Why buy here?

In a way, you could consider our site to be like any other site that sells digital videos and pictures, however, there's a few things that are very different compared to most sites:

  • Easy Downloading: Every video can be streamed and downloaded without using any tricks.
  • No DRM: There is no DRM on our content, which means that once you bought it, you can play it on any device at your home, naturally, you can't put it online elsewhere.
  • Resize on demand: After purchasing a video, you can select the resolution in which you want to get the video. It will be rendered especially for you so it will play on any device. You can download the fullHD version for your TV, but the 360p version for your phone.
  • Downloadable ZIPs: A pictureset can be viewed online, but you can also download the complete gallery as a zip file.
  • No closed doors: The girls' profiles are completely open, you don't have to buy a subscription in order to see what's behind the curtain. Before buying each video, you can see a small preview video, and you will see the resolution and duration of the original video, just so you're sure you will get what you expect.
  • No recurring payments: You only pay for credits once and you will not be charged again. If you run out of credits, you will have to buy new ones yourself.
  • Eternal library: All items you buy will remain in your library. This means that you can alway access the items you bought. Even after the studio stops selling a video, these will always remain available in your library. (Unless the video violates certain laws)
  • Extensive payment options: We are a European based company, so we are very aware of the payment requirements in Europe. Not everybody uses a credit card, so we strive to provide as many payment options as necessary
  • Bulk/Bundle discounts: Each model can give discounts if you want to buy more than one video
  • Always growing: We continue to improve and add functionality to our site. We don't rely on successes in the past, but we keep innovating to bring you the best technology available.
  • Future proof: Our systems can deal with the latest technology like 3D, 4K and HFR
  • No tax fines: Many sites do not charge sales taxes when selling to customers abroad while they are still required to, if they don't, it's the responsibility of the buyer. If the tax office finds out, you will be fined heavily. We automatically pay the taxes for you and you will receive an invoice to prove it. This way, you cannot get fined for this, like you could with many other sites.
  • Secure: Personal data is heavily encrypted into our database. Even if people somehow obtain access to our database, they cannot decrypt your personal information.

Because we are always evolving, there are a few projects coming up that you can be a part of soon:

  • Future Feature - Blogging: Models will soon be able to blog on their profiles, and... it's free!
  • Future Feature - Webcamming: Webcamming will soon become available, and you can use your own preferred camming program like Skype. You will be charged by the minute, but with the control panel, you can indicate when you can see her or don't want to see her anymore. The moment you don't want to see her, the clock stops running and you don't have to pay anymore. So you'll only pay when you see her. Never be disappointed if you paid in advance and she's not what you expected her to be.
  • Future Feature - Custom clips: You can request a custom clip from your favorite girl. Make her an offer she can't refuse! You will pay in advance, and she will need to send a video to our site. Our site will generate a preview and will display the video statistics. If the video does not meet the requirements you agreed on, you can decline the video and the credits will be returned to your account. This way, she always has to deliver what you agreed on, she only gets the money once you accepted the video.

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Welcome to ClipTEEZ

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