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Pretty, Fit, 32-M Cup

Phenomenal body. None of the other wives can stand her. 2100cc breasts.

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If being right in front of a girl working out with super-sized implants on a tiny, tight little body as she bounces up and down sounds mesmerizing --if that would not BORE you -- this might be the exercise video for you! First, a disclaimer: it's a real class, so not topless. The camera is stationary, so it's mainly front view. The video is HD, but uses some optical zoom.
OK: now for the fun part;
It's crazy how nimble and high-endurance victoria is, despite her 8-1/4 pound breasts bouncing up and down, to and fro.

Contains: 1850cc implants GG cup huge breasts exercise giant breast implants Victoria

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libation:Awesome! I love the clothed look. Skin tight tops with short shorts or spandex. Low cut tops showing your huge cleavage. Like the man says, show off that bust to waist ratio. Gotta go and change my shorts. ;-) 23:59, 15 October 2016
oldschool72:More workout videos please!! Boxing, kick-boxing, Zumba, jumping rope, etc.. :-)22:10, 15 October 2014
victoria:Niklas, Hi, your idea about the 'measuring' video was great, and so is your suggestion here. I will talk to my photographer about it, and you'll see some differences in upcoming videos. To be honest, recently with the tummy tuck recovery I haven't looked my best - but I am looking forward to surprising everyone! soon. V18:09, 10 October 2014
niklas321:Please understand that this is not a complaint, Victoria, but rather a well meaning constructive critique. In both your photo sets and videos, you need to do more to highlight your incredible boob to waist ratio. Your vids and picture sets seem to often focus primarily on just your boobs - which is great - but the viewer tends to lose perspective on just how big they are in relation to the rest of your frame. The full body shots of you in profile are the most effective as they illustrate the size, projection, the roundness and the sheer "fakeness" of your bustline. And believe me, the fact that they are fake; the fact that you want them even bigger, rounder, and even more fake is not lost on this member. The notion that you've purposefully pumped up your boobs to an inhuman size - and will continue to inflate them further is what makes you "must see Clipteez TV!" Your vids and photos, Victoria, really need to highlight your blow up doll proportions. I really think you should play up the cartoon - like size of your boobs and own it! The fact that you knowingly have made your boobs as big as they are, and yet you want them even bigger is what makes fake boob lovers the world over rejoice! How about a photo set of you in some waaay too small Hollister tanks and tees - shirts we might actually see you wear when you're out and about. How about a vid titled, "Are these Boobs Way too Big for my Body?" I think we'd all love to hear you talk about just how big your boobs are in proportion to the rest of your body...and that you still want them even bigger, rounder, and even MORE fake looking. I can't wait to see what your future holds, Victoria!06:04, 10 October 2014
1fergie:Hi Victoria. Let me be the first to say "Wow". You look amazing and move your hips so smoothly. I bet you are a great dancer. Yes please to another video. Could we coax you into doing the workout at home where you can go braless with a small low cut top that shows your stomach. Just watching you " warm up" with some streching would be awesome. Thank you for the video. Hope you are healing well. Look forward to more of your fantastically sexy videos. Be happy and huge. 00:28, 4 October 2014

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