System Requirements

Because technology frequently changes, it's difficult to design our software for one specific device. Instead, we designed our current video encoding engine according to BluRay specifications. Our system is capable to deliver you BluRay quality video (if the provided video is recorded in said quality of course).

We do use the BluRay specific standard, which most devices support. However, not every device may work if they do not support these standards. We often see this on very simple devices like phones or TV dongles, because they lack the hardware/software to deal with high quality video.

We develop our software on Windows with the latest Firefox / Chrome. If you use that combination of hardware, you can rest assured that it's been tested. Other devices we do test from time to time, you will find a list of tested hardware below. Keep in mind that most devices run software updates and may work even if we tested it not to work and vice versa.

Tested Devices

- Windows PC with Firefox (latest) works
- Windows PC with Chrome (latest) works
- Windows PC with Edge (latest) works
- Windows PC with Internet Explorer (latest) works
- Mac with Safari (latest) usually works
- Mac with Chrome (latest) works
- Linux (Ubuntu) with Firefox works
- Linux (Debian) with Firefox works
- Android works
- iPhone works natively, but not through our website. You need to download the video on your PC/Mac and load it into iTunes of your phone. It will work then.

Because of the wide variety and devices, we cannot guarantee your device to work. If you are unsure, we recommend to purchase one video and try it out, before buying a whole collection.
Keep in mind that you will not be refunded if your device does not work. (You can also not return a BluRay movie if you only have a VHS player, nor will a blind person be able to get refunded for a movie in the cinema).
It's your own responsibility to use hardware that works, and in return, it's our duty to make the content available to the widest range of devices, prioritising the most popular devices with the largest marketshare first.

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