Frequently asked questions

How are the fees and payouts distributed?

The fees are varied by the amount of credits you buy.
The one thing that's set is that each credit is 1 USD at payout for the studio owners.
If a studio receives 1000 credits, they will receive 1000 USD (minus optional transaction or currency conversion fees)

When people buy credits, a fee is added on top of the payout amount, this varies by the amount you buy.
The minimum amount of credits you can buy is 10, which costs $15. So, from a $15 amount, the studio will get 10$, that's a 67% payout.
If more credits are bought, you get relatively more credits. If you buy 72 credits, it will cost you $90. So, from a $90 amount, the studio will get $72. That's a 80% payout.

So, the payout amount is between 67% and 80%.

Note that there may be hidden fees such as currency conversion, VAT and credit card fees. Since these are optional depending on your currency, country and payment method, and often not even charged, we cannot include these fees in this calculation. Also, transaction fees up to 4% are included in our fees. If you choose a more expensive transaction method, this will be charged extra.

After I buy credits, why are they not on my account?

You buy credits from a different site, which we are not allowed to auto-link together because of reasons with the payment provider.
After payment, the processing site will give you a voucher code. Copy this voucher and come back to Clipteez, click add credits and click 'Pay using TeeZ voucher'. Then scroll down where it says Redeem voucher. Paste the voucher there and the credits will be added to your account.

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