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Pretty, Fit, 32-M Cup

Phenomenal body. None of the other wives can stand her. 2100cc breasts.

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YOGA with BIG JJ-Cup Blue Breasts
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Video Issues FIXED! Companion video for 100% Naked Blue, there is SOME overlap between the two, but from different camera angles. So, if you buy both together it's only 8 credits ! You'll like either one, but you'll love both together, I hope. How often do you see a really BUSTY girl doing yoga, anyhow?

Contains: yoga

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victoria:Poilsay, can you download it all over again? 44 people have downloaded it since March with no trouble, so there might have been a glitch. So sorry for yhour trouble! V05:30, 31 May 2015
poilsayftw:That vidéo dont play05:00, 31 May 2015
ClipTeeZ Support:The video has been replaced now, it's available to download properly, just click the resolution you like and start the download.18:20, 26 March 2015
victoria:Pooooorn - Oh no, it happened to you too! I will tell the webmaster. Something happened that cut the file off when it downloads to you. So we have reinstalled the video on ClipTeez and now I will get the Wizard of ClipTeez to give you acccess to download it again (the replacement). That should work. But you'll have to download it again...Sorry. 00:11, 25 March 2015
victoria:00:08, 25 March 2015
Pooooorn:This video is not 10:33:40 minutes long, but only 01:08 !? :-(23:03, 24 March 2015
wazou47:Hello Lovely Victoria. I love your videos, love your body and face, love your huge fake tits! Can you reupload this last video, this one lasts only one minut, 8 seconds. Dont worry, a little mistake ;) I hesitate to offer your book to my girlfriend, did your book convince some woman yet? Did you have some feedback about it? I would enjoy the life so much if my gf would get so huge round firm fake tits like yours... Even bigger. Kind regards.06:25, 24 March 2015

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