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Bimbofication & breast expansion stories [21+]

Welcome to Dollproject Clipshop. We create illustrated stories about bimbofiaction and breast, booty, lip expansion.

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Orgasm Toy - Part 2


This story features, among others, extreme breast expansion, lips expansion and bimbofication. The plot concentrates on orgasm trainings and increasing orgasm force. Leanna has a fantasy of becoming a kinky, vulgar bimbo, but as she's not able to change her own body so dramatically, she decides to realize her fantasies on her maid and turn her into a horny, enhanced orgasm toy.

This story contains: extreme breast expansion, extreme lips expansion, enhanced sensitivity, ass expansion, orgasm addiction, bimbofication, enhanced genitals, orgasm trainings, increased orgasm strength, bimbo outfits, dollification, domination

demo: https://dollproject.net/shop/breast-expansion/87-orgasm-toy-2.html

Contains: fake tits fake lips Breast Expansion breast implants bimbo

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