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Perfect Tits-on-a-Stick Bimbo Barbie Doll

This is my old store, back when my boobs were smaller and my body really skinny. I've grown a lot since then!

You can find my new store at: https://clipteez.com/blondiebennett2

Hi there and Welcome! I am all about being the perfect fake tits on a stick barbie! I am super proud of my wide thigh gap (legs should never touch). My 1700cc of perfect fake titty goodness and my tiny 19inch waist! I have a super sweet lil voice, love filling my face with botox and juvederm. I wear lots of make up and very lil clothes with slutty shoes. All sales from my videos go to my transformation progress as I turn myself into the perfect bimbo! My content is shot professionally with high end cameras and lighting.

Kisses, Blondie

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Bikini Fashion Show 6.0
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Watch me as I show my body off in a variety of sexy bikinis, slingshots and monokini. And I can't thank the people enough who sent me some of these awesome outfits!!


I get so turned on doing these fashion show videos, looking at my perfect fake tits! How can you not get turned on?? . My manmade body is made for showing off tiny bikinis! .

Contains: fake tits bikini monokini slingshot skinny

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1fergie:Oh, and Blondie, I wanted to give your photographer a "shout out" for the outstanding work they are doing with your incredibly sexy bimbo shows. The close ups and different angles really give us a great view of your buxom body. You guys make a great team. Thank you so much for sharing your addiction to plastic with us. #gobigger. Fergie23:35, 22 September 2015
1fergie:No.....Thank you Blondie. Having you reply to and acknowledge your fans is so awesome. Please put a lot of " my tits need to be bigger" & "I just want to be so pumped up" comments ( as only you can do ) in your videos. We love hearing about you craving to be as plastic as possible. Thank you again Blondie. Sweet dreams. Love ya. Fergie23:54, 21 September 2015
blondiebennett:@1fergie hi fergie! thank u so much! im shooting new bikini fashion show and bimbo fashion show (showing off tight lil tops) this weekend! stay tuned and thank u for ur support! keeps me motivated! luv u. kisses, blondie Sent: 19 Sep. '15 20:06, 19 September 2015
1fergie:What a darling you are Blondie. No one has a look like you. Love the fashion show. You look wicked in anything you wear. I just adore those huge fake lips and tits on your little bitty frame. We cannot wait for more plastic to be pumped into your already incredibly irresistible, fake, fucktoy body. Your awesome bimbo look is such a turn on for us. Give us more Blondie, go for more and more bimbo. Just be a dizzy, brainless, super inflated barbie doll forever. Wow ! Love ya. Fergie18:02, 19 September 2015
misterok:I loved it! You looked perfect in it! The tits, your body, hair, makeup. Watching you watch yourself in the mirror makes me fantasize you with another woman looking just the same. The black outfit is something I'd love to see you wear while you dominate another woman. Loved it! 08:18, 6 September 2015
girlsareforfun:One of your best videos yet, Blondie. Have any more like the little leather one? That was my favorite. You look great as a little bondage bimbo.07:14, 4 September 2015
niklas321:Yes, I agree with Jangling, Blondie. Please, more fashion shows featuring "everyday" clothes. Tight tank tops (white, please) and tiny shorts. And please, show off those size labels. Perhaps some talking points to consider 1) "Can you believe how skinny I've become? Just look at my tiny waist. Just look at these hip bones. Let's just see how skinny I can make myself. Let's just see how many ribs you can count ( Here, you would take in a super deep breath, Blondie, and hold it) 2) "Can you even believe how big I asked the doctor to make my tits? Just look how fake and round they they look bulging off this skinny little frame." 3) Look at my boob to waist ratio. Look how extreme it's become. I'm totally out of proportion. Just look how ridiculously big my tits look bolted onto this super skinny body." 3) "Let's just see how big I can make my tits. I'm going to take in a super deep breath and hold it. Just watch my tits inflate before your very eyes." Hopefully you can incorporate a few of these ideas in future vids. Be well, Blondie02:36, 4 September 2015
Dirtyjangling:Can you PLEASE do a video of you trying on different outfits? I love bikinis but seeing you in your slutty bimbo clothes is the best! Tight clothes, low cuts and midriff!!! Please!!08:35, 3 September 2015
vailjohn:I love this video! What a great variety of sexy bikinis to accentuate your perfect body. I especially liked the pink one with the cutouts ... the one where your nipples refused to be contained! ;-) Thank you for sharing this great fashion show!03:06, 2 September 2015
siedler:I was done for the second you showed yourself in that magnificent leather bikini. Can you get any hotter? Hearing you say how fake you wanna be, how man made gets me even hornier. you should definitely incorporate that into more videos. Blondie you are a man`s dream come true. Please never stop perfecting yourself. I am dying to see how far you can push those fake titties....up to the max...our tits on a stick girl....show èm and go bigger hun. cant wait to see that.17:32, 1 September 2015
Furrax:Blondie, you are really AMAZING!!! As mentioned previously, you are the Eighth Wonder of the World!!! Your boob to waist ratio is totally crazy and I love when you lift your hands up in the air, the camera is filming you from below and you show us how huge your perfect round tits are in comparison to your flat skinny stomach!! You should use more of these camera angles. What do you think? Are you really sure it is possible to make your perfect plastic tits even bigger? I am dying to see that :-) Take care and kisses11:41, 31 August 2015

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