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Pretty, Fit, 32-M Cup

Phenomenal body. None of the other wives can stand her. 2100cc breasts.

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Aiming for Huge Breasts-Going to Dr Revis
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Help, save me from life with these little K-cups! Yes, I finally am measured correctly, so what comes after 26K? 26MM? To get serious and big, you go to Dr. Revis, so this was my first visit to him. Starting in my grey top that somehow makes me look HUGE, then topless, then next to some big pumpkins for size comparision.

Contains: Victoria 2000cc breast implants huge breasts exercise XL breast augmentation

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Lowrider101:Muy caliente Victoria!! You really look HOT MAMI!!! I definitely think you should go bigger! The pics of when you went up to 1850cc are incredible!!!! Wish you would have featured that tight grey top with no bra ;) Love the side view so much!!! Please please do more sexy big breast talk and also measuring :) Good luck on your next goal....can't wait to see you even bigger!!! Luv ya! XOXOXO21:17, 12 December 2014
victoria:Hi Boobular - congrats again - how big will your GF go - and what is her size now?07:11, 28 November 2014
victoria:Hi Boobular - congrats again - how big will your GF go - and what is her size now?07:10, 28 November 2014
boobular:Love it Victoria! My gf is going to go for her 2nd BA with Revis in the new year, with you as inspiration02:17, 25 November 2014
1fergie:Sounds awesome, I can't wait. But right now there is something wrong with the file. Please fix the issue quickly before have a heart attack. Knowing there is video of you that I cannot see is driving my crazy. I WANT IT !!!! ( I'm sorry. I'll try to get a grip. See what you do to me? I apoligize and will be patient. 😞 ). Love ya. 14:34, 23 November 2014
victoria:Fergie and everyone: I think you are REALLY going to like the next video. It's called Catsuit Halloween. I meet my identical twin. OK, in the mirror. Tell me if you like the audio track... V01:14, 23 November 2014
victoria:hi Slim, I don't know if you saw my comments back to you, but here I try again. Thank you, gracias, it IS a team effort. Don't forget I always carry 9 pounds everywhere for you guys to enjoy. Thanks for supporting my personal growth. Victoria01:12, 23 November 2014
slimjim66:I totally agree with 1fergie. Just love what you do Victoria and thank you for letting us be part of it. Looking for more procedures and surgical videos, they are so hot! proud to support your quest in getting bigger and bigger boobs. absolutely adorable!09:56, 22 November 2014
slimjim66:09:54, 22 November 2014
1fergie:Hi Victoria. I fully support your endeavor. I'm happy to help you finally be huge. You are large now but not huge like Dr. Revis is capable of performing. The Catholics should make him a Saint. (LOL). Okay, how about half the size of the PUMPkins? Get it? PUMP- kins? I think size MMM for MMMagnificent. I will keep saying it, your body was built for extra large/huge implants. The internal bra you were describing will allow for the added projection you want. I love that appearance - especially with nice round breasts as you have now. Just go fuller and much larger. You truly will be irresistible. In your own words, AIMING FOR HUGE BREASTS. I know whatever decision you make will look awesome. Go beautiful, buxom & BIG! Love ya. 17:04, 15 November 2014
eddiedye123456789:more dancing vids!22:09, 11 November 2014
shamonej5:Victoria I'm a huge fan! I hate to complain but this video was pretty much the same as your last one :( Not much new stuff, I know it wasn't too expensive but I hope you don't make to many clips nearly the exact same as the last, your fans will dry up! (Well ok maybe not). I know we would love to see you trying on more of your old bras and clothes than you can't fit into anymore, talk about the issues you have on a daily basis with such assets! That would be amazing :) Also everyday activities is always a good one for new material if you're hitting a creative wall! Cleaning, cooking, doing dishes etc. Stay sexy! 20:50, 11 November 2014
niklas321:"So, we'll see what happens" And so ends your video visit to the Revis clinic. And so...and so....and soooooooo, Victoria, what exactly happened? How many cc's did you ask for? How many cc's did Revis agree to? How did you describe to the good doctor the look you want to achieve. (i.e. "I want them way out of proportion to the rest of my body." or "I want them looking totally inflated." or "I want to be the ultimate "Tits on a stick.") Did you give Revis any visuals to reference? (i.e as big as basketballs or really pumped up balloons) Exactly how fake do you want them to look? How high? How round? How plastic? How incredibly bolted on? Victoria, inquiring minds need to know! 20:13, 11 November 2014

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