Why open a studio here?

There are many reasons to open a studio here. All the girls who have worked with us are very content and we work closely together to keep it this way.
But working together doesn't cut it yet, we have some very special features for our models, so take a close look:

  • Copy protection: We don't like to call it copy protection, it's more like copy discouragement. Our video system is uniquely built just for this reason: to prevent people from copying your content. What happens is: we burn the username into the video when he downloads it, so if this video somehow appears on another site, you know exactly who did it, and we can track down the user with all information available to us. And we've proven that it works. On two occasions so far, somebody put a video online from our site. We recognised the users and we've informed the authorities, including the credit card company to have their cards blocked. They will not do so again!
  • Automatic recompression: Our video system accepts nearly every video format there is, and if it's hardly compressed, it will compress the video to a decent size so the download will not take too long for your customers.
  • Bulk uploader: You get access to our uniquely built uploading system, which allows you to select your video files at once, and it can upload them all in a queue, so you can just leave your computer running while it works for you.
  • Twitter: When you publish a video, you can hit a button and it will be announced on the twitter account that's linked to your profile
  • Smartphone: With a simple to set-up tool, you can create a selfie pictureset, and then, when you make a picture on your phone, just click share, and select our tool, and it will automatically be published into your selfie pictureset. You can also upload videos from here and add them to your profile immediately.
  • Bulk sales: Sell all your content at once for a heavy discount! Since this is not a subscription site, you will need to compete with subscription sites who usually allow people to download everything and then cancel their subscription. This means that people can get everything for 30 bucks. If you sell 10 videos for 10 bucks, that means that all your videos would cost 100. And this can't compete with the 30 bucks form a subscription site. This is why we allow you to set a price for buying everything at once, to improve your sales this way.
  • Bundling: You can sell videos and picturesets together for a price that you can set yourself.
  • Modular: We offer all kinds of options, but sometimes, all may be a bit much, so you can disable and enable certain modules from your profile.
  • Evolving: We don't stand still on progress, we keep evolving our site to constantly be up to date. This way you can offer the best of the best to your customers.
  • Fast Payouts: For payouts, we do wire transfers. This way you will get paid the day after we accepted your request. This prevents a lot of hassle, like cheques lost in the mail and currency inflations while the cheque is on its way.
  • Support: You will always have personal 1 on 1 support when setting up your profile. A staffmember is always available to help you.
  • Extended support: If you need help creating, recording, editing your content, and you need a professional, we can arrange a professional close to you to do this for you. You can pay the costs with the credits that you've earned

Because we are always evolving, there are a few projects coming up that you can be a part of soon:

  • Future Feature - Blogging: You will be able to blog your latest experiences and make your customers bond with you, to make sure they remain loyal.
  • Future Feature - Webcamming: We will soon release a feature that allows you to use your own preferred camming program (like Skype) to cam with your customers, but instead of paying in advance, or paying afterwards, our webcam background monitoring software will charge your customers by the minute. This has the potential that people pay you more than expected, and they don't need to pay in advance, which is always a roadblock for some people.
  • Future Feature - Custom clips: People can request a custom clip with you. They will pay in advance, you will produce the video and offer it to him. He will see a preview and the video statistics. If he accepts, you get paid, if he declines, he will get his money back, but no video at all. This prevents cheating from both sides.

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