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Bimbofication & breast expansion stories [21+]

Welcome to Dollproject Clipshop. We create illustrated stories about bimbofiaction and breast, booty, lip expansion.

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Getting Bigger to Make her Obey - Dolly Fox Fantasy


Real fantasy of Dolly Fox! She's a huge breast expansion fan and loves the stories about getting bigger. She asked us to make story about her getting really big and dominating other girl that way and we just couldn't refuse.

Story with our storyline and illustrations!

The story includes: breast expansion, domination and submission, enhanced sensitivity, lips expansion, ass expansion, waist reduction, facial modifications, piercing, fatish and latex outfits, lasbian and straight action

demo: http://dollproject.net/shop/home/63-getting-bigger-to-make-her-obey-dolly-fox-s-fantasy.html

Contains: big boobs waist reduction bdsm Lesbian latex

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