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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

This is my old store, back when my boobs were smaller and my body really skinny. I've grown a lot since then!

You can find my new store at: https://clipteez.com/blondiebennett2

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

Kisses, Blondie

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My new lips (6cc)
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Hey guys, I pumped up my lips again! And this time, they really went to the max I could take at the time. Can you believe it? I love them, but I still want them bigger! And as always, the money I make with this video, I will just keep pumping them up bigger and bigger!

Also, I found out a new test here: to kiss a glass panel, I was just amazed by how awesome it looks! I hope you enjoy it too!

Contains: fake lips fake tits juvederm

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ggllo:Hi The Hottest Girl on this planet ! I love these huge plastic lips. That's great when you show them on your side... do it more please! The best is when your lips are swollen, like in some other videos. When you turn the video just after the injection..that's what I prefer. Or when you use the glass to make vacuum effect, there are all swollen after that and I love it...Do it again and again please! Your thiner body! Waouh! I l completely love. Personnally I find you still more sexy with this more skinny body. My fantasy in real. Thank you. Everything you do to make you look more hot is always a success... You are incredible.14:15, 12 May 2016
vailjohn:Kissing the glass panel was very nice to see, and yet another lucky candybar gets to experience what we all dream about! :-) Your lips of course look fantastic and I love that top! The way your boobs and nips are just straining to burst out is fantastic! Thank you!20:05, 25 September 2015
blondiebennett:@lipaddictz up next is 9cc's! you guys got me there!!! thank u thank u!! my dsl's are looking so fake plastic. along with my voluma filled cheeks and all the botox! i'm so loving it!! 20:30, 3 July 2015
lipaddictz:Mmm yess! I can't wait to see!!10:07, 8 May 2015
blondiebennett:@lipaddictz hee hee just did another cc im at 8cc's woo hoo! stay tune for the next lip video!! dsl kisses, blondie08:52, 8 May 2015
blondiebennett:@1fergie thank u hunni! i just got to 8ccs and love it!! so 10 is around the corner hee hee. they are so amazing right now! can\\'t wait for you guys to see the 8cc video. then i can get another to be at 9.... woo hoo!! yes working on finding the perfect dr to do my next boobjob. my biggest fear is what i have gets screwed up... i would be devastated. hang in there im trying too:) kisses, blondie08:18, 8 May 2015
blondiebennett:I'm getting there! Just added another cc, and already filmed it, should be ready soon! And yes, I'll definately try to get to 10cc's at least!15:14, 10 April 2015
lipaddictz:a lot bigger maybe 8cc-10cc?15:12, 10 April 2015
lipaddictz:15:10, 10 April 2015
1fergie:You tell'em Blondie. Your ass rocks! And your body is a work of art in progress. I would like to see what 10 or 12cc's look like. I assume if they were to large your metabolism would reduce them in time but you sure would look seductive with a huge pumped up trout pout. Looking forward to your next breast enlargement. Can't wait to see how big you can get. Thank you for all you do. Love ya. 19:43, 13 March 2015
blondiebennett:Puma, I like my ass the way it is, I'm proud I can wear small girl's sizes instead of grown up sizes ;)14:12, 8 February 2015
ultimatepuma:Shame you don't have a PHAAAAT ASS...13:13, 8 February 2015
blondiebennett:Hi guys, I'm not waiting until it's too late, there's more coming soon guys! But seriously, how much bigger do you want me to go?11:00, 8 February 2015
crajay44:don't wait until it's too late blondie, you know what we want. 02:22, 8 February 2015
lipaddictz:Omg yess! more more, please go bigger!!!04:41, 25 January 2015
mountainman1:Can't wait to see 'em pumped up even further! They look great; I say go for 10ccs!06:02, 17 January 2015

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