New 4?00cc Fake Tits

Since you last seen me i have been rebuilding myself to an extremer version of me. I had face surgery, lip lift, expander tits that are now filled to 4000ccs and counting. Most recently I had ab etching. Plus, lots of laser, botox and filler along with transforming my skinny stick body to a sculpted fitness bombshell. I'm happy to be back and share my progress this far while I continue on my transformation journey.

Join me at https://blondiebennett.com to stay in touch with me til my next clipteez video.

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Bimbo Fashion Show Revisited
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Bimbo Fashion Show Revisited with 3400ccs!! I haven't worn most of these tops since I had 1700ccs. But now, that I am 3400ccs and double the size! I thought it would be fun to try them on again and see how they fit? WOW, they fit much differently now with my balloon tits!

One top I no longer had cuz my 1700ccs destroyed it long time ago. I substituted it for the baywatch 1 piece I wore in the Beach Bimbo video for you to see the comparison.

Also, I noticed something in the video, that I didn't see before. The blue top is so stretched out now, that you can see through it! Another reason why bigger is better, right?

I can't believe the the transformation! Through out the video you can see the comparison of my two sizes. This video is proof BIGGER IS BETTER!


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Harujio:09:45, 8 August 2022
marcelorobertny:Came back to this one. How about Blondie stars as Blondie Balloons and does a 4000cc tryin on with comparison to v.1.0 Blondie??? Lots of talk about blowing up and inflating until you’re the ultimate Miss Busty Fitness?!? 02:21, 10 July 2021
marcelorobertny:Five stars. Have to agree with all the previous comments. Being a Blondie follower since the inception and every video has been a must buy for me since V.1. The muscles and biceps flexing in that white top with the perfectly inflated balloon tits is sensational. The idea that Blondie is getting pumped up and inflated by the doc's machine with each outing is a n erotic fantasy happening in real life. The side by side comparison is so sexy and can only imagine Blondie saying who was that skinny girl with the tiny tits. ;-). Hope there's a Show 9.0 revisited, Bigger Balloon Tits, Faker Please, and Blondie Building 3600ccs Biceps Workout with lots of talk about how sore Blondie gets and pumped up that she feels ready to explode. Keep pumping up Blondie - you're sensational. 22:27, 26 June 2020
Ricro:Wow, amazing clip, Love the comparison screen in screen mode of comparing outfits with smaller tits and bigger tits. Incredibly sexy and I guess any cock gets super horny and hard! At least mine does. :-P Love your bigger tits!21:47, 19 June 2020
1fergie:Un-fucking-belivable !! Blondie is outrageously hott ! I want this woman so bad. Love her look. And it keeps getting better with each fill. #Keep pumping sweetie πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ‰πŸ‰02:33, 13 June 2020
Dennis:Now for the latex stuff and the baby outfits ;)20:43, 11 June 2020
stainless1506:The white string top is my favourite, although they all look really sexy.23:36, 9 June 2020

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