The Lost Archives

Lost but not gone. Dana and ClipTeeZ have together recovered Dana's old videos that were shot but never released due to an unexpected early retirement. However, Dana is very happy that the material is recovered and proud to present "Dana Leon - The Lost Archives".

Dana is a special, perhaps a bit geeky girl from Spain, and with massive huge 1500cc silicone custom made implants. Yes, that's right, 1500cc silicones, they are truely unique in size, for a truely unique lady.

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Exploding Top
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This top has a problem, its a bit tight and only one button, a hero button is being able to contain the huge volumen behind... Will our hero button be able to withstand the pressure?


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LoveFakeBoobies:Hi Dana, following to your face: In my opinion your face in „The Lost Archives“ was much more beautiful than after your newest operations, especially your nose and eyes. Earlier your eyes were oval and wide, but now they are narrowed and edged like a cat or slits. I found them earlier much more beautiful than now. I`m a specific nose and tits fetishist. On „The Lost Archives“ your nose was so much perfect beautiful shaped: She was long, straight, narrowed, from the nasal neck to the point of your nose beautiful raised and well-proportioned shaped and the point of your nose was not so knobbly shaped like now. Don´t understand me false, I like it to see a woman, when her not or not so beautiful nose is operated to a beautiful shape. But I find that your nose looks to much overoperated and not more so beautiful now. And this makes me as customer very sad and unhappy. But on the other side I must respect your free decision. When you feel good and beautiful with this decision, I hope that you get happy with this. Now to your tits: I respect your wish to get your fake tits bigger and bigger, 2000 ccs, 3000 ccs, 4000 ccs and so on. I love big and huge fake tits, but please not so big like the tits of the present Martina Big, who want to have 20.000 ccs in each breast, because the proportions of the rest of the body is important too. Following positive things I have to say to your earlier beautiful 1500 ccs tits from „The Lost Archives“: They were perfect medium firm. They were not too hard like like a rock and on the other side not too oversoft. They were pleasant firm and standing, and on the other side soft enough, so you could groping and squeezing them a little bit. I watched it on your videos and it looked very sexy. While you was touching and squeezing them, the feeling that I saw, looked a little bit like bouncy balls, half firm rubber, rubber or water balls. It looked like your tits could shaking and bouncing a little bit in a sexy, firm kind. As I saw this feeling while you was groping them, I would have liked to have grabbed into your hot tits to feel this feeling with my own hands. In this videos your tits looked bigger than from other women with the same amount of ccs in implants. Your breast tissue was perfect shaped around the implants. Your areolas were in the middle of your tits and small, and your nipples were small and flat. This looked really perfect and sexy shaped. 15:54, 15 May 2021

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