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Your sexy and strong plastic Barbie Mistress

Pics & Vids of gorgeous plastic Barbie Doll and Bimbo Diva Silke. I am a Lifestyle Money Mistress and Po$h Doll Bimbo, who loves to train in gym all day... and visit my doctor to get more plastic surgery, cause I am addicted to it! I am not the typical type of bimbo, who just wants to do everything for men... I am the kind of real luxury Bimbo Goddesses, who loves to drain Your wallets and turn You totally into addiction to me - YOUR GODDESS! My Big Boobs, my hot Ass, hot sexy Hard Body, my female muscles and not to forget my big hot Bubble Lips will leave You speechless... and only beg for more!

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Bombshell loaded with heavy Weapons


17 High Quality Pictures of me in 1600 Pixels Super High Resolution - My body is a temple and I am cosmetic piece of Art ... You know that slave... so bow down to Your Goddess and worship me, while I am taking total control of You with my deadly wepons... with big tits I will already knock You out, but I also like to tease You with my guns

Contains: big tits guns gloves tease nude

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Bombshell loaded with heavy Weapons

17 pictures
6 credits

Deluxe Po$h Money Bitch - I will drain Your wallets!

15 pictures
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Sexy Secret Agent - My Name is Bond... Silke Bond!

21 pictures
7 credits

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