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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

This is my old store, back when my boobs were smaller and my body really skinny. I've grown a lot since then!

You can find my new store at: https://clipteez.com/blondiebennett2

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

Kisses, Blondie

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9cc plastic lips
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Hey guys! I just had my lips done and they're now filled to 9cc! They really start to look like duck lips and I love it! They make me look like a total cartoon!

In this video, I test what I can do to my lips now, and there are some new tests, like blowing into a little air bag that will push my lips out extremely. Also blowing soap bubbles so you can see me blow some air.

In last video, I also put a pencil to my lips to check the protrusion and I did that again this time to see if it made a difference. So, in this video, we compare the results and see if that one cc made a difference :)

I really love doing these tests. If you have more ideas for tests, let me know and you'll get that video for free.

And again: If you buy this video, the money spent on the video will go to my lip fund and when I reach the amount needed to get my lips done, I WILL have them done again! And next time, I'm gonna get to 10cc's! I can't wait to finally be able to say that!

And for the guys who got all my last lip videos: Thank you so much for getting me where I am now, I love it!

Contains: fake lips juvederm fake tits filler bimbo

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1fergie:You will be at 11cc's next week? That would be so sweet. You look so delicious and sexy. You will definitely have some super seductive lips. I hope you can get your lips pumped up really huge. I agree that you you incredible in anything you wear but slutty casual clothes like shorts and tank tops that you are stretching out are my favorite. Speaking of stretching out tops, are you still considering making your boobs larger? Pumping them up even more. Making us cum harder and harder? 😵 Love ya. Fergie00:05, 5 September 2015
blondiebennett:@1fergie as i always said i have no goal. as long as you guys keep getting me monies toward a cc of juvederm i will keep filling and pumping:) only downside is if the clinic turns me down? hopefully not. anyhow did i mention i'm getting bigger lips next week?? ohhhh i so love them overfilled and stretched!! don't worry about me saying no i'm at my limit i'm #fakeforlife living my plastic dream! kisses, blondie01:20, 3 September 2015
blondiebennett:@khenniyh thank you so much! everyday i strive to be the ultimate plastic bimbo fuckdoll! stay hard for me! kisses, blondie00:43, 3 September 2015
blondiebennett:@khenniyh awwww... so sweet! love that my videos make you feel sooooo good cuz they make me feel good sharing my bimbo self with all of you! i'm getting my lips done next week and hoping we can do 2cc!! so stay tuned for another hot video! kisses, blondie00:41, 3 September 2015
siedler:Seeing your fantastic fake tits up close in comparison to your pumped up lips really gets me going Blondie. I say you are far from being overfilled. There is definitely room for your delicious lips to grow even bigger. So 15-20cc`s shouldnt be a problem at all. You say you are addicted? I say we are addicted to you. Cause seeing you strive for a complete bimbofication is beyond amazing. Now I want to see your lips basically inhabitating like 30% of your face. Then they would match your tits even better. What do you say? Total cartoon look? ;)00:09, 25 August 2015
1fergie:You lips look amazing. How big can you make those cum targets? 12cc's? 15cc's? OMG! 20 huge overfilled super inflated cc's? Where will you stop? I am so in love with how you look. But I still want to see those lips pumped up bigger and bigger. Looking at what you can do with them now I cannot imagine how sexy they will be once you get to the super bimbo stage. And your body absorbs the juvederm over time so you actually have to keep going back for more and more, yes? We love you Blondie. Stay beautiful. Love ya. Fergie. #pumpupbiggerandbigger01:35, 15 August 2015
khenniyh:Also I just adore your sweet style and personality, your sexy and cute voice, your laugh and your smile. You're such a perfect bimbo. Will always be your fan. 01:07, 9 August 2015
khenniyh:Also I just adore your sweet style and personality, your sexy and cute voice, your laugh and your smile. You're such a perfect bimbo. Will always be your fan. 01:05, 9 August 2015
khenniyh:Wow Blondie!! You look sooo amazingly sexy and beautiful with your huge new lips! I'm in love! Thank you for a wonderful jerk off and orgasm. Love u. 00:57, 9 August 2015
1fergie:And don't forget about cum for those beautiful iflated lips. I have admired you since the NAPALI days Blondie and will never get my "fill" of you. Hope you make it to 12cc's on your next visit. Hard to believe but you just keep getting sexier. #gohuge16:37, 8 August 2015
blondiebennett:@fergie hellyeah i can handle more filler. i want extreme! problem is finding an injector to do such extremes has been the issue. that's a story in itself cuz they don't want to be negligent or whatever? same as my fake tits finding the perfect doctor for me. don't think i'm done with going bigger and bigger it's just finding the right doctors to make me bigger and bigger! this bimbo fuckdoll always wants your cum.... that's if fergie cum for me... cum for blondie... cum for my overfilled plastic:) kisses, blondie05:45, 7 August 2015
blondiebennett:@foball as i said to fergie i have no goal it's wide open! as long as each video gets to a syringe im filling up!! i'm addicted!! they are so amazing now! with that u guys got me to my next fill!! thank u! yes bigger is better and more is better. alot of ppl think im cray but i don't care im so in love with my overfilled lips and i love using them:) thanks again! kisses, blondie19:44, 6 August 2015
blondiebennett:@1fergie thank u so much for your sweet words! it's words like yours that keep pushing me for more!! i have no plans to stop and i have no goals! like i said u guys get me to each fill! all lip sales got right into pumping up my lips!! which u guys already did!! thank u so much!! my injector said we may be able to do 2ccs next time!! she will let me know at the time im there. so cross your fingers!! of course more saline in my perfect firm fake tits is still on my list! it's been a challenge to find the right doctor. i have an appt later this month with one so please wish me luck! yes another fucktoy video is on my list especially now that i'm looking even more extreme! thank u fergie for your continued support!! kisses, blondie19:40, 6 August 2015
blondiebennett:@lipaddictz thank u!! filling up my lips monthly is now my addiction. like getting my hair my done:) before u guys got me hooked on filling up my lips... i would wait 6 months or so for a cc. now i have my injector trained to see me so often she hasn't said no.... hee hee. i'm loving how plastic they look especially my profile!! ahhhhh they make so happy!! to make me even happier u guys got me to my next cc!! so i'm going to be 10cc of lip fill and guess what my injector said we may do 2ccs next time. she will let me know at the appt! how fab is that?? stay tuned! kisses, blondie19:22, 6 August 2015
1fergie:On second thought, I believe 15-20 cc's might make for a better bimbo look, especially if there is a breast expansion in the near future. Think you can handle more filler in your lips Blondie? Do you want them a little bigger or twice as big as you are now? Tell us your future plans to be even more the Bimbo Fuckdoll we love to cum for. #gobiggerandbigger17:32, 1 August 2015
foball12:I agree with 1fergie, but maybe take it further like 15-20cc's, or beyond that maybe 25-30cc's... the bigger the better right... Your lips are amazing and cant wait to see them blow up like super huge pillows for your face! 05:09, 29 July 2015
1fergie:I agree. Keep blowing up your lips, it looks sooooo good on you. I bet 12-15 cc's would be a good target. ( pardon the pun ). But don't forget to keep pumping up those perfect tits to keep pace with your incredible Barbie lips. You are my fantasy fucktoy. Please do another FUCKTOY vid with your new lips, talk about how big you want to be and how you can't stop growing because you want to be more and more of a perfect inflated mindless Bimbo. We love you Blondie. Stay beautiful.23:15, 26 July 2015
lipaddictz:Mmm yes so plastic, these videos are like an addiction to me now! please never stop!16:48, 25 July 2015
blondiebennett:@foball12 me too!! i don't have a goal... no stopping me!! i so love them now an can't wait to make them much much bigger!! kisses, blondie20:41, 24 July 2015
foball12:Hope they never stop growing bigger and bigger and bigger, super sexy!!00:12, 22 July 2015

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