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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

This is my old store, back when my boobs were smaller and my body really skinny. I've grown a lot since then!

You can find my new store at: https://clipteez.com/blondiebennett2

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

Kisses, Blondie

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Bikini Fashion Show 4.0 - Viewers Choice
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Hey guys, thank you so much for all your continued support of my fashion show videos! I can't tell you how much it means to me. I truly love doing these fashion show videos and showing off my tits on a stick body!

Many of you asked me about buying me a slingshot bikini to wear. So came i up with this video the "viewers dress me up" edition. I loved the anticipation to see what slingshot bikinis would be sent to me so thank you thank you! I love you!!

Again, please let me know which one is your fave that gets you off!!

Contains: fake tits fake lips skinny Slingshot bikini

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1fergie:On fuck yeah, lots more projection, fullness and side boob. Don't you dare give away any outfits you have made videos with. We would love to see how much more your super inflated bimbo body stretches out your outfits once you pump your tits up much larger. You are unbelievably sexy. What I would give to have you for a weekend. Whew. Thank you for being so beautiful. Love ya. Fergie00:24, 5 September 2015
1fergie:00:18, 5 September 2015
siedler:Pump it up hun. Go bigger and bigger. You are so made for this. I just cant stop imagine you getting even skinnier while getting bigger tits and bigger lips. A fucktoy beyond any limits. We adore you. #skinnierbodybiggertits14:03, 27 August 2015
blondiebennett:@1fergie yes that's my goal def! to be the true ultimate barbie fucktoy! i live it, breathe it. i'm true to my bimbo lifestyle! stay tuned i am ready to pump up even more and more extreme! kisses, blondie05:51, 7 August 2015
1fergie:Unbelievably hot. It really is difficult to describe how desirable you have made yourself Blondie. Your body is so curvy and tight. And that fact that you are going to be a "true" Barbie Doll Fucktoy by pumping more and more plastic into your tits and lips is such a turn on. If your goal is to be our fantasy girl you are doing great job. Keep telling us about how much bigger you want get and don't hold back ! Describe how you want to just burst out of everything you wear with your best bimbo attitude. We love you so much. Be safe. #getbiggerfakertits 17:12, 1 August 2015
blondiebennett:@microlite awwww ty so much! i really love all the slingshots. i can barely choose a fave, lol. im happy you like them too! wait til you see my next fashion show video... there are some hot ones to make you xplode for me hee hee. kisses, blondie19:17, 8 July 2015
microlite:blondie, There are no words for how beautiful, perfect, and sexy you are. ALL of the suits you wear in this video are my favorite, because YOU are wearing them! However, when you walked out in that first pink one, I almost exploded on the spot!18:03, 6 July 2015
blondiebennett:@niklas321 thanks for your support! i been loving the videos too! you guys keep me pushing. i did get your video idea and it's on my list:) yes i will def keep up with showing off and telling you guys how much more extreme im going to be! tho sometimes my bimbo brain gets so turned on by my fake firm overinflated balloon tits i get speechless. they are amazing! dont worry i'll continue to turn your cock on and get you off! thank you again! kisses blondie08:17, 4 July 2015
blondiebennett:@sls2015 thanks so much! i love how firm my tits are! they are amaze just so plastic. new firmness test video coming soon with my skinnier body:) ill keep your request in mind for a future video. have a fab weekend! kisses, blondie08:10, 4 July 2015
blondiebennett:@greendead thank you for the compliment and feedback. im so loving my look right now but i always like to keep pushing as long as its done well. i think you are going to really like an upcoming video i have. its filmed with all the angles of my body:) i get so many requests to see my body. this is what i came up with. stay tuned! kisses blondie08:08, 4 July 2015
blondiebennett:@jarjack thank u so much! been awhile. ready to serve your plastic goddess?? ;) kisses, blondie07:28, 4 July 2015
blondiebennett:@misterok thanks again for the slingshot! it's one of my faves! i want my fake tits to have even more projection!! thanks again!! kisses, blondie21:34, 3 July 2015
niklas321:Love, love, loving your last few vids, Blondie! And yes, please keep telling and showing us just just how skinny you're becoming even while wanting even bigger, rounder, and even more fake looking tits. Big, fake, inflated, totally out of proportion Fuck Balloon TITS. (Please, no bobbies or titties references. Not hot). Looking forward to more and more vids with your new and improved Fucktoy body. You're the best, Blondie! P.S. Please check your Clipteez mail. I sent you a new video idea a couple weeks back. 05:30, 30 May 2015
SLS2015:Fucking awesome! ;) You can never tell us too many times how firm and plastic your tits are, I love it. When you told, you are going skinnier, my cock cum o lot. It would have been a whole dinner for you. ;) Almost perfect body, a few pounds less makes you perfect and your firm plastic tits will look even more bolt on. Maybe you can make a video when you are very hungry and tell us that?22:16, 26 May 2015
Greendead:Even though I like your idea of being even faker, in my opinion you have the most perfect body and face right now. I like huge boobs, but your current ones match your body perfectly. I'm not discouraging you to do want you want, I'm just saying my opinion. ;) Please make more, I'm dying to see more of your sexy body. 13:46, 26 May 2015
jarjack75:OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG 18:50, 16 May 2015
misterok:Love to see the slingshot I got you! I agree with you on how wonderful the space between the suit and your body looks. Your tits have amazing projection! 06:48, 13 May 2015
ChrisLee73:I meant happy being brainless!;) 01:01, 12 May 2015
ChrisLee73:Thank you for the video BB! You look phenomenal, but you already knew that! A big improvement over the last BFS video, I personally loved the silver bikini! I did all I could not to cum all over the place! But I did anyway! Your body looks great, its obvious you are working out! Hope your happy!;) 00:56, 12 May 2015

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