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The Convince Her Manual girl

Coauthor of The Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts Manual

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Sheer Beauty of Huge Breasts


I hope these photos motivate you to start your wife or girlfriend on the road to become your living fantasy doll. it's such a good thing for a relationship! check out the "size bags" I used to plan my breast expansion, too! Once she is all that..combo of sexual desirability and traffic-stopping beauty, you will need to ravish her day and night. Let's just hope she is ready for that @!. People may gawk, jealous bitches may get catty with her, guys will fall down stairs and walk into traffic while transfixed by your woman....and both of you will laugh about it. I don't mean to oversell this gallery - actually I should mention that 3 photos in the car display sideways -- i can't figure out how to rotate them, sorry about that! PS - about 1/3 are topless. TOPLESS - 1850cc not 1650cc on the topless ones, btw. Hope you LIKE me.


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