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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

This is my old store, back when my boobs were smaller and my body really skinny. I've grown a lot since then!

You can find my new store at: https://clipteez.com/blondiebennett2

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

Kisses, Blondie

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My new 12cc lips
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Hi everyone! I've had my lips done again! I've actually had them done yesterday, so the swelling has gone down a little. And I didn't just add 1 cc, but it's actually 1.5cc, a little extra to compensate for the amount that my tiny body absorbs over time.

In this test, I show them off again, the pencil test is in it again, I put them in a vacuum, suck on a little something, blow in a small plastic bag and I found a nice glass plate to put my lips against.

Thank you so much guys for getting me there. As you may or may not know, all the money I get from you buying these lip fill videos, will go straight into my fund to add another CC. And each time, you guys manage to get me there, I'm so grateful for that.

This video is 50% off because of the holidays, so... happy holidays!

Contains: fake tits fake lips vacuum Test

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Dasberger:Another great video. Please keep going. I love your long fake lashes.21:05, 20 January 2016
blondiebennett:@wanchaiboy awwww thank you so much for your feedback and noticing all the details i put into my look! i am committed to the bimbo lifestyle so that means head to toe:) and for you that means you will be cumming alot for me! knowing all that turns me on!! your feedback along with everyones keeps pushing my harder and harder! oooooh i like it hard.... hee hee. i will have more info on my next boob job. thanks for noticing that it's a scary thing knowing there is a chance i could screw up my perfect firm bolted on fake tits. yes i'm asking lots of questions and will have details soon. i emailed you about skype sesh so i can't wait to play in real time:) thanks again!! kiss, blondie05:03, 16 January 2016
blondiebennett:@1fergie hi how are u??? happy new year!! miss you!! i guess im just sensory overload?? hee hee. you know me i'm never stopping. when ppl tell me no i'll keep pushing. so yes 15ccs will def be amazing?? sigh..... goals to shoot for... right?? til then 13 is coming up next week! yes working on pumping up my 1700s too. i would love to get to 2250cc. i will have more to share on that. just trying to get all my info together and what the dr says. unfortunately most drs have turned me down.... booooo! i did find one so i have more to share on that very soon. til then yes i will keep giving you more and more of what you dream of.... plastic blondie! have a fab weekend! kisses, blondie03:41, 16 January 2016
blondiebennett:@perhapsnormal thanks so much! i like how you think hee hee. i'm doing the 1.5cc now to make up for past volume i have lost. i'm just counting it as 1cc cuz the juvederm disappears after awhile esp.with a fast metabolism like i have. stay tuned for bigger lips! kisses, blondie03:29, 16 January 2016
wanchaiboy:Hi Blondie, having just purchased all your videos I am a little out of breath from all the cum I have expressed - they say it's very good for a man's prostate so I should say thank you very much for all that! I agree with 1fergie, there is so much to focus on with you, obviously you have the huge rubber DSLs and the perfectly huge, round and firm tits - but I also focus on the attention you pay to your whole look - your beautiful hair and the way it curls around those tits, your perfect eye makeup, your pumped up cheekbones giving you that frozen expression, your slim nose, perfect white teeth, toned arms and legs, flat stomach, beautiful hands and immaculate nail polish - the list is endless - it's probably why my orgasms are endless!! And I haven't even mentioned your attitude - you can see from every move you make how much you love yourself and the shape you are in - that is such a turn on as well. When you ask the camera if we are turned on and tell us that you are .... whoosh!! I know you will be very careful before you have your tits enhanced and that is absolutely the right way to be - your tits are amazing right now so be sure that you find the right doctor before you commit to the next enlargement - but once you do there will be a huge audience waiting to see the results!! To think about your tits blown over 2000cc is incredible, I hope 2016 is your year when you find a surgeon with the skill and dedication to pumping you up to your dream size!! I'll contact you privately to ask about your Skype sessions, I would love to do a 1-1 with you!!10:35, 15 January 2016
wanchaiboy:10:18, 15 January 2016
1fergie:Hi Blondie you gorgeous little fucktoy. *sigh* I just don't know what to focus on anymore, your tight tiny little body, beautiful face, amazing super pouty delicious lips or your awesome 1700cc bustline. Not to mention your "I want more!" attitude. I think 15cc's will have us all rock hard for you. Please keep pumping more and more plastic into your body, it looks soooooo good on you. Please make more and more videos for us so we can help pump you up larger, fuller and faker. We want you to be more plastic. More fake. More bimbo. I total fucktoy. I would love to see you jack your tits up over 2250cc for the ultra bimbo look. Skinny girls with huge tits makes any man weak. I adore you Blondie. Keep giving us more and more Blondie. You are what dreams are made of. #gohuge Love ya. Fergie19:00, 10 January 2016
perhapsnormal:Great Video! I loved every bit of it. But I just had a thought. If your last two injections where 1.5cc does that not mean your all-ready 13cc's?? Just a thought. Either way i can't wait till you get them even bigger!05:00, 7 January 2016
blondiebennett:@damoney8 thank you so much! yes i will do glass kissing with lipstick on. in the beginning of the videos i like to show them off after they been filled. so uou can see injection site or bruising? ill do 2 versions of glass kissing:) sounds fun!! i love wearing lots of lipstick seems to amplify my lips even larger jand udging by how ppl look at me when i'm out and about:) i'm more than half way to my next fill so after next week i plan to do it and get to 13cc!! yaaaaay!! thanks so much for all your suppot!! happy new year!! kiss, blondie17:33, 6 January 2016
blondiebennett:@slimjim66 thank you hunni! i dont plan too quit ever. as i say as long as you guys keep getting me to another syringe of juvederm i'll stick it in my lips hee hee:) yes i do have some surgery plans for the new year along with im thinking more voluma in my cheeks and this other injection called kybella. waiting to hear results on that from my injector. so 2016 should be a super plastic fantastic year!! . . happy new year!! kiss, blondie17:27, 6 January 2016
blondiebennett:@unerico27 yes def... tho not as easy as getting my lips filled. wish it was but lots of bullshit to deal with! kiss, blondie17:21, 6 January 2016
blondiebennett:@papael awww thank you for ur sweet post! i can barely wait too!! you guys have gotten me more than half way to my next fill. so i plan on doing it after next week!! woo hoo!! so xcited. i look at pics from last years and such a diff?? of course i will do another dildo sucking bonus video soon too. i love using my lips and mouth. plus i think i look pretty hot with a cock in my mouth... hee hee. so i think at 14cc i should see them really blown up!! what do you think?? yes i plan too work on my blog on a regular basis. i got wrapped up in something end of last year so put me behind. i'm not good at writing but ill do my best to share. thanks again for your support!! remember i always put my videos on sale when i first release it to save you $$ if you miss it email me and i will see what i can do:) happy new year babe!! kiss, blonndie17:13, 6 January 2016
papael:Blondie, I was planning to resist and not buy your next lip fill video. I eagerly wait for news of your fill ups on your Twitter, checking it every day. I thought I should wait at least another cc because these lip videos were draining my wallet (and my cock). "I won't even be able to tell the difference" I was sure. Then I look your new pic on twitter with those delicious cock hardening lips and I'm already sold. I could see clearly the enhancement of your upper lip. It's so plump and arousing. Screw saving money, how can a man even resist the sight of your ultra fuckable mouth. I can barely wait for your next fill up. Please do another dildo special soon, it was incredibly hot. And please, do share the stories of your life as an amazing fuckdoll on your blog. I'm sure you have so many stories about dumbfounded men and women, spurting cocks and involuntary erections just waiting to be written.09:23, 2 January 2016
unerico27:now its time to get your boobs bigger11:46, 29 December 2015
slimjim66:Blondie you are so great plastic!! please never stop plastc surgery and lip fillers!! totally addicted edging to your plastic surgery videos:)))))) LOVE 06:17, 29 December 2015
damoney8:This is perfect! I really love the glass kissing! Please bring more of those =) You are the best fuck doll I see! Keep increasing your lip size! =) Hopefully for 13cc you will kiss glass with lipstick on? I would love to see how big and incredible your lip mark will look! Keep up the juicy plastic lips kisses! Love em! =)02:01, 29 December 2015

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