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Welcome to my page! I have 600cc UHP implants & 5ml lip fillers. But this is only the beginning of course. Currently, I am saving for expanders in winter 2021. Also, I am getting lip fillers about every two months. I am all about the barbie bimbo look.

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Big Fake Lips Squeezing and Pouting Bimbo Lip Fetish


This video is a dream for everybody who is into big fake lips and the bimbo style. Platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fake lashes, pink slutty makeup, long fake nails, hoop earrings, tanned body and massive bimbo lips. Watch me rub my big blowjob lips against a pink lipstick, which makes them look super big and pouty. After that I use instead of the lipstick my finger and play with my barbie doll lips. You will also love this pose if you have a nail fetish as you can clearly see my sexy fresh manicured lips in this pose. See my big lips and beautiful face from the front and from the side. Especially my huge lips look very sexy from the side. This is my favorite angle. With my slutty makeup, these big bimbo lips and the platinum blonde hair I look like a true fake bimbo, a bimbo barbie doll :) Also you see me touching and squeezing my lips a lot, so you really see how puffy and big, but also very firm my lips are. I do many things with my lips in this video, you will also see me licking a lollipop from side profile and from the front, which again make my bimbo lips look very massive. Also there is a mini ahegao clip included, only couple of seconds. I was making fun :D Many other things are going on in this video. In conclusion I can say if you are into big fake lips, big fake bimbo lips or bimbo makeup then this video is a dream for you. You won't find anything similar to this in this 4K 60FPS quality in the internet.

Contains: Fresh Swollen Lips bimbofication lip fetish Bimbo Fuckdoll fake lips

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