New 4?00cc Fake Tits

Since you last seen me i have been rebuilding myself to an extremer version of me. I had face surgery, lip lift, expander tits that are now filled to 4000ccs and counting. Most recently I had ab etching. Plus, lots of laser, botox and filler along with transforming my skinny stick body to a sculpted fitness bombshell. I'm happy to be back and share my progress this far while I continue on my transformation journey.

Join me at https://blondiebennett.com to stay in touch with me til my next clipteez video.

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Boobie Greed
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This video is the follow up to "Faker, Please!" Remember, when i was begging you to make me more fake, more plastic! Just turn me into Blondie 2.0??

I am no longer words! I have become Blondie 2.0, ultimately fake and plastic.

When I filmed this I was still recovering from my ab surgery and having my expanders filled to 3600ccs. I should have been taking it easy? But no, I was just so turned from getting my expanders filled that I could not wait to tell you all about my major boobie greed!

The video you all have been waiting for!

**Quality disclaimer: the camera didn't recognize me as a human anymore because my huge boobs have so much projection. Instead it focused on the doorknob. The video is a little out of focus.


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filthy777:Greedy fake tit whore always wants MORE and MORE!!! We LOVE IT !!!22:27, 4 October 2020
BlondieBennett2.0:@stainless thank u! ha really?? i didn't even think of that? that is crazy!! i did weigh myself monday. i weigh 128lbs and 16lbs are fake tits. so?? i weigh 112lbs meaning i am now over 10% plastic!! woo hoo:)19:09, 5 August 2020
BlondieBennett2.0:Hi everyone, thank you for getting my video. the quality is unfortunately sub par. i know and i am also a bit disappointed.

Everyone knows i aim to put out high quality content. at the time, i couldn't tell the camera didn't recognize me as a human anymore with my high projection after my expanders getting filled to 3600ccs. instead it focused on the doorknob.

When i hit playback on the tiny screen everything looked fine? it wasn't til i downloaded it i could see the camera didn't focus on me. which has happened in the past when i worked with a photographer but they could catch it, but I made this video alone.

The content is amazing and didn't want to let this go to waste. the video is over 20mins long and would be normally priced @ $20.00 i did reduce it because of the quality.
19:06, 5 August 2020
greyzor:The sound and video quality wasn't realy there where it normaly is. Way to expensive. I hope it get better in the future.18:10, 5 August 2020
Dennis:Not gonna lie, the video quality on this one really isn't good. This should have been cheaper.16:31, 5 August 2020
eyespeculum:Is it just me, or is the actual video quality of this clip not up to Blondie's usual standards? It looks really grainy and lacking in detail compared to her other videos. The actual content is top-notch, as always!11:35, 5 August 2020
stainless1506:When you expand your bolted on tits to 4000cc they will weigh 18.75 pounds. I just can't wait for you to go that big. You are the ultimate plastic fuck slut.💋20:14, 4 August 2020

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