Boobs and Butt Expansion

Welcome to Project Supernova!

ATTENTION: I can not reply to messages on clipteez because this function is still broken. So please contact me via Email: Nova.Nice@gmx.de

"One of the most powerful explosions in the universe. It's so luminous it can be seen across billions of light years." (Neill Degrasse Tyson)

I am Nova Nice and before I tell you how you can interact and take part yourself and what Project Supernova is all about I would like to tell you something about me.

I am a sweet and naughty German girl that likes big boobs and a plastic look.. I have got big fake boobs with expanders in it. That means that a doctor can change the size of the boobs externally without performing a surgery. My expanders are 3260cc at the moment which means that each breast is filled with more than 3 Liters! So over six kilograms of boobs for you... I have very big silicone butt implants as well and my body is sculptured by surgeons using the latest techniques. Check out my videos or meet me in person as I am on tour regularly so check my social media for my newest tour updates and contact me to get a spot in my schedule. Or book me as an escort. I am also an experienced professional photo model e.g. for fetish magazines, fetish fashion and lingerie fashion and may be booked by companies.

Project Supernova is about getting a star to the next level, to let it overshine everything within billions of lightyears. But not in a passive way. It gives you the possibility to take part yourself in 3 ways:

-Build a bimbo:

Clipteez is where build a bimbo takes place on. You can interact yourself. Take a look at the "send gift" section below where it is explained in detail.

-Join the evolution:

On Twitter https://twitter.com/JennaNova and on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/novaniceofficial/ you can participate in my everyday life and I will post news and my tour plan. On clipteez https://clipteez.com/novanice you can examine me with my new improvements in action as well as compare it to former stages when watching my videoclips. New: Join me on https://www.ifans.com/Nova-Nice to see exclusive footage! All the naughty things you do not see on instagram or twitter...

-Try out yourself:

You can examine the improvements with your own eyes and even test them when you visit me in person on my tour or book me for an escort.

You can participate in all parts of the project or pick the part you have the most fun in. Let Project Supernova become reality and let a star shine brighter than ever before!

Yours Nova Nice

P.S. I am not able to answer to answer to messages or comments nor can I write a message to someone because this function is broken here at Clipteez. I hope this will be fixed by the support soon!!!

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Make the doll squirt
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Hot video... Imagine a bimbo girl is teasing you with her unnaturally voluptrous body and her overfilled boobs which look like big inflated balls attached to her small frame. So you start playing with her sweet pussy ending up in finger fucking her so intense that she squirts multiple times, licks her juice from your fingers each time, soaks the camera, and is finally pleasured that you cream her big melons with her juice.

Contains: fake tits big boobs Breast Expansion bimbo Squirting

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seadonkey:Nova is without doubt the hottest bimbo porn slut on the planet 🌎 in this video she takes bimbo porn to a new level πŸ‘Έshe looks absolutely amazing with her truly massive expander tits on the tiniest of frames πŸ₯° in this video she is bursting out of her outfit as she plays with her bimbo plastic body and stroking her flawless bimbo pussy ❀️ then a guy is playing with her perfect sweet pussy 🐱 as he finger fucks her until Nova has an earth shattering climax where she squirts her pussy juice everywhere each time sucking her beautiful pussy juice from his fingers πŸ‘… Nova does this multiple times covering the camera with her sweet pussy juice ❀️ the guy covers her magnificent tits with her pussy juices as she licks her perfect bimbo porn star lips in pure pleasure πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ just an amazing example of pure extreme bimbo porn ❀️❀️❀️23:11, 8 June 2021
jboobman:this is the hottest clip I've ever seen. to see her get so wet is such a turn on omg16:04, 3 February 2020
jboobman:this is the hottest clip I've ever seen. to see her get so wet is such a turn on omg16:04, 3 February 2020
jboobman:wow just amazing to watch, and that pussy is perfect see and shape. she's plastic perfection13:26, 3 February 2020
CountHuey:Thank you for taking the time to reply here, Nova! You are absolutely amazing in this video and I hope to see more of you soaking towels and cameras in the future ;) Keep on growing, lots of love 12:33, 2 February 2020
konkit:Thanks for the solution. Dear NovaNice, I was sure that it wasn't your fault. At least, on my part, I wrote here in order to be readable for clipteez. Now, I know that I can report specifically such an issue. It was the first time for me facing such a problem with clipteez and back on Saturday morning I didn't know the exact report process. 18:19, 27 January 2020
NovaNice:The video works now! After two frustrating weeks of me and you complaining the problems have finally been fixed. And sorry for not answering to your private messages but this does not work either. I hope that clipteez solves their problems quickly. So feel free to get my video now. It works!17:53, 27 January 2020
longnail1:I have the same problem. No server available. please react!15:57, 27 January 2020
longnail1:15:57, 27 January 2020
kgei5eg7:No servers available, this video is probably new and still synchronising with our servers. Please come back later.07:16, 26 January 2020
CountHuey:I second your observation, konkit. This is pretty frustrating. Unable to see or d/l the vid for days now03:24, 26 January 2020
konkit:"No servers available, this video is probably new and still synchronising with our servers. Please come back later." Please fix it. I can't watch the video, although i have bought it. 11:48, 25 January 2020

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