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Pretty, Fit, 32-M Cup

Phenomenal body. None of the other wives can stand her. 2100cc breasts.

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26 J-Cup Victoria Funny and Sexy Pre-Surgery
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Nobody else could make going into surgery as goofy as 26 J-cup, 1650cc Victoria. Not satisfied with her 41-24-34 figure, she insisted on getting a tummy tuck. Yes, this video throws off sparks and you will see beautiful things. More than that, it's the start of Victoria's self perfection campaign. The same kind of quest she hopes the lady in your life will embark on. Not just being fit,but ultimately desirable and willing to shape herself into the fantasy you truly want. OK, not so serious. This is a fun video by a girl who can't help being insanely sexy.. Enough said. and BTW -- the blue bikini - is actually surgical panties.

Contains: tummy tuck plastic surgery Victoria breast augmentation topless

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Lowrider101:Excellent video Victoria, those surgical panties look sooooooo damn sexy on you! WOW!!!! I think you could have featured that part longer in this video. Maybe take the camera in your hand for a minute and tease us from different angles (underboob, sideview, birds eye view, etc). Seriously one of the most sexy looking "tops" on you!! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I'm hoping you'll consider doing another tops tryout video where you tease us in a bunch of different sexy tops (thin see thru, wet t-shirt, lingerie, bikini, small bras, ripped or cut up half-shirt, fishnet w/ pasties, etc.) Just some ideas ;) Keep up the great work, I cannot get enough of you!!! Love u! XOXOXO18:29, 11 December 2014
slimjim66:very hot video!!!! please go for more surgeries in future and make more vids about it, especially procedure vids and vids whre you just wake up from the procedures with all the bandages...LOVE U 12:41, 5 November 2014
1fergie:Whatever decision you make will be the right one. You look fantastic now and can only get better. Be happy and huge. 16:22, 2 November 2014
victoria:Hi Fergie, hope you had a good Halloween! I told the surgeon already that I'd like another inch or two of 'projection' (rather than out to the sides) but he also wants a percentage range - like 20% bigger, or whatever. In the end, he decides if we can go that far. 08:43, 2 November 2014
1fergie:You look so sexy. Just how much sexier can you get? How much rounder and fuller can you go? Looks like we will find out. I vote for the 2000 to 2250 range. Would make your bust to waist ratio amazing. Thank you for sharing. You are an awesome lady. 16:45, 1 November 2014
victoria:hi everyone. With the help of my doc and mega-antibiotics, things are on the upswing for me and I hope to be back on camera...next week. With new photos and maybe video too. Thank you for checking in!08:31, 9 October 2014
1fergie:Just checking in on you Victoria. Hope all is well. You are beautiful. 02:59, 9 October 2014
victoria:Wow, I have not been keeping up enough! let me check this out. Meanwhile, I am sidelined by an infection following my recent tummy tuck. Much tougher than breast augmentation! 23:10, 30 September 2014
niklas321:Hi Victoria, Hope you're feeling better, and thanks so much for all of your videos and sexy spirit! Victoria, would you consider doing an open mouth challenge? The one where you open your mouth wide while sticking out your tongue for a minute or two. Made famous by Miley Cyrus, it's the pose that's in vogue! Coupled with a tiny white top or three, you would be the poster child (woman) for the ultimate sex doll creation! Just a suggestion. Best Always!!03:50, 29 September 2014
niklas321:22:26, 28 September 2014
1fergie:I don't think most people realize how much one suffers during the process. Thank you for working so hard to be gorgeous for us. I truly appreciate your efforts. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon. Rest easy. Be safe. 03:56, 27 September 2014
victoria:Tummy tucks are the roughest. Oh, what I do for you guys! Slow mending here.03:43, 27 September 2014
1fergie:Hi Victoria. Just checking in with you. Hope you are recovering well after your recent procedure. Rest well. Love ya.23:27, 26 September 2014
1fergie:Okay. I agree. Your too small. Beautiful, sexy, wonderful personality, but not enough boobage. ( Just kidding ). Thank you for sharing this video with us. Proves you can wear anything and make it look awesome. But 2000+ cc's are going to make you super outrageously curvy. I love your look and hope you decide to be huge. I cannot get enough of you Victoria. Thank you again. Best of luck. Be safe. Fergie02:39, 24 September 2014

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