This page will contain a list of changes that happened to improve the website.

21-08-2017: Safety bugfix.

Unauthorized access to picturesets through a bug is now fixed.

03-05-2017: Main server upgrade.

The main webserver and database server have been upgraded. The old webserver was getting old and had one failing harddrive and has therefore been replaced. We also split off the primary storage from the main server onto a dedicated file server with more capacity.

03-04-2017: Additional render power.

Additional rendering machines have been deployed to handle more file requests at once.

18-03-2017: HTTPS / SSL

All communication from you to our website is now safely encrypted. Nobody can intercept your messages anymore, so we can keep to ensure your privacy.

03-03-2017: Dynamic bundles.

When you purchase a bundle, you now own the bundle and the content that's part of that bundle. Before this change, you would own the content that was part of the bundle at that time. Now, if the studio adds new content to that bundle, you would automatically gain access to it and don't need to buy it separately anymore.

20-11-2016: New renderfarm.

Our videos are now rendered through a new render farm which is far more efficient. It encodes much faster, up to 7x faster than before, and creating smaller files while still offering a higher quality video due to optimalisations.
The farm is also hosted at a remote location, so even if the farm is overloaded, it will not bother the operation of our main site and vice versa. This render server is also set up to be copied as often as necessary so we can scale our capacity and localisation easily.

15-11-2016: Shared content on Bundles and Buyouts.

Purchases that have shared copyright with other studios will now properly divide the funds to the respective copyright owners.

02-08-2016: Release scheduling.

Items can now be scheduled for release. This way, models can, even they're away from home, make sure that content gets released on time.

15-07-2016: Shared content on videos/picturesets

Content with multiple copyright owners featured on our site now have the option to split profit properly between copyright owners, each profile of each copyright owner will automatically offer the content for sale.

25-02-2016: Site layout update.

We've improved the layout even more, to include some responsive design, which will make text and icons better readable on smaller screens
More icons have been added to reduce cluttering on the screen and to make things more clear overall.

23-02-2016: Site layout update.

We've made some minor changes to the site layout, which will allow the buttons on the top to remain visible on smaller devices such as tablets and phones.
A common error that the old layout had, was that on mobile phones, the profile page, or studio page did not appear because there were too many buttons on the top bar.
These buttons will now automatically turn into icons, making the buttons smaller, so everything fits on there again.

22-02-2016: Teaser / Thumbnail creation improved.

Videos that are uploaded with the newly installed web uploader, will now have better teaser trailers created.
Before, we could not determine the frame rate of a video, and therefore could not properly set the fade out times when creating the teaser trailer.
With the new uploader, we actually scan the video for errors and for important properties such as the frame rate.
This means we can now automatically create teaser trailers that fade out properly, and the video resolution has been increased. This is intended for future design improvements.

22-02-2016: Web Uploader added

For studios/models: We have replaced the Clipteez stand-alone app for a web based system. This allows you to now upload your videos without needing to install anything.
This makes uploading files a lot easier and faster. It also allows to add more files at once, and you can also keep adding files while the upload is already running.
The webserver will also check for any errors in the video and will reject videos that are not working. So if there is a faulty video, it will not appear on your profile, so you cannot accidentally sell something that doesn't work.

10-02-2016: Loading picture sets massively optimized

Picturesets are dynamically created. That's because models/studios can add more pictures later on, so we cannot just create a zip file that has the pictures that haven't been uploaded yet. So each time somebody requested a zip file, this file needed to be created each time.
This used to take a really long time, for large picturesets, this could take up to 2 minutes, and even longer when the server was already working on something else.
With some smart optimization in the code, we're omitting quite a few steps to achieve the same result, which resulted in that large picturesets now load in 10 seconds, making it 12x faster than before. Smaller picturesets even load in only a few seconds now.
This is a huge speed increase and we're very happy with the results. The only thing that remains is that the system does not work well on 3rd party download managers (it didn't before, it still doesn't, so we will be working on a fix for this too.)

10-02-2016: Changelog

A changelog has been created on the information pages to inform our viewers what changes have been made or which bugs have been fixed. This way, our visitors can check if any issues have been resolved. Any changes before this time have not been logged, so this is the moment where it starts.

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