my Massive 3000cc and cum on them and of course you wanna fuck my huge Bimbo Pussy as well, So get this 3 time cumshot video.


3000cc Jumping and Bouncing

Are you ready for a jaw-dropping sight? Feast your eyes on my massive, bouncing tits! Watch in awe as my implants move and my skin stretches over them, creating a mesmerizing display of curves and cleavage. Whether I'm dressed in a skimpy bikini, a tight top or FULLY NUDE, my gigantic boobs never fail to steal the show. From slow-motion shots that capture every subtle movement to fast-paced clips that showcase their incredible bounce, you'll be entranced by the sheer size and beauty of my enhanced assets. So come join me on this journey of exploration and witness the magic of my bouncy, voluptuous breasts in all their glory!


Online Date Suprise - my longest Sextape

My longest Sextape Your online dating match turns out to not be a normal girl. It is a huge boobies bimbo godess! And instead of a nice restaurant candelight dinner, she is more interested in fucking and sucking And you cant take your eyes of her enhanced curves, inflated lips and fat injected pussy! This video includes: -a unique and ultrahot Story -over 21 minutes of the hottest bimbo sextape, -pussy vacuum pumping, -oily titfuck, -sucking with perfect enhanced blowjob lips



after i posted this Pic, everyone wanted a Video in this Perspektive. So now here is it, a ultra hot POV Blowjob Video


MY First Smoking Video

I am a powerful bimbo who loves to smoke hot cigars and kick some asses. Watch me in this ultra-hot custom video as I indulge in my passion for cigars and try on various outfits. As I strip down to my skivvies, I will talk about how I embody the perfect plastic bimbo - confident, sexy, and in control. Join me in my world of unapologetic femininity as I show you how to embrace your inner power and beauty. My curves, my attitude, and my unapologetic love for cigars will leave you mesmerized. So come and watch as I light up my cigar and show you how to be a boss bimbo.


Therapist turned me into Bimbo SEXTAPE

OMG, my Therapist turned me into a Sexobsessed Bimbo Slut. I was a normal Girl, had a super nice Boyfriend, but now, im a total sexaddiced Bimbo who wants to get fucked by multiple daddies, and all of this happend because my therapist turned me into a bimbo over multiple sessions of therapy. Because of him, my total mindset changed, i got many Plastic Surgeries and wanna get fucked soo hard. See my Transformation >Story in this exclusive ultra Long Sextape, its over 33min long this Video includes: - a ultra hot bimbofication story -Transformation from shy girl into bimbo Slut -hot Masturbation Session -multiple hot Blowjobs with real Dick -hot doggystlye with real Dick -hot missionary -hot cowgirl, see my boobs bouncing -and sooo much more


EXTRA WET: hot shower Sex with 3000cc

What would you do in the Shower with me ? What ? you want me to suck your Dick ? and Fuck me as well? omg im sure, this will get super wet..


Custom: Anal Toy Fun

I'm a Anal Queen I love fucking myself with my toys into my tight Butthole. See how use my ultra hot Candycane Toy to fuck myself Anal. And I even lick my toy after it.



Hot Lesbian Love The Video You have been waitng for ... We kiss each other with our Huge Pumped up Bimbo Lips seee how we lick,kiss and suck oneach others fake Tits and Bimbo Nipples, how she is licking and eating my Hot Bimbo Pussy feat: @TBarbieVienna


Massive Pussy Pumping

here the long awaited Pussypump and fucking video, and omg its a Monster over 24 min long. This was renew exclusive but now, you can also get it


Jacuzzi Floozies feat: @ItsDollyMix

@itsdollymix and I had wet Fun in the HotTub Join Us Nearly 10kg in one Hottube What could possibly happen


Bimbo Schoolgirl gets fucked by Daddy

Fuck me on my first day of school OMG! I am so nervous. I am going to have my first school day today! Its so exiting, but I am also super nervous! And because of my last upgrade, my top is way to small and my tits are plopping out the whole time! But daddy knows how to keep me calm and fucks me with his huge cock, before I go to school!


Custom: Magic Breast Expansion

From 0cc to 3000cc all thanks to a Airpump. He likes really Big Boobs, but sadly I, his Girlfriend, just has extreme small Tits. Happily, i discoverd a Devices the Helps Me Expand my Titties. SeeMy Boobs Really Expand thanks to Real Footage from my different Implant Sizes.



Lick Me, Fuck Me, Creampie Me. This Sextape does not need a Hot Story, its just a perfect Hot Sextape, See how i take what i need sooo desperately


Naughty Schoolgirl FUCKED by Principal

I get FUCKED so HARD!!! This is the ultimate schoolgirl Sextape. My, from Daddy enhanced, Bimbo Body makes the Principal Horny until he cant resist my pumped up pussy This video includes: -Huge Tits Doggy Style -Ridding the Principal Cowgirl Style - Extreme Long Under the Desk BJ - Pumping my hot Pussy up - See how my Boobies bounce when i get fucked and a Huge Cumshot in the End and sooo much more...



I have problems to see my Pussy because my Boobs I'm fucking Horny after School. See how my enourmous my Boobs are and how i fuck my dripping wet Bimbo Pussy And see how much fun i can have with a bimbo Body


Jessy Bunny - Wet Break from Work

HOT OFFICE BREAK!!ß OMG! Sometimes when I cut my videos I get turned on soo much, that I have to make a break! But I am always prepeard and always have my favorite dildo with me


Suck on Mommies Nipples

Suck on my Nipples I want you to such on my Huge fucking bimbo nipples. They are bigger then your Girlfriends boobs


Nurse pumps up TITS and LIPS to FUCK

You get delivered into a hospital because your Balls are way to full


Titfuck Huge 3000cc Tits

Omg! I am so in love with my new 3000cc! And tell me what is hotter than a bimbo with gigantic tits in a big fluffy furcoat fucking her tits by a HUGE dildo? Right! Nothing. So if you love all that you should definetiv get this video!!


Please Fuck ME

I beg you to fuck me OMG! My new tits make me 24/7 horny and I really need a cock . So in this video I am begging you to fuck me and have a lot of fun to show you my new gigantic 3000cc tits!!!



See me telling my DADDY how dumb and dizzy I want to become and why I want to become a dumb, seductive bimbogirl for my DADDY


Oiling my Huge 3000cc Tits

I love showing and oilying my huge 3000cc Boobs


Pounded by Futanari

After I Blow the cock of this Hot Futanari I get pounded Doggy by her


Fuck my NEW TITS

See how my gigantic Tits get FUCKED, see how I BLOW with my huge Bimbo Lips. You have never seen such crazy Video before.


OMG, my FIRST TIME with 3000cc

First Sextape with gigantic 3000cc This is the Video you all have looked forward, am i right. The first Ultra Hot Sextape with my 3000cc, and they get proper used: -Titfuck the 3000cc -Fuck me and pund my huge Bimbo Ass Doggy -See how you fuck me top on - how i ride your cock Cowgirl -and sooo much more... This Bimbo Body gets Proper used in this...


Jugg-O-Latern 2

Happy Halloween Remember my Jugg-on Laterns last year? This year I made even bigger ones . I had so much fun turning my 3000cc tits into spooky sexy laterns


Measure my NEW 3000cc

I can't really tell how huge my new 3000cc. So massive, my Areolas are bigger then the tits of normal (boring) Girls. Can't wait till they are even bigger...


Custom: BJ from your Bimbo Secretary

When you even had a bad day at work, the best thing is always your hot Bimbo Secretary. Her enormous inflated Bimbo Tits. She can use them to release a lot of stress from your work. Another reason are her beautiful enhanced Bimbo Lips. there is so much silicone and Botox stuffed in the body, it's impossible to don't use her during work and she loves it... *** This Video was a Custom Video order and I cant wait to produce one for you ***


Massive Lip Injection for TV

My Lips are massive. So this time, even a TV Team wanted to film me how i get one of the biggest Lips possible. Look how the Dr. pumps sooo much filler in me, look how the TV people stare in disbelieve how massive they get...


Blowjob in Hotube with New Lips

I got new Lips and a new Hotube. How could I celebrate it more then with a huge sloppy Blow and Titjob. See how my freshly pumped up Lips are massaging the beautiful Dick. These Lips are made for this. FIlled to the Brim with Hyaluronic Acid.


Bimbo gets Fucked, while Stuck in a Box

Jessy is moving. So she has to pack her things. But Oh no, she is stuck with her ernourmous bimbo boobs in one of this boxes. Maybe someone can help her :) Bet she would return the favor with a hot blowjob (yeah her lips are perfect for that) and a extrem hot titfuck (I dont have to explain :P). But because of this, she total forgets the boxes and just think about the one thing bimbos need to think about. FUCKING This is a extreme hot Sextape with a bit of Story :


From my Personal Archiv: My First Lip Injection EVER

i found this very deep in my Archives, my very First Lip Injection. I found this by accident on my Phone. Look what this filling of my Lips started. see how my extremly tiny Lips got extremely huge over the following year. This first filling chagend everything



BIMBO GETS HUGE LIPS NACKED BY PLASTIC SURGEON Getting huge Lips is one thing, getting the biggest another, getting them together with your bimbo bestie is a whole other story, being nacked at the plastic surgeons office is a whole other thing, THERE IS NOT SUCH VIDEO on Clipteez. See me getting my Lips pumped up to extrem sizes, getting the biggest Bimbo Lips, see the teen bimbo nude at the doctors office, getting her lips pumped up together with my Bimbo Bestie "Vienna the Barbiedoll". See how our Huge pumped up lips look like the Day after, when the sweilling is the most extrem. Every single earned Penny of this video goes direct in my "getting bigger Lips" Fund.


Cum on my Oily Boobs

Oily Bimbofication Fun Do you like huge tits? Do you want to hear about my newest Bimbo plans? Wanna see how I oil my gigantic tits? Telling you to jerk for me? And seeing me covered in cum? This is likely the hottest Solo Video on Earth


Huge Bimbo Booty in tight Pants

My Gigantic Bimbo Ass is made for tight Pants. It is perfect made for it. Look how it streches this Pants. It always seems like it will rip. Its super hard to put them on, this silly bimbo is really struggling to fit in this pants, maybe a little bit wiggle will help...


2 Bimbos get their Lips extremly Filled

Two ultra Hot Bimbos get there lip injected to the Brim, i never feel so full at any other injection,


Fuck Your Hot Bimbo Wife

Your hot Bimbowife wanted to make dinner for you! But you wanted to have something else!! Unlock this ultra hot Sextape to see me sucking, getting my pussy fingered, fucking in different positions and way more!!!!


Oily Cowgirl

Oily up these huge Juggs, and go on a ride. I love riding dicks like crazy. how they wrap in my needy Pussy. pound insideme, so much body fluids, i need it, i need it more: look how my Big pumped up Pussy react, she needs more, faster, harder ahhhh ...


Suck on Mommies Milk Tanks

Your Mommies Boobs need you, They need you to suck the milk out of them. Suck on these enormous Milk Bags. See how the Milk spurts out of them


Eating Strawberries Bimbo Style

How should a Bimbo eat Strawberries ? With huge Bimbo Lips there is just one right answer: THE SLUTTIEST and SINFULLEST WAY Possible.


I turnt myself into a total Bimbo

Since I am 18 Years old i did everything to turn myself into a total bimbo fucktoy. I got sooo many improvements over the last three years i cant believe it. Let me show you every single improvement on the body of your bimbofuckdoll.


Titfuck with new Barbieface

Fuck my tits! I want you to fuck my gigantic 2000cc boobs! Your dick fits between them sooo good! I really want you to fuck them!! It makes me soo horny when you cum on my huge melons!! These tits are so huge, your cock will almost dissapear between them


Jessy the naughty Schoolgirl

Jessy is a reaaallyyy slutty Girl in School, she even refused to wear panties. So its definitely hast to go to the principal. And I dont know if she can argue herself out of this situation.


Spank me Harder Daddy

I have been a naughty girl. so YOU as my daddy have to like spank me daddy. SPANK ME DADDY OMG HARDER. look how my huge ass reacts to it. This huge enhanced booty needs it .


Custom: Secretary Bimbofication

From a boring, strikt secretary to a ultra hot seductive bimbo! See me transforming because of a "Bimbo tea". See the different steps on the way to transform. See me getting more cute and giggly with every scene. If your into bimbofication ( And I bet you are, because you are on my page ;P), you will be obsessed with this video!!! +++This was a Custom Video, and you would make me really happy if you would order your own custom video :) +++


Let them Bounce

10 min Shot boobie bounce. Not many things are better than huge boobs bouncing, especially when they are plastic fun bags like mine. The Juggs are made for pleasure and made for bouncing up and down for you


I am 100percent a plastic Doll

Omg look at my Beachballs, they are soo big and huge. look how streched they are thru the implants. They arent the biggest tits in Austria for nothing.



Eating healthy is so important. But its so hard for a bimbo to eat this dick shaped fruit without sucking.


Magic Breast Expansion

I found a mystery letter that will let my boobs grow into enourmous melons ...


I show you my favourite Toys

Wanna see my favourite toys and see my using them and telling them how good they are feeling?


Rinding a Dildo Crazy P.O.V. Style

Riding a Dildo extreme hot P.O.V. Style Wiggle my Boobs and look how they bounce up and down while I doing Cowgirl on a huge Dick. Look how my Juicy Pussy wraps around the huge Penis. See how my Juggs look like from the Pussy perspektive. You cant see anything besides my Boobs


Bimbo with 2000cc in the shower

See me soaping my tits, playing with my tits, washing them, pressing them against the glass and more. You would not like to miss this video.


I am a sexcrazed Bimbo

Imagine my Oily, dripping pussy with a big glass dildo... It looks so hot and I was sooo horny.


Slap my big fake tits daddy !

Daddy and I are playing and slapping these gigantic huge boobs.


Two cocks in my mouth

Cock Worthship See me playing with not just one cock, see me playing with 2 at the same time. You will see licking, kissing. playing and a lot of cum over my big inflated lips.


Cover me in Cum

I am begging for your cum! I want your cum! I need your cum! So please do not let me wait and glaze my tits in your cum.


1,5 Years Transformation: 400cc - 1300cc - 2000cc

See how my Body Changed, from 400cc to 1300cc to 1300cc with a huge enhanced Booty to my current 2000cc Expanders


Customvideo: I love Jarels BBC

This was a custom video: I really love BBC and I tell you how much and what I want to do with your BBC and your big balls.


Customvideo: I love BBC 4K version

This was a custom video: I really love BBC and I tell you how much and what I want to do with your BBC and your big balls.


Old A Cup Bras on 2000cc Expander Boobs

2 Years ago I had a A-Cup NOW I have beautiful 2000cc Boobs and an N Cup. So i think this is the perfect time to try my old bras again...


I love playing with my boobs

I love to play with my huge 2000cc tits. I love playing motorboat with them, playing with them, lifting them and kiss them.


100th Video on Clipteez Special

This Video is a Special Video, together with great People on the perfect Boobs. In this video i try many different things (for example: using my Boobs as a Table, Motorboating myself etc.)


How did I become the hot Bimbo (#Bimbofication Story)

Jessy Bunny's Origin Story. How did a little girl from a small twown become a 2000cc Expander Teen. While i play with my 2000cc Expanders.


Two hot Bimbos in one Shower

I join the Shower with my BFF Vienna, shes a really hot Futa Bimbo and we already had soo much fun in the Past, Ohh she is grapping my Boobs and is rubbing her Dick on my Back.....


Bursting the Top

My Huge Boobs want to burst out of this extreme tight top


Motorboating Between my Huge Bimbo Booobs

I bet you would love doing motorboat between my huge 2000cc Expanders, Now its possible for you to get it. Includes Slow-Mo


Custom: Your neighbor wanna make you cum!

Imagine I am your neighbor, knocking on your door and tell you to jerk for me! I am begging for your cum and do not want to wait long for it. You do not have to imagine. Just unlock this video and see it by yourself!


Custom: Party JOI

Its a hot Party and i turned you super horny. so be fast giggle, we can sneak in my room and i can give you a Fast JOI


Customvideo: Ultra slow soft cockkissing and sucking

Imagin how my big soft lips are looking while they get fucked slowly, while I kiss a cock or how I suck it. Dont just imagin! Unlock this video now and see it!


Customvideo: I am your Bimbo Queen

I love to be a bimbo queen, I love my extreme fetures and I love to tell you ecerything about them in a dominant way!


Custom: Your Grandpa turns me into a Bimbo

After we both breaked up I hooked up with your Grandpa to become his Sugar Babe. You didnt even know this until now. many Years later you meet me Again.


Fuck me and my Huge Boobs Daddy

Soooo many of you wanted to see another Boy/Girl Sextape. So I filmed a new super hot Sextape for you again. see me getting fucked doggy, cowgirl, my huge Boobs Fucked and more


Fun with my Bimbo Pussy

Ultra Sexy Hot Pussy Play This video is super hot, oily with a lot of surgery talk. See me playing with my soft, wet pussy, tailking about my surgerys, moaning and way more.


Silly Bimbo in Lingerie

This Silly Bimbo has soo much fun showing her Daddy her different Outfits and her nude Bimbo body while moving to the Music.


Hot Bimbo Fashion Show

Soo many different sexy Outfits i wanna show you. so this is like the perfect time for me to make a hot sexy bimbo fashion show to show you (my daddy) all my hot clothes on my highly enhanced bimbo body. i love it sooo much how it all looks on my gigantic tits.


I wanna become the perfect Bimbo Fuckdoll

Oiling up my Tits and ass while imagine my future Bimbofication. I love talking about planned Bimbofication procedures. But I even like it way more when i can show you how i wanna get transformed. How Big my Boobs should get. how enourmous i want my Bimbo Ass, Lips so big speaking becomes nealry impossible and way more.


Your German Hucow needs Milking

Moooh Im a Cow Your Cows udders are soo full, you need to release the preasure in her tits. milk your cow mooh


Daily Bimbo Routine

Omg my boobs are just too big, i cant see my pussy anymore. or when i smash them on the table everything vibrates. this also makes it really hard for me to shave. also how is it to brush your teeth with such huge lips? or that i cant drink without spitting everything out ... see a hot tipsy bimbo doing daily tasks.


Smashing my Huge Boobs in Slo-Mo

Extreme Boob smashing Video I like throwing my boobs on things, and sooo many of you asked me if I have like more of it -> here are many many shoots of my boobs getting thrown on a table, nude and In super slow-mo


Jerk of Workout

3... 2... 1... ITS THE FINAL JERK COUNTDOWN I train you to cum in 10 minutes. with this instruction you learn to control your orgasm and jerk of on the hottest bimbo Teen Jessy Bunny. will you make it on the countdown?


Sex in new Apartment with Futanari

OMG i did it again. I fell soo horney that i called my futa friend in my Appartment just because im horney because well whats better than one bimbo ? two bimbos and one with a dick giggle. we fucked in sooo many positions omg, like 69, doggy and sooo much more ...


Financial Domination - Bimbo Style

I wanna rip you of with this extreme hot video. I wanted to try something new. I wanted to try the other side, I wanted to be dominant. More precisly I wanted to dominate my daddy finacially. So after I drained his bank account I am still angry at him. How will that go??


Hot Snapchat Session with Jessy

Omg i was like soo horny. and happily, i had someone for sexting with me. i could show him my new assets and could lovely play with my boobies. If you would want a Snapchatsession with me: let me know on my Snap: Plastic_Jessy. And if you use the code Clipteez69 you get 20% Discount on cam and snap sessions


After spending over 5000$ i have to thank my daddy

I spend over 5000$ when i was shopping with my daddy. I love being a spoiled baby girl. but now i have to thank my daddy also on a proper way. i know he loves my enhanced bimbo body and he loves if i know how to use it for his pleasure...


My Holes are soo Greedy

Im such a horny Bimbo since my Expander Surgery, so i wanna get the filled at the same time sooo much


Oily my Huge Tits and talk about how extreme i want to become

I have to oily up my gigantic Boobs because there are soo full that the skin is extreme red and its looking like its bursting sooner or later. but this makes me sooo horny that. But i want them bigger... so when i oil the up, i will also tell you how big they will get in the future and what other modifications i want and i also will tell how my bimbofications did start...


I Love my new Expanders and my fresh injected Lips

This Videos is like a Diorama of my heavy enhanced bimbo body. look at my freshly injected lips, look how swollen they are. Or my extreme streched skin on my huge expander boobies. i cant wait till they are even bigger...


Custom Video: I love BBC

In this Custom Video I tell you how much I love **BBC** how I worship them. And I also play with my own **BBC** Dildo on my nasty Bimbo Pussy...


My Modifications

I present you my beautiful Bimbo Body and ho i modified him. I show you my Scars i got because of surgeries, how streched and thin my Boob Skin is and much more


Play with my Candy

what did Santa bring me this Year ? Omg, a little Candy Cane. But wait: why is it out of sugar? how can i use them. Maybe i can use them on my big, fat Bimbo Lips. Use them to my Satisfaction. Rub my Boobs giggle. bet Santa loves it when i play with them ...


POV Sextape with Huge Dick

The willing and the improved bimbogirl is hungry and looking for a big dick to take her doggy. First she rides him pleasurably and hungrily, her 2000cc big expander moving with every powerful thrust into her pussy. This bimbo princess is such a hungry and kinky bimbo princess, you haven't seen that for a while.


Let my Huge Boobs Bounce

I love playing with my Huge 2000cc Expanders GIGGLE. Like shaking them squeez them and show them to you GIGGLE


Sexy Hotel Strip

Now we are alone and i finally can show and present you my hot ibimbo body. my boobs are really tight in this small top. i love to show you my bimbo body and every single aspect of it, wht do you like the most ?


Hot Making out with my Futa Friend

I'm making out with my Hot Bimbo Futa Friend Vienna. Rub her Big Dick when she is rubbing my big hot bimbo boobs.


Injected Lips Blowjob

Whats better then a Blowjob from a Bimbo with a huge enhanced ASS, small tiny waist and gigantic Expander Tits? Of course getting a Blowjob from a Bimbo with a huge enhanced ASS, small tiny waist, gigantic Expander Tit AND FRESH INJECTED LIPS


NEW: I get over 4cc injected

First Fillers after my Expander surgery. See my Lips getting really huge and really swollen. How my Boobs bulge when im getting horny during that. the doc pumps sooo much into my huge Bimbo Lips, i cant remember when i get them sooo big and swollen the last time over 4cc go straight into my face


Hot 2000cc Shower Fun

Today is a very important day :) My new 2000cc Expander Implants get their first hot shower. see me showering my hot Bimbo, rub my boobs with shower gel, get them really soaked as well as my surgercally enhanced booty and pussy...



Jugg-O-Laterns Wanna see a whole 13 minutes video of me turning my Boobs into laterns with my flashlights? So I have glow in the dark boobs I also will show you all the results of my 3 boobjobs and my bbl So you can see everything from my body and many close up shots of my body parts nd see my bimbo veins


NEW: Hot Sex with Shemale Bimbo

The Hot Bimbo Shemale: Vienna_the_Barbiedoll fucks ME!!! I couldnt believe that i can be soo hot too fuck a bimbo with a Dick. And her Dick is Huuuuge. She fucks me sooo hard and in soo many different positions and Holes. In my Hot Bimbo Mouth In my tight and puffy Bimbo Pussy and my Small ASSHOLE We rub our Huge Bimbo Boobs together and have so much fun...


Creampie me Daddy

Wanna see how I get fucked ? Unlock this ultra hot Boy/Girl video and see full 20 minutes of dirtytalk, fucking, titty play and creampie. filmend in multiple extreme hot angles


Extreme Squirting Video

I cum Like never before in my Life. i will squirt LIKE NEVER BEFORE. See my huge 2000cc Melons getting fucked from a huge dildo in many ways. honestly you shouldnt miss this


Jessy Bunny s Advent Calender 3

Hoe, hoe, hoe, today we try if my new 2000cc Expander Implants can still give Milk...


2000cc getting OILY

Wanna see my oil floating all over my humongous 2000cc plastic titts? They are so round and shiny full of this oil. 2000cc Expander are really looking good with oil. I play and massage them for you I also wan´t to give something back for my birthday and I hope you enjoy this 8 minute long ultra hot video


HOT 2000cc J.O.I.

The hottes JOI you have ever watched!!! see me motivating you to Jerk for my extreme hot Bimbo Boobs. 2000cc Expander Implants just for you...


Jessys Advent Calender DAY 2

On Day 2 of Jessy Bunnys Advent Calender its all about Boobs. Maybe we should Oil them up


Userwish: Play with your Lips on a Window

A Long Requested Userwish got fullfilt. Punt on my Lipstick and press my huge Bimbo Lips against window, play with them and do even much more with them... includes: Lip Play, huge Bimbo Lips, 2000cc boobs and more...


Wet Vinyl Bimbofication

see me transform from 400cc fltat bum to 1300cc milkies with big bimbo ass


Sexy Slowmo Furcoat Strip with 2000cc Expanders

Sexy Slow mo Furcoat Striptease with my 2000cc Expanders


i want to destroy my old tops

With my new 2000cc Expander Implants i wanna try if they still fit in my old clothing, what could possible go wrong. includes:nude boobs, shirt bursting and more...


First Sextape with my 2000cc Expander Boobs

EVERYTHING IN THIS VIDEO IS REAL. see me get fucked for the first time with my new 2000cc Expander Boobs. Doggy, Misionary,, bz, ti fucked EVERYTHING. and it is also in 4k- which means it is like fucking me in real life daddy


This Video took 2 Years and 30k$ to make

This Video took 2 Years, 5 Mayor plastic Surgeries and many Fillers and Botox (net worth around 30k $) to make . So if you are into real Life Bimbofication. Before and After this is you video, such outstanding before and after videos are just possible if a dedicated Bimbo produces it.


Barbie loves her new Body

Your Bimbodoll got modified for you Daddy. so its time to enjoy the perfect body. includes:huge 2000cc Expander Boobs NUDE, Pussy Presentation and more...


Where are the ports to pump me up

Jessy Explores her new saline expanders and searches for the port to pump them up... Discover together withme my new 2000cc filled Expander Implants


Hot Bimbo Furcoat Strrip

I love my Furcoat, it can hide my assets and then, at the right time show what i've to offer...


Hot Furcoat Strip

Dark Red Light, long bimbo heels, furcoat and a beautiful Bimbodoll, what would you want more?


Extrem Lip -Expansion

over 30 min extreme hot I get my Bimbo Lips Extreme pumped up and get over 2cc (!!!) injected into them. The Doc puts over 24min stuff into my Lips to make them bigger and bigger and bigger - this doll never stops...


2000cc Expander reveal

Hi Daddy i finally can show you my huge Expander Boobs


First extreme hot DOGGY Video

Big Bimbo Lips + Lipplay + BJ + Doggy + huge bimbo boobs + huge Bimbo ass + Creampie = extreme Fun


Furcoat Blow- and Handjob

I love wearing my Furcoats, but omg there is someone jerking on my Furcoat. Maybe i can combine my love for tits with my Love for my Furcoat and have a little fun...


Blowjob for my Daddy

My Daddy spoiled me with a new Bra for my extrem Big Boobs. And what is a better way to thank your daddy then with a hot and sloppy BJ with my Big enhanced Bimbo Lips...


All Holes have Fun

I#m super honry, to be more preceise - I#m soo horny, i need it in every of needy Bimbo Holes. and at most i need it in my huge enhanced bimbo butt...


Huge Lip Expansion

Jessy gets here huge bimbo lips even bigger, her doctor fills her huge bimbo Lips to the brim, there are build for one purpose: sucking. watch them grow even bigger and bigger ...


Oily Boobs

I love to fondle my huge silicone boobs and rub the oil on them. They are sooo shiny when they full of oil (or cum). Look how the light get reflect on them...


Huge Juggs Plastercast

For all Cast Fetish I cast my Huge Silicone Implants and i love it ...


Huge Lips and Wet Tits

Dildoplay and wet Lips, its like a dream comes true... Playing with my freshly injected Lips while squeezing my big juicy tits.


Horny Gym

I have to keep my hot enhanced Bimbo Body in good condition. But seeing all these hot bodies train makes me also ultra horny... maybe i should have a little fun... even when i gcan get caught


SPECIAL SALE: Your Cow has to get MILKED

YOUR HUCOW HAS TO GET HER MILKIES MILKED. My Huge Boobs are full of hot milk and the udders are nearly bursting. like I fill our whole room with my hot milk out of my tits. please daddyyyy release the milk out of my boobs.


Hucow needs it

"MUUUUH" Your Hucow has to get milked. Her Juggs are full to the Brim and she cant take it anymore. Also dont forget to statisfy her meaty Cunt. This Video includes Lactation


Heavy Boobs Squeezing

PURE HEAVY BOOB SQUEEZING - NOTHING ELSE MATTERS over 30min breast squeezing its Hypnotic watching these huge Juggs getting squeezed over 30!!! Minutes. You also can watch this at work or the university because this is total SFW, so you can always enjoy this.


What Jessy loves at being a BIMBO

What do you need to become a perct Bimbo? there are many things, but i definetlly know what i love being a bimbo and what craves me to become even bigger and better...


Bouncy Boobs Bimbofication

Boobs are great, every loves boobs But BIG BOOBS are even better . and watch my grow even bigger boobs, as huge as you wish, is even better and hotter . and what would be even better? BIG BOUNCY BOOBS GROWING


Deepthroat Training

My Daddy wants me to train my Deepthroat skills, so i made many trainingsessions. See my steady Training in this Video. step by step...


I neeed them EVERYWHERE

As a constantly Honry Bimbo Girl, i cant control the urge to masturbate and put tings in every Hole of my Body...


Sexy Time

I#m such a horny Bimbo, i want to show and present my hot Bimbo Body too you daddy, look how iplay with myself ...


Naughty Tanning

Even when i try to relax in the tanning bed, i cant stop playing with myself *giggle* because, you know, im nude and why should i stop...


Hot Bubble Bath Fun BEHIND THE SCENE

What does a Bimbo Girl do after a exhausting day of work ? doing more hot videos giggle :P



Jessy wants to get gigantic Boobs, this crazy Bimbo Girl got access to Expander implants and what to make her tits humongous


Hot Bimbo Baking

as a good Bimbo i also have to be a good housewive for my potentil Daddy. And as a good Bimbo i love baking even when i get dirty


Horny in the Garden

PLAYS WITH HER HUGE BOOBS ; HUGE ASS AND HER FAT PUSSY AND HER MEATY LABIA Jessy is a always horny bimbo girl, who cant take any seconds without touching herself, she has to put oily on her big fat silicone titties and rub and squeeze them. and rub and present and play with her huge fat ass. see her stunning body in multiple angles. and she Plays with HER HUGE LABIA


Bimbo Twerk Tutorial

As a horny Bimbo Girl with a huge ASS, Jessy know what is required to become a good acting bimbo. And so she is definetly the right person to teach how to twerk. And what better instructor could you ask for ...


I need you to CUM (JOI)

I need you to cum, please i beg you, jerk on my huge silicone implants my fat and silicone enhanced Bimbo ass and my huge bimbo lips, i do everything that you cum, pleaseeeee



normal Boobs -> 400cc Implants -> 1300cc Implants -> BBL with Implants ... See Jessy BUNNY in her real life Bimbofication with a lot of Implants and (( . Y . )) and Ass Growth ...


Bath with me

Please rub the lotation on my body,. mhh its ok when you smack my ass under the shower, do you think my boobs are clean enough and what about my pussy



I love 3d Art, honestly they inspired me the most for my own bimbofication. and i love these hot story where the bimbo gets transformed... omg that makes me really horny. thanks for DOLLLPROJECT for allowing me to use it


Dream of Becoming a Huge Bimbo

I crave becoming a bigger and hotter Timo soo much. and I want to tell my daddy how huge I want to become, omg I can't wait to get faker and more plastic... are you prepared to watch such horny Bimbo Dream ?


Hot Bimbo Lapdance

Cum in. Jessy wants to dance on your Lap. Like a good Bimbo slut. I want to rub my Big Butt on your Cock. Look at my Big Boobs, how they jiggle. Do you want to touch them ? of course you want this, yes touch my big fake bimbo boobs...


Your Hucow milks YOU

Your never satisfied Hucow wants to switch roles, she wants to milk you, even when her WHOLE BODY WILL BE COVERD IN CUM during this. This Video includes Jessy and a dick which totally will soak her whole body with cum, NO inch will stay dry ...


Bimbofication Hypnosis Transformation

My Trainer wants to transform me into a Bimbo, a Girl who just craves Dicks and wants her Tits even Bigger. How will I look after he transforms me? Will I just Focus on Penis and Cum? Will I be his personal Fuckdoll? Find out in this over 30 min long video focused around bimbofication, transformation and much more...



I love to play with my hot sensitive Nipples. Letting the cold ice make them stand, feel the cold water flowing down my huge boobs. (OMG I get horny writing this)


More new boobs

A friend of mine JUST had her boobs done! And I'm the first to take them out of her top and wash them. Ooooh my they're soooo tight! I love them!


I can be vegan too

Some people may call it your meat, but I can relate with vegans too! Let me put this cucumber inside of me to show you!


Virtual sex with Jessy

Ever wanted to have sex with me? Of course you do silly, who wouldn't! Now you can experience it in this video with me!


The Problem with Big Boobs

Big Boobs are the best! But sometimes, they do get in the way, or things get too tight, let me show you


Shower Time

Time for me to take a shower, and rub soap all over my Bimbo body for you.


Pretty Pink P.O.V.

Hi Daddy, it's me, Jessy, let me please you as you've never been pleased before. Let me be a good Bimbo for you


My Dildo Collection

As a naughty girl, I need to be prepared to have have any kind of dick inside me, so I need to train myself to fit it all!


I will make my ass huge for you

Hi Daddy, I know you love your Bimbo to be extreme in every way, so I want to make my ass really huge for you, let me show you what I want to do for you.


I love being a Bimbo

Oh, I absolutely love being a Bimbo, I want to share with you why I love it so much.


Giant Dildo Training

As a good Bimbo, I know I must be able to fit anyone's huge dick in my pussy, so for that, I have to train! So I got the biggest giant dildo I could find! Will it fit?


French Maid

I'm cleaning Daddy's kitchen today, and look at what I found!! Did Daddy put that there for me?


Fake Lips and Bubbles

Me and my (also fake boobed) Bimbo friend challenged eachother at who could blow the biggels bubble gum bubbles! This proved to be quite the challenge, with our overinflated lips!


Dildo Play

Playing with my collection of dildos


Boobjob Preparations

In this video, I explain to you what I need to do to get ready for a boobjob.


Blow me, she said

I got a big blow up doll, and well, I got to 'blow' her up!


Birthday Presents

It's my birthday and you guys sent me many presents. I'm showing you what I got.... I feel like a little me again because I got to play with them!


Bimbo Brainwash


Anal Training


10 Random Bimbo Pics

10 totally diffrents looks on my hot bimbo Body

9 XTREME skimpy Bikini Pics

My Enhanced Bimbo Body in this extreme skimpy bikini

Sexy Sparkeling Baking

My Titties are full of sparkles and other things

Naughty Miss Santa

Hot in Pink Net Top

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